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4GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - 500 Minutes - Unlimited Texts - 30 Days Sim @ iD Mobile (Moneysupermarket) £8
Found 26th AugFound 26th Aug
4GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) 500 Minutes Unlimited Texts WiFi Calling 30 Days Sim Piggybacks on Three Network Please Note: Network coverage depends where … Read more
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id mobile . Hmmmmm. I wouldn't !


Been on this deal for several months. No problems in West London, although no Underground wifi link (unlike three, Virgin etc). Definitely good value


Now over 2 years rolling contract. No problems.


Never had any issue with signal or customer services (never had to talk to cs tho) Good price, heat added


My wife's bill doubled when she changed to ID mobile. After questioning them it appeared they were charging her for her included data. They denied it and said she was going way over data usage despite her phone log saying she was not. Oddly her bill halfed after without altering the way she used her phone. We never did get anywhere with them. Needless to say we've cancelled both our kids phones with them and my wife has left too since her contract finished. Signal wasn't great but she never answers her bloody phone anyway.

iD Pay Monthly SIM - £11pm - Monthly Rolling Contract
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
1 month contract (4G) £11.00 500 minutes Unltd texts 8GB data
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that's have every right to hate them and switch.. for me,I had awful coverage and speed with Three when I moved house..just under 2 miles from my old home...calls would drop if I wasn't next t window and wouldn't even receive that voice mail message you mentioned! and speed? record breaking 750KB/s to 1MB/s! in 2018. it was so bad that as soon as I contacted Three,they agreed to cancel my contract and gave me the PAC code without hesitation. different areas of country have very different coverage and speeds by these mobile companies..


It wasn't down to coverage, it used to show full signal on my phone and people would call me, but calls would go through to my voicemail and to top it off, I wouldn't even get a 'you have a voicemail' message until hours after the call. This happened so many times that I ended up missing important calls. The last was when I dropped my dad off for a hospital appointment and went to a nearby pub with free parking and waited for his call whilst I had a drink. Two hours later (whilst I had full signal and was using the pub WiFi) I decided to call him to see how it was going, and he told me that he'd been calling for 1.5hour. As soon as I hung up I got a dozen or so voicemail messages. That was the final straw, like I said this had happened over a few years and I had a few different phones, I called virgin to report it, but they always said there wasn't an issue. Having been a customer of both, I can tell you 4g is faster on ID by a mile, virgin may use EE, but you would never get EE speeds, and miss very important calls.


Virgin are now using EE mobile network which is known to be the best in this country,EE has the best coverage and without any doubt the fastest.Virgin won't get 100% speed of EE but will get 80% of it..(BT also using EE network) ID is using Three's mobile network.Three is known to have the worst coverage and slowest speed in most areas on the go figure.. you are probably of the very small minority who can't get good EE coverage,yet you get good Three coverage.


I was with virgin for years because they were cheap, no end of issues, switched to ID a few years ago and not had any issues that I had with virgin signal (even when my phone showed full signal). ID have been excellent for me, and I won't compare to EE, O2, 3, because I've never been on those networks, but far far far superior than Virgin! Edit. I don't hate virgin, I have their TV broadband package, but their mobile really is dog (poo)


I have never had a problem with them either :D

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ID mobile 10GB Data, 500 Mins, Unlimited Texts iDmobile Sim Only 1 Month Contract £12 via  Money supermarket (exclusive)
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Deal seems to be specific to MoneySupermarket as I cant find it anywhere else. It's the cheapest Sim only deal I've found with at least 8gb data and not being stuck in a 12 month … Read more

When I told three I will be moving to ID, he tried to convince me to stay by telling me the 4g is much poorer on ID mobile as it is for Three lol


Expiry date?


Just ordered, thanks OP.


Hi There, Our signal would vary depending on where you are. You can check the coverage in your area by visiting the link below. Kind Regards, iD Mobile


:( :(

S9 Plus For £26.99 With £79 Upfront fee - £726.76 @ ID Mobile
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
24 month contract (4G) 500 minutes Unltd texts 500MB data ID mobile All pay monthly phone and SIM Only plans come with Data Rollover, capping and inclusive EU roaming.

Seems like they removed it


I would think the 500mb data. Also recent deal was on vodafone which come with 4gb. Also the link doesnt work for me. But still might be a good deal for someone. Thanks for posting.


How come its getting minis rating?


Nice deal


good find..well done (y)

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iD Mobile 30 day sim 500m, unlimited texts & 1GB £5
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Low user bargain.

Hello @xsor You can take a look at the estimated coverage levels in your area on our Coverage Checker: If you're unhappy with the coverage following purchase, just get in contact with us right away and we'll assist further. Kind Regards, iD Mobile


Both my kids have had this for nearly 2 years now. Am currently moving one of them to plusnet where he will have 2gb for £6.


Sorry yes I am talking about WiFi calling, Volte relies on 4g which is only good if you have 4g, you still can't make an LTE call if you don't have an LTE signal


VoLTE doesn’t use WiFi, hence the name


Guarantees and real life are different, but you knew that right?!? In the end both sip and Volte use the same WiFi there's no magic trick that changes that even if three come out with super duper extra special super voice, lack of 2g is still fleas mate in the end I don't need contract minutes so I've none to use on volte anyway.

12GB data SIM Only for £15 per month includes 1000 minutes and unlimited texts + £10 cashback (Quidco) 30 day rolling contract @ id mobile
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Great offer of 12gb / 1000 minutes / unlimited texts And an exclusive £10 cashback at Quidco to pay only £5 in your first month. Id run off the three network.

3 have better deals incase anyone wants check threads


Yeah a great device for that amount.


Hard to get hold of other than cpw. They are also in the sim cancellation deal, under £200 if you go that route.


Oh nvm gone up today.


I saw a silver moto g6 plus for 239 from carphone very tempting especially for dolby ready device.

Huawei P20 Pro £49.99 upfront and £22.99 a month with 500mb data. at ID mobile
Found 4th JulFound 4th Jul
Available on ID mobile with the benefit of spreading the payments over 24 months ;) £49.99 upfront and £22.99 a month with 500mb data. Nice way to spread the cost and cheaper than… Read more
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The consumer credit act makes the credit provider equally liable for any loss. I've no recollection of this ever having been changed. Its regularly trotted out on both Watchdog and Martin Lewis's shows.


I've just checked and this is the dual-SIM version too :D Thanks, I'm going to order! [edit] Although when I phoned customer service the guy on the phone said "yep, it's the only dual-SIM phone we do", the official twitter account has initially said it's single-SIM. They've messaged the warehouse to find out the exact model for me... Update: turns out it is only single sim so didn't end up ordering ;(


temped by this... my s9 plus battery is so crap


Yes - they confirm on the website it’s unlocked.


Thanks op, this deal suits me. Any idea if it's unlocked?

30GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 30 Days Sim £20 @ iD Mobile
Refreshed 5th JulRefreshed 5th Jul
30GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) Unlimited Calls Unlimited Texts WiFi Calling 30 Days Sim £20 Month Roaming at no extra cost in 50 locations All iD Mobile plans l… Read more
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Correct but they won't stop you or support tethering if you need help Have you ever tried to tether and if you did did they stop you from tethering?


Just left ID, was on a very good deal but they won’t allow tethering and most data just goes unused


I'm on a 1.5Gb/250min/5k text at £5pm and I really like it. Good 4G and 3G+ coverage. Good app for checking your allowances and managing settings. Never had a problem with roaming etc, just need to know which APN to use when abroad. Can recommend :{


Or go direct to Three more features less headache. Cheaper as well


Hi DaveLakin, You wouldn’t be able to use this particular SIM within a Mifi device, however you can use one of our data only SIM that we offer. If you do require any further assistance please contact us over Social Media and we can help you out. Thanks iD Mobile.

ID mobile offer - 12gb / unlimited text / 1000 mins - £15pm (monthly rolling contract)
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
12GB unlimited texts and 1000 min. Also includes data rollover
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After 12 months can you upgrade and get a new phone?


Hi james12345689, You can contact us online, over on Facebook and Twitter, at any point and advise that you wish to disconnect with 30-days notice. You could process this request on day 1, to disconnect 30-days later; it's really up to you. If you do contact us over on Social Media then there will be no need to call up at a later date. I hope this helps! iD Mobile.


Oh ok I heard that once you have been with them for 30 days contract you can cancel online which avoids issues but I'm not sure if they make you call them afterwards


its because when you phone to cancel they dont act on it. They deny having received the request and when you write to them they deny receiving the e-mail. By this stage they have taken money out of your account and then still keep taking money account when you think they cant take any more.


Is this all because of you cancelled within the cooling off period. Not good at all

ID £5pm 1 Month Contract
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
ID Network £5 per month - 1 Month Contract 500 Mins Unlimited Texts 1GB Data Perfect for people that use their phone on WiFi and Light users

Looks like this it's no longer available now. I did try to find it again. I would keep your eye out on uSwitch comparison.


This is a good deal for those wanting more minutes, the uswitch deal (when it's available, and I got the same through a Facebook ad direct from id) is better if more data is what you want. As data rolls over, if you're a fairly light user you can eventually get up to double the data which is good if you have a heavier month than usual (data gets used up with the oldest first before using the current month).


I will see if I can find it, not sure the deal is still on. It was about 4 week ago I got it.


Looks like it's finished now, but I checked the deals through moneysavingexpert online.


Do they just Three

uSwitch exclusive - iD Mobile 300 mins, ult texts, 10GB data on rollover. Use 4GB and you'd have 16GB the next month!
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Deal still available on uSwitch bag now before it expires! The direct deal has expired now uSwitch exclusive Data rollover and capping and eu roaming 300 minutes Unlimited… Read more

No. I switched from plusnet to this. Plusnet couldnt match it but offered me 8gb or something. I told them no thanks and left.


I was going to change from Three to this plan until I rang Three to cancel. They offered me an advanced plan of 8gb, unl mins, unl txts, hotspot, ability to use free minutes abroad for £10 a month. Not worth changing


I had a chat with ID and upgraded to £10 10gb plan. EE network is better, but don't want to go through the switching. Thanks anyway.


all i did was ring them up (i'm an existing customer) and said i was interested in the other good iD mobile deal


Can you tell us how to get the £10 12gb deal. Seems I can't find it.

iD 1 month rolling sim 10GB / 300 mins /unlim texts £10 @  ID Mobile (Also instore at Carphone Warehouse)
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Now live online ID 1 month rolling SIM only deal.Deal includes 300mins unltd texts and 10gb data.Instore only and starts 23th may.Deal be capped to the nearest £5 great for kids.C… Read more
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Does anyone know if the data allowance/usage works in France and Spain the same way?


Anyone knows how to get this deal if you are current ID customer? Don't see it in app.


Signed me and my daughter up, my signal in work (Newport City) is "emergency calls only" but only in certain areas of my office


Just an FYI. I'm just off the phone with plusnet and came away with my 30 days notice given and my PAC code! Girl said best they could do was £15 a month for 8 gb and a £10 credit on my account. Off to ID i go!


Why does this show as 2 days old

8GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - Unlimited Minutes & Texts - 30 Days Sim @ iD Mobile
Found 20th MayFound 20th May
8GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 30 Days Sim £15 Month Roaming at no extra cost in 50 locations All iD Mobile plans let you use you… Read more
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I use Giffgaff which I think is on the O2 network. It far better than Orange(EE) for coverage in central london - and indeed anytwhere I have been. I'm in total control of my account and renewals and dont have to rely on the most useless, incompetent, non-service provided by ID mobile


Reading previous HotUKDeals threads the problems most people had was ID mobile ruining customers credit file after they had left. This is the main reason I didn't go with them. As far as mobile signal goes they all hit and miss.


I've been with ID for about 3 years now, I don't know where all the negative reviews come from. The only minor issue I had was when I wanted to change to another ID deal and was told I needed to move my number to another network and back again. Customer Services answered the phone within 5 minutes, the app they have to check your remaining minutes/text/data is the best I've ever used for a network (used vodafone/virgin before), you can rollover your unused data and cap your spend if you go over. Reception has been great for me, but if it's not for you, you can get your PAC code and leave.


If you are going to go with ID, why not the one I posted last week? More data than this deal for a cheaper price.....


Well if you have been with Virgin without issues, why not stay with them? Better the devil you know.

Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB £49.99 upfront Available in 2 colours uSwitch exclusive  24 month contract 4G 5000 minutes 1000 texts 5GB data £29.99 per month £769.75 total cost @ ID Mobile (Via Uswitch)
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
Not a bad deal with 5gb data and a low total cost. Say the sim only by itself is £10 per month. Total cost for the phone is only £529.74. Google Pixel 2 XL Colour: Black Cap… Read more

Probably hit the cold bandwagon, some people vote blind cold then others just follow


Me too totally sim free kinda person, but the phone and contract are both brilliant, so thought I'd post this.


Decent phone but a contract! Puts me off these days. Heat added for the price tho


ID Mobile must be paying hukd, because this has just been unexpired, people obviously don't like the deal, even tho it's a cracker, but hukd have seen fit to unexpire.... Brilliant. (#I'm just a mule)


Not sure why this isn't getting much love. The phone itself is £629 new and ID do data rollover along with free EU roaming. I made the purchase today. This contract would have easily been £1200 a few months ago. Also,this phone still holds it's own against a lot of the newer handsets. Guaranteed 3 years worth of updates direct from Google (one of the big reasons for selecting this over the Huawei P20 Pro).

Huawei P20 Lite - 250 Minutes, 5000 Texts, 1GB Data £16.99PM ZERO Upfront (24Mo - Totcal cost £407.76) @ iD Mobile
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Thought this was a pretty great offer for those who would like a newer handset, but don't need any hefty allowance in their plan, or don't want to pay anything upfront. 250 Minute… Read more



Basically the same phone, other than a different sized screen, different resolution, different amount of ram and a different camera?


Just got this on Vodafone. £18 per month, no upfront cost. 13gb data, unlimited calls/texts and 24 months Spotify. Now that's a deal.


Honor 10 will have flagship type specs, this does not. The Honor 10 will probably cost in the region of £350-£400 just speculating of course.


Is this phone as good as the honor 10 which is coming out next week, or anyone know what price we are looking at

20GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) - Unlimited Minutes & Text - 1 Month Sim @ iD Mobile £20
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
20GB 4G Data (Data Rollover) Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Text 1 Month Sim £20 Month What is a SIM only deal? A SIM only deal works in the same way as a regular mobi… Read more
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Cold because it is ID mobile. Completely incompetent company. It gives CPW a bad name. They gave me a bad credit rating when I quit within 30 days because they failed to deliver what I asked for.


Ok so can u cancel the 30 day's contract and keep using the data as it says data roll over that's a very good deal then.


Don't understand why this is cold, people need to remember this is a 30 day rolling contact. Most similar deals with a similar price, are a 12 month contract. Good deal.

Google pixel 2 XL £24.99 p/m 24 months 500 minutes & text 500 mb data £49.99 upfront - £649.75 @ id mobile
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Google pixel 2 XL 64 GB 500 minutes & text 500 mb data 24.99 x24 =599.76 + 49.99 upfront 649.75 Total Possibly £15 quidco cashback.
BergkampWonderland at the bottom


I got the phone and is amazing but if 500MB data is enough for you then you don't need a smartphone.


500mb data would be gone in 24 hours for most people!


500MB data?


Great phone, not so great data package! But, that's why it's so cheap! Heat added

iD Mobile Sim Only - 500 Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 4GB Data (30 day rolling - includes Data Rollover, Capping and Roaming) £8PM @ ID Mobile
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
Decent offering from iD Mobile. Get 500 minutes, unlimited text and 4GB of 4G internet for £8 per month on a rolling 30 day contract. Includes Data rollover, capping and roaming. … Read more

dispute it with using noddle or something ;>


Why is tethering such a big deal? If you've paid for a certain amount of data, surely it makes no difference how you use it?


Would not take the chance you could end up with massive bill they don't allow tethering that's their policy


Has anyone tried tethering? I know iD don't allow tethering but would they hassle if you tether? Anybody with tethering experience with iD? Thanks


I'm happy enough with iD Mobile so far but have a couple of grumbles. 1. Ordered the SIM on the 18th April and the plan was started on the 19th but it took about 4 days to receive the SIM.. 2. The app is very decent by why do I always have to login each time I open it up!!!