idmobile 500 mins, 5000 texts, 4GB of 4G Data - £10 (1 month contract)
idmobile 500 mins, 5000 texts, 4GB of 4G Data - £10 (1 month contract)

idmobile 500 mins, 5000 texts, 4GB of 4G Data - £10 (1 month contract)

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The UK’s most reliable network.

Mobile customers like you have rated the network we run on as the UK’s most reliable overall. (Source: YouGov March 2015)

- Piggy-backing 3 I believe.

4G at no extra cost.

We love speed, which is why all of our plans give you 4G mobile internet as standard.

Treating you as an individual.

We're the first mobile network built around you, giving you maximum control and flexibility according to what you need.

Listening to you.

We know you're looking for more choice than ever before from your mobile network. So we'll listen to you, and then help you choose the best plan and control what you need

Making everything fuss free.

Sometimes we're even fun! We promise to never talk to you in language you don't understand. You'll find it quick and easy to stay in control with us.

SHOCKPROOF (Capped plan) - If you like the idea of more control over your monthly mobile plans, then our ShockProof plans are for you. Every plan comes with a £5 'cap' on your calls, texts and data, so you'll never be able to go over your limit by more than you can afford!

You can then easily view how much you've used at any time of the month, by logging in to your account. So rather than feeling shocked each month, you'll feel in control.

reevoo rating 92%


"Treating you as an individual." - individually providing you the same chaos

Once ordered 2 sims. 1 month rolling, 5 quid each. Let's name it SIM1 and SIM2

They sent "successfully processed" confirmation for both SIMs.
Then they cancelled order for SIM2 because of "failed checks".
Then they delivered SIM2
Then they cancelled order for SIM1. For no reason. But when I called them they provided random reasons. Mostly failed checks.
SIM2 after failing checks was active. So I cancelled my order, because it would be unfair - for me. And decided to choose another network.

(for clarity - I have no bad credit history, perfect Experian score, multiple contracts in my name, never had any problems and also another SIM card from ID mobile - with perfect payment history - which probably will soon port out and cancel account)

But.. I fully understand average mobile network may be soooo boring. You switching on your phone and it's just working. You ordering something and they just deliver it in most boring way. You provide details and they just activate SIM. Such boring life is not for everyone. If you just can't wait for thrills, living on the edge, being like John Rambo - it's network for you. Go for it!!!

^ be grateful you escaped having to deal with them for any longer

Still trying to get a refund after not cancelling sim 5 months. Just avoid cost me 10 times the value I got for 1 months use. If you never want to cancel this then go for it otherwise stay well clear.

"The UK’s most reliable network"

The only network I have left within a couple of weeks due to having no signal or data anywhere!

Terrible network .. Stay away.. Randomly says failed credit checks .

Don't forget TCB

credit check does fail randomly, even though my girl friend credit history is perfect it still failed. its a good deal if three is good coverage in your area otherwise no check first. you can get out of this contract any time though which is a benifit unless like others which are 12 months contract.

You can't tether with this so the three deal for £9 and 4gb of data is better and a 100 more mins

Stay away from them if you need to port your number, I have just been through it and it took them 5 days to finally sort it!!!! It's the first time I have had any problem porting my number. Their support is also terrible.

No problems on my wife's phone, number port and coverage great after 6 months.

I got the excellent p8 deal last year on Id, they were a great network, I got better reception than my girlfriend's O2. This year I got the p9 vodafone deal, unlocked it and I am on this exact contract now.
Don't believe all the BS by the haters, ID offer an excellent service and app is great, I also tether all the time and I've never been charged extra.
The only thing I don't like is that if you want to switch contracts within ID and take your old number, you have to leave, transfer it to a different network and then come back, which is a bit of a pain, but once it's done it's done until the next time you want to switch deals, which isn't very often for me.


You can't tether with this so the three deal for £9 and 4gb of data is … You can't tether with this so the three deal for £9 and 4gb of data is better and a 100 more mins

You can't tether with contract you are talking about.
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