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IconBit Kick Scooter Tracer - £309.98 Inc p&p @ Ideal world TV
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
E-scooter made by IconBIT With front wheel shock absorption Whizz around the block on the powerful iconBIT Kick Scooter Tracer, designed for a smooth, quiet and mega fun ride! I… Read more

I’m the one that leaves early. With your wife, sister and your mum.


aaaaaaw yeeeaaah, this guy is a blast at dinner parties.


Most likely rented scooters are not de-restricted. That’s why they are legal to use. You can insure your e-bike if you choose that but, insurer will not pay a single penny if they found that your ebike is not legal to use. Like for instance ; de-restricted engine, engine over 250 Watts, ebike is not pedal assisted, maximum speed is over 15.5 mph. They don’t need to stop you for now but, in case of any accident they will examine everything carefully.


I totally agree with you. Also look at that guy with the de-restricted bike who hit someone. No charges. So the mere fact you own it does not automatically mean you would be prosecuted. I mean i've seen a ton of parents with their kids who have scooters on the pavement (not electric ones). It's illegal too. Driving over the speed limit is illegal too but I bet you 99% of people who drive are guilty of it at some point. The laws are stupid, and thankfully they know it and are doing something about it. I'd much rather see scooters than cars on the road, and there would be less pollution at least directly in the area of use (charging it up is another matter, although I charge mine with solar power). Those screaming about it being illegal are probably hypocrites that also drive over 30mph in a 30zone, or let their kids ride their scooters on the pavement. But people love a good moan I guess. The scooters are coming. The moaners will not be able to stop them. But yeah it would be nice to be able to get insurance, I mean companies can get insurance against being sued for doing something they shouldn't and you can get indemity insurance against having an illegal building ... so... yeah. But times are changing.


I have never been stopped on my scooter or ebike. Both de-restricted. I think it's really unfair the fact you can rent one legally but I cant insure my scooter, which I'd be ok with doing

Dormeo well sleep mattress 70% off single £179, double £229, king £279 and super king £329 @ Ideal World
92° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Key Features Memory Foam: This pressure relieving material originally designed by NASA, cleverly moulds to every contour of your body to provide comfort and support whilst you sle… Read more

Can only find the super king on the website , has anyone got the links for the double and king please?


Dormeo mattresses are decent, I've been happy with one I got 3 years ago.


Free sweaty back with every foam mattress bargain.


My tip: don't read reviews and go and try them in stores. Lie on them how you would at home. When you think you've found the one, spend extended time on it (15+ minutes) lying how you actually do in bed. You'll look maybe a little odd but you'll get a decent mattress that suits YOU.


Didn’t see the original quote but thanks for clarifying. Currently choosing a mattress and finding it a bit of a headf..ling. Actually wish I couldn’t read so I’m not being swayed back and forth by reviews 😩

Tefal Actifry Genius XL 2 in 1 1.7kgs 8 portion - £199.99 / £205.98 delivered @ Ideal World TV
-71° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Hard to find in stock, massive saving on prices elsewhere when on stock! Prepare two meals at once with the ultra-efficient Actifry Genius XL Air Fryer, for healthier meals made o… Read more

Thank you very much to wi11iams for posting. I ordered this on Monday, using the above code and it arrived today. 😁 managed to get it for £189.98 plus £12.51 topcashback. Delighted (y)


SAVUN5 saves you 8%


That is the first time I have seen “Hermes” and “quick delivery” in the same sentence (embarrassed)


We just bought 2 of the smaller ones more cooking space

cheapmommy Bought this one instead (cheaper in store) and it is great. Also 2in1 function. Super easy to use too. Huge basket size. Would recommend it. And doesn’t break the bank.

InSync Shock 36V 250W 7-Speed Electric Mountain Bike £899.99 + £9.99 del @ Ideal world
-368° Expired
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
60 Day Money back guarantee. This is a great price with flexibility payments options interest-free. Sounds a really good deal to me. The InSync Shock provides an assisted range of… Read more
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts & advice regarding these bicycle's .... I was about to order one , Till I read you're Piece. As you so rightly say ( about the supply chain stock ) electric bicycle's are the all the rage , Everyone wants one ,& of course With all & sundry with Spare time on there hands , there all on the old " health bit (annoyed) ' I'm going to wait , to hopefully purchase one & grab a bargain! Once again, thanks for your input, (y)


I think the Vado SL 4.0 is a good choice with the Specialized e-bikes - they have dropped the price considerably since last Summer. You really need a good motor - with plenty of torque - to get up hills otherwise what is the point of an e-bike. As lovely as the Vado SL 2.0 is to look at it lack the guts. I think I am more inclined to the Bosch e-bikes but could easily be lured to a Vado 4.0 step-through now that they price is more realistic... well, as far a e-bike prices go. The UK law limits e-bikes to 250 watts. The like of Bosch have circumvented this by claiming that their motors are 250 watts nominal but occasionally peak to 500 watts. Specialized do something similar with the Vado 4.0 motor - IIRC they say it spikes to 380 watts - but the Vado 2.0 SL is 250 watts nominal and peaks at 250 watts supposedly.


I intended to get the VADO SL 4.0 but same issue with dispatch. Guess what just happen though, Tredz got my email saying to cancel order (after phone rep said approx 2 weeks before it arrives in warehouse) and the email says..... tadaaaaaaa order arriving 4th june. Sounds awfuly convenient eh, we'll see what happens lol It's a Merida Espresso SE 200, looks good and minimal, hopefully it's not rubbish!


I suspect they need the cash. Holding customer's cash is naughty though. Specialized launched a lovely new ebike last week - the Vado SL. The lightest ebike on the market, they claim. It is a hybrid. They brought out a drop handlebar version last year. They are making big claims about it being great for commuters and on hills. I suspect it is not great on steep hills as it has a smallish motor - one youtube comment says that the poster did a trial run in San Francisco but found it lacking oomph on the hills. But if you rode mostly on the flat and had the money it looks a fab bike. The white one in the below video. Goes on sale in June in the UK. Much longer review.


That's the frustration I think. They are all taking orders but not fulfilling, almost all are ignoring communication yet they have their marketing guys still updating social media with new deals lol.I tell you what, if they were that close to me, I'd be outside with a bally. Honestly, for now I should (it is sensible) just get my first e bike 2nd hand off ebay or something, I'll save a hell of a lot of money.

Honor 9X Blue - 6.59inch Display, 128GB Internal Storage, 4GB RAM £199.99 +£4.99 delivery @ Ideal World TV
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Honor 9X Blue - 6.59inch Display, 128GB Internal Storage, 4GB RAM £199.99 +£4.99 delivery @ Ideal World TV
Features and Specifications Battery Type – Lithium Poymer LCD – Screen size: 6.59 inches Screen Type TFT LCD (LTPS) Screen Colors: 16.7M Screen resolution 2340 x1080 Screen PPI: 39… Read more
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Already answered this just look further down.


Why what is nfc?


10% off with blue light card


It depends whether you use Google Pay or not really. Unlike contact card payments there's no limit of £30 on transactions, in some circumstances there could be, but effectively you have a biometric authorisation for contactless payments, so if your shopping bill is £75 for example, you can pay using your phone contactlessly. On Google Pixel phones, you can press and hold the power button and it'll bring up a pic of your cards linked to Google Pay, which you can select one and then you have the option to hold to the reader to pay.


It's a contactless payment system which uses an app, Apple pay or Google pay to make contactless payments. You don't need to use cash or credit card you just bring your phone close to the payment reader and its done. Quick and easy. No need to handle dirty cash or use a payment keypad. Right now with covid 19 it's an added safety feature. It's also very convenient.

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Reign commodus automatic watch £199.99 +£8.99 delivery @ Ideal World TV
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Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Reign commodus automatic watch £199.99 +£8.99 delivery @ Ideal World TV
Stainless steel . Don’t know much about the brand but idealworld are selling a wide range of these watches. Normally I can’t stand ideal word but they seem ok watches.
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He knows his


Love how the reviewer left this bit until last. (y)


I just saw an Invicta i could actually liive with


Cheers for the advice (y) 🏻


I’d have to agree about the Khaki field auto, I’d go for the steel bracelet with the 40mm face. They look great on a nato or leather too. Jura and AMJ had some on sale recently. (y)

Elixinol Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil 900mg (60 Capsules) £42.60 Delivered With Code @ Ideal World
37° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
This may be a bit niche, but I've just watched the presentation on Ideal World and had a search around for user reviews, and thought I'd give them a try. I've had a few experience… Read more

I use water soluble cbd, it really helps me with sleep issues and anxiety.


nice thank you, i dont see what the problem is here :D


Provacan full spectrum gets really rave reviews. I have not tried it yet, but i will when i next order. Right now it is 15% off using code PROV15. You can change the streangh of the product for different prices. There is site wide discount on Provacan products if you want to look at what else is for sale.


It does not work for everyone, but me and my mother experience many health benefits. My mother particually because she uses it for pain relief from a chronic neck condition. CBD has changed her life. I have not tried this brand though


A bit better. Though I've been taking painkillers the last two nights (bad cramp), slept for ages last night XD

Road Angel Pure Speed Detector with 12 Months Live Data Subscription and Smart Motorway £169.94 @ Ideal World TV
-168° Expired
Posted 6th FebPosted 6th Feb
Road Angel Pure Speed Detector with 12 Months Live Data Subscription and Smart Motorway £169.94 @ Ideal World TV
Road Angel Pure Speed Detector with 12 Months Live Data Subscription and Smart Motorway The intelligent pure speed detector alerts you with the most up to date information for saf… Read more

Not when the smart signs are showing 60....... My point was that people who complain about signage on smart motorways seem to fail to read the road conditions and instead see it as an opportunity to go speeding along before then complaining when they get a fine


When you looked? 20 years ago?


doesn't detect laser guns.


From what I've witnessed 80 is slow for 3rd lane. Usually 90 upwards.



Fox Saw 600W / 230V £59.01 from Ideal World online
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd JanLocalLocal
Fox Saw 600W / 230V £59.01 from Ideal World online
This grips the branch stopping it move while cutting,this was best price i found nearest was just over a £100

Postage now £5.99 and item is £59.00


Seems like a nice idea, just limits the access and the size of branch you can cut. Do like the 1p postage!

Rechargeable LED Worklight 10W £11.99 Delivered @ Ideal World TV
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Posted 30th Dec 2019Posted 30th Dec 2019
Rechargeable LED Worklight 10W £11.99 Delivered @ Ideal World TV
Rechargeable LED Worklight 10W This powerful 10W LED Work Light is an essential for home and on the go DIY jobs, brightening any space to help you get the job done. Its IP65 ratin… Read more

ok tnx.. will keep an eye out... (y)


Unsure if they are only mains power. Sometimes Lidl and Aldi stock these type of lights. They may do mains and rechargeable versions. Only issue is they are not permanently stocked.


ohhh... remember that one... ran out before i could buy.... cries... that was just an awesome deal im looking for again.... but they dont do the diall rechargeable anymore


I think like most things, if you look after them they should be ok. My guess is that charging for the right amount of time could be a factor. I've got mine on a timer so that they charge for the allotted time once or twice per week. When we need to use them they work perfectly with no issues. Often although manufacturers state that their kit has protection for overcharging I find it better to not let it get that far.


It's this worth it? Don't want it to pack in after few months

3 x T900 MAH Action 3.7V Li-ion 900mAh 3.3Wh Replacement Camera Battery £6.49 Ideal World TV
97° Expired
Posted 24th Dec 2019Posted 24th Dec 2019
3 x T900 MAH Action 3.7V Li-ion 900mAh 3.3Wh Replacement Camera Battery £6.49 Ideal World TV
Replacement Battery intended for Bitmore action cameras but could also be used with other compatible cameras, phones, toys and gadgets T900 MAH Action 3.7V Li-ion 900mAh 3.3Wh Bat… Read more
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George Foreman Evolve 6 Portion Precision Grill with Deep Pan £60.00 + £2.99pp @
49° Expired
Posted 20th Dec 2019Posted 20th Dec 2019
George Foreman Evolve 6 Portion Precision Grill with Deep Pan £60.00 + £2.99pp @
Has to be the cheapest I've seen! Cook all of your favourite meats to perfection with the George Foreman Evolve Precision Grill, specially designed to remove up to 42% fat* to enj… Read more
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Boy, do I miss them days. Waiting for the anti-shock bar to fill before sliding 'very very' carefully in coat pocket lol.


Had to dig my old one out.


I was just about to say the same. I guess we're showing our age now :/




Thought this was a disc-man when I saw the photo

Duracell batteries bundle, £14.99 + £1.99 p&p @
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Posted 18th Dec 2019Posted 18th Dec 2019
Duracell batteries bundle, £14.99 + £1.99 p&p @
Found this on Ideal World TV shopping site, Quite a big battery bundle, I am sure a pretty decent price, for Duracell... So, from the website blurb... "Duracell Battery PackPower… Read more

They may be Duracell as the op says, but they are the "simply" range which are sold in Poundland.


How much?

Viper Spare Battery £2 delivered Ideal World TV
200° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2019Posted 17th Dec 2019
Viper Spare Battery £2 delivered Ideal World TV
Buy as many as you want, postage and packaging is only £1. Battery is £1 and has many uses
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I spent a long with google before I binned it, there are, as always, people on both sides of the fence, and I found bin yes, if it is fully discharged, which is why I mentioned it in the post. The link you sent was very informative, thanks. I think everyone with a lipo should read it. Perhaps you could tell tell people what you do with your dead lipo’s. It’s a good job lipo’s eventually totally discharge themselves or most people would have had their houses burned down. We’ve all got a piece of old tech somewhere in the house, old phones, toys, clocks, shavers, keyboards, earphones Emanuel more.


Thermal runaway no stopping it!!.. never above 4.2v or below 3.5v if one cell gets unbalanced try to balance it and keep an eye on it, otherwise throw it away. My experience with lipo is once a cell gets unbalanced there's no saving it for the long turn it's gone imo. I'd say you got lucky and gained valuable experience of how fierce lipo can be.


Bin no... if crushed they will also catch fire; Everything you’ll ever need to know about LiPo cells;


I had a lipo go off, I was charging it, lucky I was watching it, I saw a pinhead hole appear , it was like smouldering paper, it got bigger and I realised it was about to blow. I picked it up and ran outside, as I dropped it, it went off like a firework. It was burning my patio so I kicked it into my grass, I stamped on it, it was like trying to put a firework out, it just kept going , no way of stopping it. If I hadn’t got it out so quickly it would have burned my house down. I store all my lipos in lipo bags and keep them half charged. If any puff up I fully discharge them, then they go straight in the bin.


Dammit, should've went with the £1 one :(

CODA Wave Laptop 11.6inch FHD IPS Display, 4GB RAM & 32GB Storage - £299.99 @ Ideal World TV
-284° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
CODA Wave Laptop 11.6inch FHD IPS Display, 4GB RAM & 32GB Storage - £299.99 @ Ideal World TV
£299.99 delivered ( FREE DELIVERY ) 14 day money back guarantee - if you dont like it send it back FREE Windows 10 1% topcashback Interest-free finance options 3.8 out of 5 star r… Read more
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This feels pricey, no? I'd pay about £100 for it...maybe £150.


Well,of course it is,a bigger screen,£200 cheaper,and in truth it's probably the same machine with a different name,as is the Geo 3 and the Fivetech 3,all of which have been on HUKD over the past couple of months,I bought 2 of the Fivetechs,put a £25 240gb SSD in each had now have 2 fantastic machines and still saved £100 over this overpriced item 😃


This is about 3 times too expensive and even then the 32GB storage is contentious.


Just bought a Teclast f6 for about the same price with 8gb and 128gb,an awesome laptop.


wonder if this is any better.

Samsung Galaxy A80 for £399 - 6.7in AmoLED Screen, Triple Rotating Camera, 128GB Storage/8GB RAM. Available in Black/Silver/Rose Gold
72° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Samsung Galaxy A80 for £399 - 6.7in AmoLED Screen, Triple Rotating Camera, 128GB Storage/8GB RAM. Available in Black/Silver/Rose Gold
Idealworld have got a pretty decent deal on a Samsumg Galaxy A80 mobile phone and they are actively smashing the competition with the price of this device. They have mentioned the… Read more

No mate, it was just a listing mistake in the end.


But why? Does it have a second sim slot that doubles as sd - or is it a full size sd for use in pc etc? Is that deal expired now? I'm very tempted but there seem to be a few bad reviews about how delicate it is.


It did say in the listing you got a free SD card.


Is that a typo or is there such a thing as an ad card? I ask cos I didn't think the a80 had a card slot.


Its back in stock and available to order on their website again...

Steepletone STLCR1 ATS Touch Light Radio Controlled Alarm Clock Radio with Lifetime Guarantee £55.98 @ Ideal World TV
-259° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Steepletone STLCR1 ATS Touch Light Radio Controlled Alarm Clock Radio with Lifetime Guarantee £55.98 @ Ideal World TV
£55.98 delivered. It comes with a lifetime guarantee. Very good returns policy. Nice gift for granddad / grandma for Christmas
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I thought these were old school weighing scales....


Alexa, lift my hand to touch the lamp is not a skill you'll find




I couldn't fit this on my bedside cabinet, as there's not mushroom...... ;) (highfive)

Steepletone Metro Modular Multi Function Music System with 3 Speed Turntable Radio Aux USB SD Cassette CD Player £225.98 @ Ideal World TV
-378° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Steepletone Metro Modular Multi Function Music System with 3 Speed Turntable Radio Aux USB SD Cassette CD Player £225.98 @ Ideal World TV
£225.98 delivered. Full MW/FM radio to stay up to date with the latest news and tunes. Lovely gift for young and old alike. Good returns policy if its not what they wanted.
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Oh dear, please if you value your collection buy elsewhere.


you can always rely on Steepletone to churn out such nonsense.


Very retro. But not for me thanks.


Might have been a hotdeal in 1981...


Thanks for posting - an ok price if someone wants all of this stuff... But you'd likely get much better quality, and more flexibility, by buying speakers and amp (or active speakers) then plugging in the components you need...

Ordissimo Agathe 2 14inch Laptop £405.98 @ Ideal World TV
-409° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Ordissimo Agathe 2 14inch Laptop £405.98 @ Ideal World TV
£405.98 delivered. Really good returns policy. Good trustpilot reviews on this. Ideal for the younger or older user that wants something simple. Key Features Smart, ultra-th… Read more
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I have never seen a post get -1000 cold. Would love to see that happen and I wouldn't mind posting a terrible deal myself just to get that in all honesty.


This is confusing???? Its nearly xmas, but surely this post was meant for 1st April?


I think that’s the point (lol)


Literally one of the worst laptop deals I have ever seen on this site.


Am I missing the point? Have seen a few of the Ideal World TV deals posted here now; every one of them grossly overpriced and totally ridiculous to even consider a deal. Do the posters no longer carry out the most basic of research before posting these so-called deals. I am sorry, Sunday morning rant. (mad) (lol)