iDect X3i Triple Colour Dect Cordless Phones with answer mashine - Just £40 @ Morrisons!! 'Less Than Half Price'
iDect X3i Triple Colour Dect Cordless Phones with answer mashine - Just £40 @ Morrisons!! 'Less Than Half Price'

iDect X3i Triple Colour Dect Cordless Phones with answer mashine - Just £40 @ Morrisons!! 'Less Than Half Price'

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iDect X3i Triple Pack Colour Cordless Phones are just £40 @ Morrisons, from £100!

They have both 'all black' & 'black/silver' colours available.

Great little phones with a nice clear colour screen, really thin and answer machine!

''The hands free iDECT X3i with triple handsets has unique styling in a slim handset design with plenty of desirable features such as speakerphone, illuminated keypad, speakerphone, SMS, polyphonic ring tones. The display is an icon driven animated colour display with wallpapers and the phonebook stores 200 names and numbers.''

The two pack is £66 @ Amazon, so £40 for a triple pack is great value.
Wouldnt normally go for a binatone/idect but I have the say they are really good value for money with great sound quality (better than the philips hd sound ones they are replacing)


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The 'All Black' colour variant is shown above. Morrisons are also selling the X1i triple pack @ £30, which is also a great deal, and they are £61 on amazon, but have poor reviews. For the £10 extra I found the X3i to be much better value.


Voted HOT.

these are not v good phone I have a set and am not impressed

Have to agree with the last poster, these are horrid phones.

I bought the triple pack a while back from Makro and paid a bit more than this, but at £40 I still wouldnt be tempted to try them again.

In my experience, the quality of the person you are speaking to was ok, but the person would have difficulty hearing me on the phone, so I ended up shouting down the phone. Actually got to the point that I thought there was a problem with our phoneline, but now they've been replaced with a triple pack Panasonic set, everythings back to normal.

The handsets also feel pretty flimsy as well.
I haven't voted hot or cold, as £40 for 3 phones is cheap, but these handsets should be cheap and should never have been priced at £100 to start.

I have to agree with the above too.

Person at the other end can't hear you too well and just over 12 months after purchase (typical) one of them stopped working. I also find it pretty anoying that they can continue to ring upto 5 seconds after the other person hung up.

I have owned these phones also, the quality is awful, i had to get rid of them as no one could hear me.

Cheap maybe, but the quality is as low as you can get. One of mine fell to bits after 9 months and the other two were replaced as no one could hear me or my family talking on them.

Despite being a tenner more - these are infinitely better


Dont buy these!!!

I had to return a set because the sound quality was just awful and the build quality of the handset is dire!

Go for a set of Pannys.

Yes Dont buy these

I purchased four of these at £3.00 each from Tesco Direct a few months back. One has completely died and the other three have very poor sound quality. There not worth the £12 I paid better off paying same amount of money for a decent Panasonic set.

Sainsburys recently sold the singles for £5 each. I have not had them long enough,so far so good, especially at £5.

I agree idect phones are utter tosh.

Do not be fooled by the cheap price you will soon be forking out for a better set.


Agreed with above posts. I bought them, they are quite plasticy. One set cracked after falling on to carpet. Person on the other end always strains to hear me. And the buttons are quite hard to press.
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