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Huawei P20 Pro. 12GB data, 1000 mins. £28.99 a month 24 mths + £29.99 upfront cost  at iD Mobile
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
ID mobile are offering a 10GB data boost for Huawei phones. Get the great Huawei P20 Pro phone with 12GB data ( normally 2GB ) 1000 mins, unlimited texts for £28.99 a month &amp… Read more

Correct, it's basically a 10gb allocation as spare should you go over your 2gb at any point. It's 10gb over the duration of the contract, 24mths. Title needs changing as it's misleading


I thought that the data boost was only an extra 10gig across the whole 24 month contract. Not an extra 10gig a month?


I have this phone it's amazing


Poor deal, I would never pay this much for 4GB


TLDR : I personally would recommend avoiding them like the plague, they have put a default on quite a few peoples credit history for seemingly no reason including my own. Once you cancelled the contract and they have taken the last bill you expect that to be the end but not with ID. As I found out the hard way they take £2.48 as some sort of cancelation fee, 3 months after the last bill. It isnt mentioned anywhere in the contract nor do they tell you about it when cancelling. I cancelled the direct debit exactly 30 days after the last bill and got stung hard. They put a default on my credit file without contacting me in any way to rectify the supposed debt. I've contacted them multiple times to rectify it however they refuse to talk to me as I no longer have an active account. After the whole debacle im now left with a mark on the credit record which is no fault of my own. I'm not the only person to experience the same thing, googling will find you lots of results. If you are looking into a contract I urge you to look into the reviews of the company on a reputable site like trustpilot prior. *Edit : see thread

Samsung Galaxy S9 - Upgrade deal with £100 Cashback (£60 upfront cost) & 15GB data + Ultd Mins/Text £679.75 @ idMobile
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Upgrade deal I was given when I logged onto my iD App account, seems good (if you consider the 100£ Cashback - £60 upfront) Breakdown: £29.99/month for 24 months £59.99 upfront co… Read more
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Cold I am paying 31£ with no upfront for that phone and have unlimited texts and calls and 20 G data and i am also having that 100£ cashback plus 66£ through top cashback for new ee contract


£626 using code vc10off at checkout if you cant be bothered claiming cashback, still cheaper than your deal. For 30 minutes work though (in total) I don't mind uploading 5 bills online to save a further £112 !! , I value my time at less than £224 an hour I guess , maybe you don't ?. (y)


really ?


Just takes me to no actual deal, I looked everywhere on other than lots of Cashback to get the per month down


OnePlus 6T 6GB RAM 128GB Mirror Black 24 month contract (in £605 plus possible topcashback)
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
iD mobile deal: Pay today: £29.99 500 minutes Unltd texts 500MB data Pay monthly: £23.99 Or largest plan: Upfront: £109.99 24 month contract (4G) Pay Monthly £29.99 Data 8GB U… Read more

That's fine :D


Hahaha agree and that's why there is 8gb deal too (y)


Wouldn't even last me half a day I think


500mb... in 2018 ? No chance


or this (more RAM on this one) plus this (more data) equals - £583.14 (maybe cashback through Quidco or Topcashback too) EDIT, just realised yours is the 6T, apologies

12GB data(Rollover) 1 month contract (4G), 1200 minutes Unltd texts £12 @ IDMobile
Refreshed 13th DecRefreshed 13th Dec
Good deal deal if you are OK with 1,200 mins and massive 12 gb Rollover data. Make your choice from the link page. All pay monthly phone and SIM Only plans come with Da… Read more

Strange, joining them is normally cheaper than being an existing customer. Have you tried uSwitch compare sin only deals ect? Mobiles and affordablemobiles offen best EE’s direct price


I'm on BT and I can't seem to find a decent Sim Only EE deal to join them on


They use 3 Mobile - which have horrid coverage for me in c. London and Hastings. So that’s a no from me. There are only four actual networks in the UK: vodafone, EE, O2 and 3. All the rest are re-selling one of those under a different name. These are MVNOs (“mobile network virtual operators”). This wikipedia page is a good reference for what virtual (“pretend”) networks actually use: It’s worth doing your research as by doing so you’ll most likely get a good deal and avoid getting ripped off.


October, on the day my 2 year contract ended.


You usually have 14days to change your mind. Call them NOW and find out.

Sony Xperia XA2 with Sony SBH60 Headphones (1GB Data 250mins Unlimitedtexts) £12.99 / 24mths iD Mobile
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Sony Xperia XA2.If you’re all about the smartphone life, whether that’s through mobile photography, gaming, or simply with the productivity and organisation a smartphone brings, th… Read more

Ordered this phone yesterday for my daughter from carphone warehouse for £15 month but got unlimited calls text and 1gb data. Seems like a good deal but would always prefer unlimited minutes. Heat added tho.

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Cheapest Monthly Sim  - 150 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 500MB of Data £3.99 (30 Day - Data rollover) @ iD Mobile
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Not everyone is looking for a huge amount of data with their sim, and sometimes the monthly cost being low is more important, with enough allowance to get by. This fits the bill f… Read more

Got this for my son last week through Quidco, you can keep your old number too (y)


Three Data Reward Sim. I use it as my main sim card on my phone. It gives you 200mb for free each month, and is essentially a pay as you go sim card in every other respect. (I just use WhatsApp for texting people, and I am lucky if I have to put on £6 a year that way.)


This is cheap but anyone know of a cheap £ sim that gives texts? I want to use it for those GPS trackers you fit to cars.


for a pound extra you get an extra gig of data, unlimited minutes and unlimted texts with plusnet


better at plusnet, £5 for unlimited minutes and texts! get through cancelations to price match or move over to plusnet

Google pixel 3 retention deal from ID mobile, 24 month contract £26.99 plus 19.99 upfront
Found 25th NovFound 25th Nov
I called idmobile this morning to get a Pac code so I can transfer my number to get a sick deal on the s9 from but then they offered me the pixel 3 with unlimited min… Read more
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Anyone tried to do this who is not a customer?


Just to balance it out a bit forgot arguably the best camera and unparalleled software support in the pro's.


Don’t get me wrong, I actually like your reviews :)


Or a pocophone I'll get my coat.....


Why is that ? This is not a £1 phone.

10GB 4G Data, Unlimited Mins, Unlimited Texts + Data Rollover  - £13pm (30 day rolling sim only) @ ID Mobile
Refreshed 10th DecRefreshed 10th Dec
Decent deal for those not wanting to be tied down to a 12/24 month sim only contract You'll get 10GB 4G Data and Unlimited mins & texts - can also cap your spend :) Just hit… Read more
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Better 9gb for £10 deal available


I've been with iD Mobile for 3 years. No problems so far.


service isn't good. shame as it's a good deal otherwise


Never had a problem with them, do you know you can install the app and set up a "limit spend" + other options, and by the way in the majority EU countries you can still use your data without being charged, + I believe text amd minutes as well... Anyway all the mobile network companies will charge you, but iD is cheaper if you search for a lot and pay less, personally I'm paying 5£ monthly and I get 2,25gb 4G data (which the unused gb are added on top of renewal monthly gb) 2000 min 500 texts, still, you can pay 8 £ to get 4 gb, + all the rest, I'm very happy with them


Didn't ake this deal but made me look at my account & managed to double the amount of data for the same money 12gb 1200min & unlimited text. £12

Samsung galaxy s8 64 gb 24 x £19.99/no up front  cost @ I.d mobile ( 500 mb data 500 mins / extra available)
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Thought this looked OK as phone is still pricey enough
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I'm on ID as well and can usually get a signal but I can't remember the last time I saw the 4G icon on my phone.


Heads up I've just ordered my pac code off these after being on for 2 months. The signal is appalling, maybe good if you're in London or something but I travel thoughout Yorkshire and the Midlands almost daily and I can barely get reception jumps to for bars by the time you make a call it goes back to none. I only got a rolling contract to keep my number cos EE retentions were worse than third party and thought I'd wait for black Friday offers.


Galaxy s12 will be around the corner by the time you have finished paying off the contract.


Yea my thought was to unlock and keep phone on tesco sim and allow the kids the sim on an old phone to keep track when they out playing


People on here don't seem to like 500mb plans, pal. Don't think that's a bad price personally.

Huawei P20 Pro 500 minutes Unltd texts 500MB data £22.99 per month x 24 months = £571.75 £9.99 upfront @ ID mobile + Other tariffs
Refreshed 7th DecRefreshed 7th Dec
Update 1
Upfront cost now dropped by £10 - Use code IDBF10OFF

Applies to 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB & 8GB Tariffs
Nice little deal on a Huawei P20 Pro via iD Mobile. 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 500mB of data for £22.99 per month on a 24 month contract, with an upfront cost of just £19.99.… Read more

hmm, I think I know what I need for Christmas already!


No idea where the idea came from that a kid would use *less* data!


Yeah that's true but you have ported your number to say Vodafone then your doing a port from Vodafone back to ID. If you were to take a new I'd mobile contract you cannot port from I'd to I'd that's how they change for upgrading


Is it locked to the network?


This needs to be expired or updated the cost has gone up to tje cheapest tarrif being 23.99/month with 29.99 upfront

Samsung Galaxy J6 500MB 250mins - £10.99 a month
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Key features 13 MP Rear Camera Super AMOLED Display FingerPrint Scanner Upto £15.75 TCB 500MB4G Data 250mins Unlimitedtexts £0.00upfront cost £10.99a month 1GB4G Data 250… Read more
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If this is the same phone as the one I just posted - I paid £116 from Eglobal if it helps


Expensive. Phone is £150 on Amazon and 24 months at £11 for a useless amount of data is £264. I'd mobile normally do 30 day SIM only 2.5gb for £5 a month


Hi there Could I use my Virgin Sim in an ID Mobile phone.

ID mobile SIM only -  300 min + 9GB Data for £10 (Links in OP)
Refreshed 21 h, 26 m agoRefreshed 21 h, 26 m ago
Hi guys, good deal for a sim only. 10/month - 500 mins, unltd texts and 7gb data. 4gb available for 8/month too! 300 Minutes & Unlimited Texts with 9GB of data for £10pm … Read more
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The difference is flexibility: 1 month rolling (Plusnet) vs. 12 months contract (Virgin)


If you need that much data, I'd probs go Virgin mobile?




Never again with I'd mobile customer service werent great with 3 now and paying 9 month for unlimited minster texts and 4gb data


Thank you

Low user monthly sim, I.d. mobile 150 mins, unlimited txts, 500mb 4g internet £3.99 at ID Mobile
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
1gb and 500mins also available for £5 Possible £3.03 tcb Our plansAll pay monthly phone and SIM Only plans come with Data Rollover, capping andinclusive EU roaming. RPI Increas… Read more

Then get a plan with enough data to meet your needs


You can get 500mins through


Am I missing something or wouldn't you be better with the uSwitch deal 500 minutes and 500mb for 3.99 this is cold as not as good going direct


Would be excellent for me. Use hardly any minutes or texts and use wi-fi all the time. Will stick with my ul mins/texts and 1.5gb data for a fiver with Plusnet just in case.


sure but maybe not everyone has wifi at home.

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB - £22.99 Per Month 24m (£49.99 upfront) £601.75 @ IDMobile
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
I found this cheap deal, Data is very low but if you have access to wifi all the time then it is decent. When the Huawei P20 Pro was released, it caused a huge s… Read more

500MB is just not enough even if you are on wifi all of the time.


Seems like people don't like it :) hehe. Just thought i'd share it anyways as mentioned before its cheaper than sim free cost of the device from retailers.


Seems a cheap way to get this. If i wanted it, I'd have given the sim card to my Dad, who doesn't use much data, and kept the phone. Heat added


I can’t understand why this is cold. As they said it is only 500 mb data but I checked ID website and they send phones out unlocked. So Surely not that bad of a deal.


500mb ok for me. Got wifi at home and work why pay for data that you dont use

3GB 4G Data - Unlimited Minutes & Texts - 30 Days Sim £8 @ iD Mobile
Found 23rd OctFound 23rd Oct
Roaming at no extra cost in 50 locations All iD Mobile plans let you use your UK monthly data, calls and texts allowances in 50 locations in the EU and beyond. Capped charges a… Read more
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Hi,can you use ID sims with all mobiles including the Chinese brands,thanks


Also £3.03 topcashback for all 1 monthly sim's


You would be surprised, I am 40 mins on hold to Royal mail and still counting :)


Your right it’s not unlimited minutes my bad,but still a better deal for most people as hardly anyone talks to anybody anymore it’s allsocial media,messenger/WhatsApp etc.


Not the same deal though. Only 500 mins looking at the image you posted.

Samsung Galaxy S8 (All Colours) - 250 minutes, Unlimited Texts, 1GB Data £16.99pm w/ £19.99 upfront (24 month - £427.25 total)  @ iD Mobile
Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Nice little deal on a Samsung Galaxy S8 via iD Mobile. 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data for £16.99 per month on a 24 month contract, with an upfront cost of just £19.99… Read more

Not used them before but went for this deal. The coverage in this area is better than EE and Vodaphone so I'm happy


With them at the moment. Good deal but coverage definately needs improvement. Anybody else been with them before?


@isotonic12 Once the minimum term of the contract has ended you would then own the handset. Thanks


£10 cheaper up front but same monthly cost