Ideal series 5 £3.97 (1-4 also £3.97) @ Amazon

Ideal series 5 £3.97 (1-4 also £3.97) @ Amazon

Found 18th Mar 2011
Johnny Vegas, returns as Moz, the ultimate slacker, in a brand new series of the multi-award winning comedy drama Ideal. With his girlfriend Jenny quite literally in a coma, Moz decides to turn over a new leaf and abandon his career as a weed dealer. In fact, he’s even promising to make the ultimate sacrifice and get a proper job! Yet despite his best efforts, Moz soon finds himself dragged into a criminal underworld of shootings and human trafficking. Then, the unthinkable happens: Moz is busted by the police...
With it’s distinctive blend of comedy, menace, and romance - and even some very bizarre song and dance routines - series 5 takes viewers into riotous new territory.


Not voting, but you'd have to pay me to watch this pile of steaming ****.

Anything with that idiot in/on it needs shooting out of a canon into the sun.

not as bad as mighty boosh or miranda which everyone seems to love so im voting HOT
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