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Idle Train Station Tycoon - Free for a Limited Time @ Google Play Store
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Idle Train Station Tycoon - Free for a Limited Time @ Google Play Store

Posted 22nd Apr

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

🚂 Start from zero and build the biggest railway company and become tycoon!

Start from zero and build the biggest railway company and become tycoon!

🚂 Own a railway company , get better trains and travel the world to have tons of cash..This is your chance to make tons of money for your company by carrying thousands of passengers around the world.

💰Here the adventure begins!💰

In Idle Train Station Tycoon, you are the boss that controls all the trains and stations.Idle train station tycoon is an easy to play but addictive game. You will find yourself in a railway world full of colorful and high-tech trains. You will make lots of cash and grow your business as the Boss. Keep growing your business to travel and invest in your dream countries.This is the idle clicker game you've been looking for for a long time.

In the beginning, you only have one station and train.You will carry passengers to train station by the bus you control. You can a hire driver to control the bus automatically when you have enough money.

In Idle Train Station Tycoon, there are lots of manager who are ready to work for you. You will assign managers to auto-execute jobs when you have enough cash. As a boss, it is your job to decide in which steps you will develop your business.

You will become a multi-billionaire and a tycoon of the idle world of bosses.You have so many things to take care of. You need to upgrade your stations, trains and complete quests.Every new station you build by investing another country will increase the number of passengers you carry and help you through your journey to be a tycoon. Keep upgrading your trains to be able to move to a completely new world. Earn tokens by completing tasks in your railway company and make permanent upgrade by using them.

You will start your business in western countries in old times and then move to industrial age and more developed countries. You will make much more money in more developed countries. Soon, you will have the biggest railway company in the world.

Improve the comfort of your train and sell more expensive tickets to passengers.There are lots of trains that you can have by reaching higher levels.Every new and upgraded item will increase the money you make.

This is also a clicker game, by clicking the screen faster, accelerate the trains and make much more money in a short time. Let's start now, tons of cash and investment opportunities are waiting for you.

💰Hey Boss! Hurry up, start your business and make tons of cash by transporting passengers.💰

This idle clicker game is still in beta process. We will keep adding new features in each update..

Here are some of upcoming features:

💺 New train models.
💺 New quests.
💺 New worlds to invest.
💺 New language options.

Note: You don't need the internet connection to play!
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Yet another paid game with ads. Shocking Google allow this to happen.
I thought the idea of paying for an app is not to have advertisements ruining the experience. Since it has been made free then it's really no different from a freemium app at this point. Those are littered with advertising and that's what you kinda expect with that model.
Edited by: "L89" 22nd Apr
Guess im one of the lucky ones havent encountered an ad! But I wouldnt mind if its free, although usually paid I wouldnt buy it anyway and its free. Its not like its riddled with ads like others games and apps.
Fake discounts to get you to install their game and make money off ads
Nothing will ever beat Railroad Tycoon 2 on PC. One of the best games i ever played.
Looked at this but if i ever get time to play a sim again, it'll be open transport Tycoon deluxe
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