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40GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 30 Days Sim @ iD Mobile - Free Delivery £25
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
30 days sim Piggybacks on Three Network Capping 4G and WiFi calling Data Rollover £25 Monthly
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Cashback ? Refund surely


...but pays "cashback" for unused data (y)


Fair enough, I suppose it depends what each user wants at the end of the day.


Smarty does not facilitate the following *no wifi calling *no 4g calling *no data rollover


Smarty (Three) have unlimited everything on a one month rolling contract for £25 per month, plus about £15 cashback from Top Cashback and you get the second month free

iD Mobile - 500 Mins, Ult Texts, 500MB 4g Data - 1 Month Rolling Contract - £3.99 @ iD Mobile
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
iD Mobile 500MB data (rollover) £3.99 per month Contract length: 1 month Minutes: 500 Texts: Unlimited Data Rollover Cheapest deal out there if data is not your priority i.e you… Read more

Was £2.99 few weeks ago


Have a look at the £3 Sky Mobile deal


They do.


does anyone know if they take payments by direct debit? Thanks for any answers :)


Or Smarty 1G , unlimited minutes and texts £6.25 with £1.25 back if you dont use the data. No credit check .30 day rolling pay by debit or credit card.

Samsung Galaxy S10 with '3GB' Data, Unltd Mins & Texts. £139.99 + £29.99 mth / 24mths £859.75 with code @ iD Mobile
TODAYTODAYFound 16th MarFound 16th Mar
From MoneySavingExpert: Most use sub-3GB/mth, so we've blagged a deal to match. Until Tue 26 Mar , newbies to iD Mobile can get a 128GB S10 with 1GB/mth data + 50GB extra to use … Read more

Great deal, should be hot


Thank you. I'm very tempted but will probably wait until one of the big networks offers a similar deal


Works fine for me on a samsung S8


What is ID mobile like? Is their wifi calling any good?


3gb a month wouldn't even Come close, I use a minimum of 15gb a month, still a good price for people who don't use that much

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Samsung Galaxy S10 2yr Contract ID Mobile  1GB Data / Unltd Mins/Texts £29.99pm + 50GB Data Boost over 2 years at ID Mobile £869.75
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Samsung Galaxy S10 on ID network with a massive 50GB Data Boost - £149 upfront Comes out over 24 months @ £869.75 Considering buying the phone outright costs £799.99. This seems … Read more

Not good first impression dose not even say if they accepted my order have to wait 3-5 days till i know cant order form somewhere else . Thank you for choosing iD. We apologise that due to the popularity of our current offers, we’re currently experiencing minor delays in processing orders ready for dispatch. We are confident however that we will be able to prepare your order in the next 3-5 days. We’ll email you again to confirm when your order has been successfully processed and dispatched. Once again thank you for being an iD customer, and we apologise that on this rare occasion we have been unable to provide our normal delivery service. The iD Team


@Rico007 , Thanks for leaving a comment. I can confirm that all our handsets are unlocked to all UK Networks. I hope this helps. Thanks, iD Mobile.


Just phoned ID mobile to clarify the extra data boost. The 50GB is for the full 24 months and not per month. So if you use 11GB in the first month you will have 40gb left for the remainder of your contract.


Thanks Moqsy.


If you go on Moneysupermarket and find the S10+, filter by 24 months and sort by total cost. There is an S10+ available on the same sim deal as this but total cost is £949.75

9GB Data (4G) / 300 mins / Unlimited texts £10 - 30 day rolling contract @ iD Mobile
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
To get this tariff you need to go through Quidco, who are also giving £5 cashback Also available through Uswitch, but then you don't get the ca… Read more

...are you saying, that if one change APN settings to 3's it will provide faster data transfers?


Try turning it on in your phone


Hit and miss if you can get this deal. They seem to be selective about doing this deal for certain people. I have a good credit score and already have one sim only deal with iD Mobile but they won't let me do this one. Their loss as just means I'll have to take my business elsewhere. XD


hmm...Interesting....What APN do you use on ID when abroad then?


(y) One the same £10 deal here, turned on £0 cap and get 4G/wifi calling too. Roamed fine too. (nerd) With these virtual networks, people often use the host network's APN (internet) settings which work ok here but not abroad. (y) An easy tip to avoid contract run on (on all networks) is either port the number out or convert to PAYG.

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ID Mobile + 50% Data on all Sim Offers. e.g  4G 7.5GB /500 min / Unlimited texts - £10 ppm.
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
What is a SIM only deal? A SIM only deal works in the same way as a regular mobile contract - just without the handset. You'll pay monthly for minutes, texts and da… Read more
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Wuntu is intended only for Three customers and needs a Three SIM in the phone to activate it. But it works on any unlocked smart phone and they send out free PAYG SIMs.


Can you get the Wuntu on ID does anyone know ?


You can switch tariffs within their app, usually painless


Oh well still decent enough be aswell going unlimited on Three for £20 tho


Great deal. Just use WhatsApp or Viber if you can for free calls via all that extra data. Just got to try and get Plusnet to match this deal if I call retentions!! Thanks for the heads up.

Google Pixel 3 on iD Mobile - £22.99 monthly, £39.99 upfront. Total contract cost £591.75 * Plus £15 Quidco*
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
I've been keeping a close eye on the Pixel 3 and really didn't want to pay more than £25 a month and don't have the money for a massive upfront payment. The total contract prices I… Read more

Mine still going amazingly strong and, to be frank, I love TouchWiz - I don't need it removed like S9, S8 that are being updated to One UI. It's splendid, only hope security bulletins are delivered monthly like clockwork again, throughout 2019. Happy Sammy customer.


Ah, question answered xavierluther, thanks - I have an S7 and think I will stick with it for a little while longer.


Same here, fell in love with regular 1st gen Pixel and recently on back of that got 2nd hand Pixel XL. Love them nearly as much as my Samsung S7. Only battery life a bit weak.


There might be a new Pixel Lite coming before October but it will be a cheaper build quality with less features and I would imagine will still be more expensive than this on release


I've had the original pixel since release and have been really worried about upgrading because I love it so much. It's the first phone I've had that I've not immediately upgraded as soon as my contract has allowed. That said I've never had an iPhone as I think they are overpriced and don't give the best features for the money (I'm sure there are many that disagree) My son had always had android phones growing up but has now had an iPhone for just over a year and isn't massively impressed with it (and pays twice as much as this for his contract)

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB - Unlimited Mins & Texts, 51GB Data for £39.99pm + £99.99 upfront + FREE Galaxy Buds (24mo - £1059.75) @ iD Mobile
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
I know lots of you out there are looking for the right deal to get your hands on the shiny new S10, and in my opinion iD Mobile have a hot contender. £99.99 upfront, with £39.99 p… Read more

1GB !!!!!!! PUT A ZERO OR 2 after it and you maybe onto something


Lol, 1GB a month.....


That's sneaky marketing. ID, not to be trusted anymore....


That's not 51gb a month. That's 1gb a month plus 50gb data boost over the life of the contract i.e. ~2gb a month.

iD Mobile 30 day 10GB/1200 min/ultd text £12 @ ID Mobile
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
It’s back on, Three coverage with Wi-fi Calling, Nearest Three 30 day sim plan is £16 for 4GB/unlimiteds. Quidco £3 Topcashback £5

Why just because some people have problems like any other network. I have ID for my daughter and never have any probs and good signal. So all depends on what network is best where you use your phone. Obviously the network providers can't please everyone.


Same experience here years ago when I was with them a few months, I did have to ask for a PAC when they wouldn’t change to a current available plan, when they called and enquired why I’m leaving I told them and they apologised profusely as I am a 30 day customer and I should have been allowed to change plan. I got the PAC to make a complaint I was being treated disingenuously as a customer with my minimum term being 30 days yet I was being treated like a 24m handset customer in contract. Other than that jobsworth not actually do their job correctly I had no issues. The Three and ID phone staff have got better since Threes parent company sold off the Call Centre sister company. I assume Smarty and Superdrug phone staff are the same. You get the odd untrained idiot or total jobsworth but that’s true of all companies own or third party call centres.


I’ve been quite happy with them (almost two years). Never had issues, and they unlocked my iPhone within half an hour of asking nicely over twitter.


You cannot trust trustpilot even a little for actual reviews few years ago on here there were loads of complaints about id since then they seem to have improved as there is no noise and plenty of hit deals where as before theft Wouk does have home cold. As a sim only deal there will be little that can go wrong, real problem is the three signal for many it’s poor.


Wow! 82 degrees! Might even end up on the HotUKDeals WhatsApp message at this rate! Clearly I was wrong with all this heat on this deal!

Honor View 20 8GB of Data - £29.99 per Month x 24 Months and £29.99 up Front - £749.75 @ iD Mobile
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Some canny deals here on the view 20 1gb which isn't enough for many is 22.99 a month

idmobile have crap signal I left them 2yrs ago as they uttercrap


Hot phone just not for this price...


Apart from the slightly underwhelming battery, this is an amazing phone! The screen is only LCD, but it may be the best LCD I have ever used on a phone.


If you want H V20 check laptops direct and 6 months paypal credit will cost £85.20 a month total £511.17 so little more than RRP cost, exactly what you could save on ID contract, so total cost would stay the same but without contract If you have Halifax/RBS they should have Spar/Waitrose 5/8/10% cashback, buy amazon credit or or john lewis gift cards and buy the phone with up to £50 off.


Yeah good point, I've been contract free for about 5 years myself and usually buy past years flagships on ebay, bit tempted by something new for once!

iD Mobile SIMO Deals - 4GB for £9 / 10GB for £12 / 12GB for £15 all 30 day rolling contracts
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Thought these were decent considering it's more difficult to get a decent data allowance under £20 on a 30 day rolling contract. iD mobile have clearly noticed this, and are runnin… Read more

Just changed to ID mobile from 3. Went for the 9gb for £10. Provided pac via app (a nice touch no call centre waiting) and number came over within 36 hours


Heat from Me (y)


Ah right, thanks for letting me know. Luckily my mum and dad have their own emails so I can associate each sim with each email account :)


Yeah really simple, just ask for the Pac code from their supplier. Phone up the new supplier and they'll do the rest. Your old sim will cease then you just put in the new sim. Takes about a day, but they tell you 2 just in case.


My kids currently on 4gb for £8 with id. Been great, no issues at all past year or so.

Huawei P20 Pro £25.99 per month x 24 months + £29.99 up front. ID mobile 2gig data (options available). Total cost: £653.75 @ iD Mobile
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Decent deal for a P20 Pro I thought. Various data options available (you can change deal any time online as well during your contact) with free 1 month roll over of unused data. … Read more

Worst ever network provider. My son was with ID mobile. Refused to cap the data usage. So I was paying extra £5 every month, as they said they could only cap after using 100MB on top of the contracted data. I tried to leave them - instead of cancelling the contract they sent me the PACK code which I never used . reported to experian for default payment without letting me know. Be careful when signing a contract with ID mobile.


My Son was with ID mobile - it's the only company now that allows capping and when you have a data hungry teen, that's definitely worth doing! Because they use the 3 network, it's a bit hit and miss. IMHO, I've always found them great as a network (not so much as a provider) Unfortunately, my experience, like most other people's is when you try to leave. They keep trying to charge you. In the end, we transferred the number to a PAYG SIM using the PAC which meant they couldn't charge us for a number they no longer owned.


Thanks everyone. Nice to get some feedback at least. Though seems strange, as I've seen other threads for iD Mobile, that haven't gone cold. For what it's worth, my personal experience is that I've been with them for a year or 2 now SIM only, and not had any issues with reception or anything else, but I guess that depends where abouts you are and I've not really had any need to deal with them in person about anything. They do have a nice user friendly website and app though, which lets you buy top up, check your usage and allowances, change plans etc.


Good deal but being tied to ID for 24 months.. no way. not going to vote as some could have better experience with them


Good deal, heat added. (y)

ID Mobile sim only 500 mins and 500mb data for £3.99
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
500 mins 500mb data and unlimited texts, can't get any cheaper than this 8) . very cheap if data isn't your priority. Can be capped to your preference and requirement. Thanks @S… Read more

Worth another shot at CS? I had an issue with EE, on behalf of an elderly friend, where my 76 year old friend who wouldn't know a router if it fell outta the sky, and hit her in the head was sold (in-store) a phone & internet package @ £15pm. 2 DAYS LATER I call EE CS, to cancel, and was told...You can cancel, but it will cost the full value of the contract...£300ish. A second call, and the package was reduced to £10pm, in light of the new Dora phone (she didn't need but likes) that I didn't know she had, so was part of the deal A year down the line, and direct debit issues (bank screwed-up) so NOW she's £20 (2 months behind) and EE CS? wiped the £20 as a good will gesture, so I say to you...if at first you don't succeed, try another CS agent, coz yer never can tell :)


I'm on that, but it's no longer available. I was hoping they might let me get my daughter on it for her 1st mobile, but no budging so far from them.


Came just in time for me, since I'm a TPO customer, and just received an email (and a letter) to confirm it (TPO) has gone into Administration


Don’t forget £3 Quidco - so essentially first month for only £0.99!


Plusnet still has it hands down for the cheapest deal imo... 1.5GB data, Unl Mins/Txt for a fiver rolling month contract... So cold from me!..

Google Pixel 3 £25.99 per month x 24 months + £29.99 up front.  ID mobile 5gig of data. Total cost: £673.75 @ iD Mobile
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
Was searching for some phone deals and personally I think this is a very good deal at £25.99 a month, even with the upfront cost. 2018 flagship exceptional camera. No ugly huge n… Read more

Awesome WiFi name there! (lol)


When I think about it I don't even use my notification light, it's just a lovely little flashy thing that should be on every mobile (y) I am also on three and out of contract, I'm assuming they will offer me sweet fa best offer so far was p20 pro at 29 a month for 4gig of data


And unless there’s a setting I’ve missed, when notifications come through the screen doesn’t light up. Spending less time on my phone, so not necessarily a bad thing! (y) it took me a day to noticed you’d replied! (shock)


Whaaaat no notification light! Glad I didnt pull the trigger ha


I was out of contract on 3, and they couldn’t come close to matching this. No tethering or go binge, but I was on an essential plan, so that wasn’t a concern. Phone is great, only thing it lacks for me is a notification light, I miss that from my old pixel

Id mobile sim only 1 month contract - £10  9GB, unlimited text, 300 min
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Id mobile one month contract, 300 min, unlimited text, 9GB data (rollover next month if unused) £10 month through compare the market

This has ended. Now £10 for 8gb :-


Do i get discount on my account for plugging you


Is there any chance of ID Mobile extending this to Japan - my son is going in summer and my daughter and I are going for RWC2019 - and £60 for a 10 minute call and nearly £10 for 1mb of data is a bit steep - it will be cheaper to buy another phone with one of your competitors just to cover our time there.


Are you eating Cake and typing?


Should ID mobile have an account on here.....mmmmmmmm

Galaxy S9 Unlimited Minutes, Texts 5GB Data £28.99 a month £9.99 Upfront - £705.75 @ IDMobile
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Cheap offer and no need to claim cashback to get this deal! £20 Qudco Available also!
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Isn’t this better s9 plus 20 gb data £38/24 months Link


This phone has readily been available for 100 up front and 23pm on Vodafone with 4 gig data which seems a much better deal to me. Via


These deals was very good:


Not everyone has that kind of money up front happy New year though I wish you all the best. Hope you have a great one.


black friday was with cashback deal..approx £500 with hell amount of data..and s9 or google pixel just need good timing for deals...and pop in more often at this site. Dont get upset,but this is not good deal at all

Sony Xperia XZ3 5gb data unltd mins/texts for £26.99pcm with £59.99 upfront payment £707.75 @ iD mobile
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
The best value contract I can find at the moment for this beast. Total cost over 24m term is £707.75 with iD mobile. Available in Bordeaux Red, Forest Green and Black.
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I know it doesn't count here but I got this from Shpock, new for £400. Might be biased as I've had every flagship Xperia since the S, but I really like this one. A big change from the blocky style I loved before but I've gotten used to it and it also helps that the phone no longer cuts into my jeans. Only downside is the side sense feature activates out of the blue, turned it off now


For the Mrs. I have the p20 pro, but want to get a hold of this phone 😁


You got/getting this?

Free CHILI £10 credit @ iD Mobile - Exisiting & New (new will have to buy something from iD Mobile)
Refreshed 22nd Dec 2018Refreshed 22nd Dec 2018
How to get your code: Existing Customers: Existing customers that have subscribed to marketing emails will receive an email with their unique code by 15th December 2018. If you… Read more
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Unfortunately it didn't get resolved. The terms and conditions stated to contact CS, which I did, and they really weren't helpful. I was supposed to recieve a follow up call after escalating it, but I've had nothing!!! I'm not interested in Tweeting or Facebooking the issue. CS were unhelpful, and it felt like they just didn't care, and escalating the issue send to have resulted in them just brushing it under the carpet. Previously I had been recommending ID Mobile to friends and family. I won't now, and after such a trivial problem, which is such a shame. To be honest if the CS representative had just used the word "sorry", that may have made such a difference.


I'm glad someone from id came here to advertise, instead of sending people to your websites, would you like to tell me why do you have such discriminatory offers, not for the many but for few? While I was getting your spam for a year, subscribing me by default, I was unsubscribed, and then guess what, you sent invitation to a couple of people to claim, not even all your subscribers, just to make people on here to find out that you exist. This company it's a disgrace, I hope the market will sort this out.


Hi there Pualle, It's a shame to hear that you did not recieve your Chilli code, we can understand how disappointing this must have been. We hope you got the issue resolved, but if not feel free to send us a message over on Facebook and Twitter and we will see if there is any way in which we can help. Thank you, iD Mobile.


I had the same. On the deal page it says to contact CS if you haven't recieved by the 21st. CS was unavailable each time I checked on 21st. Managed to chat to them today and they fobbed me off, so I've escalated it and waiting for a call back. They have basically told me that I only signed up to marketing after the 10th, but on a date earlier than this deal was posted, so I know I didn't change the settings then. And CS can't give out Chili vouchers as it's automated. So basically "computer says no". I've been VERY happy with ID Mobile, up till this moment where I feel I've missed out on what was just a freebie.


Never had any issues on my 80mbs connection.

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