Idiot Abroad Blu Ray £8.95 @ Zavvi

Idiot Abroad Blu Ray £8.95 @ Zavvi

Found 3rd Mar 2011Made hot 3rd Mar 2011
Fantastic series filled with laughs to get the blu ray for this price use code ZTENLTD for £1 off


Love this series, got it on dvd for Christmas just stopped laughing now.

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who are you giving this sh*& to????


legend!! ive watched this about a 100 times still laugh my head off

Fantastic series, I ordered when this was on the Mega Monday post and used a walkers code for this price I ordered on the 20th Feb and recieved it this morning, so there may be a wait. Voted Hot anyway

Staged nonsense...

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lighten up


Staged nonsense...


Staged nonsense...

yes because there are no real people in other countries and Karl is actually smarter than stephen hawkins


Staged nonsense...

If you say so mate.

Would have bought it if it had any extras but i don't think it does

It is extremely staged, still brilliant though.

Love this series

Best series of last year.

Great show, just finished watching it all.

It's the first "travel show" i remember that depicts China as i remember, everyone spitting everywhere. I love the country and look forward to the day i go back but watching Karl on the tour bus and watching them eat brought back some brilliant memories.

Also, Mexico episode was my favourite. It may be staged but still one of the few shows of late to have me laughing out loud....

Couldn't stand this show, so scripted and set up. Voted hot though cos that is a very good price and it's a popular show.

"if you can't look a c*** in the face, then there's something wrong with you!"

LOL Scripted I dont believe so. If it is Karl Pilkington must be the most intelligent and finest actor of all time. I can see how people can believe it is scripted but if you have been following Karl, Ricky and Steve Since they started then you would know better

Obviously some of the events were scripted, eg the kidnapping scene which I thought was hilarious, but only to the point of them arranging for it to happen, they aren't just going to let him loose in China etc are they? If you see some of the interviews after the show he really did hate a lot of his trips.
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