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2TB or 5TB  iDrive Cloud Back Up for £5.17 - 90% Discount.
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
2TB or 5TB iDrive Cloud Back Up for £5.17 - 90% Discount.
2TB iDrive Cloud Back Up for £5.17 for a Year ($6.95) - 90% Discount Link - or 5TB iDrive Cloud Back Up for £5.17 for a Year ($… Read more

Numerous nightmare experiences with them, including slow, no support, deleting accounts without informing users, etc etc:


Yeah that's definitely true (fierce)


All well and good but it doesn't cover for scenarios like theft, fire, flooding...


This is why I'm investing in a NAS, more control and faster connection. Can maybe get 4TB in raid 1 for around 400 pounds. Definitely a big investment at the start.


Build your own. Your in charge of your cloud.Nextcloud

1TB wifi HDD with battery, plus 1TB iDrive cloud storage £38.50 (approx) @ iDrive
Found 20th May 2015Found 20th May 2015
1TB wifi HDD with battery, plus 1TB iDrive cloud storage £38.50 (approx) @ iDrive
Looks like a useful device, see more info here: A good price on it's own at $59.50 (approx £38.28 at the current exchange rate) but also comes w… Read more
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This turned out not to be such a good deal. I received notification from Parcelforce that I need to pay £17.06 VAT, plus an £8 clearance fee. The VAT is far too much for something that cost £39. Presumably they've marked the value as being a lot more than I actually paid for it.


This is a insane deal, I bought one to back all of my families iPhones,iPads and comp


Hmmmmmmmm ......... smart thinking there Bat Man ..... :-)


couldn't you just wipe/format the drive and use 3rd party software to use it as a external HDD without it being linked to idrive ?? just a thought (unless it is hardware protected)



iDrive - 50gb of Cloud storage and 50gb for Data back up 69p per year for iPhone/Android
Found 30th Apr 2014Found 30th Apr 2014
iDrive - 50gb of Cloud storage and 50gb for Data back up 69p per year for iPhone/Android
Used to just be for Android but now for Apple, considering apple charge a fair amount for space this is a bargain for 69 pence per year, I think this is an amazing deal Says it's … Read more
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I'm sure this deal is still on for Android. Just downloaded app on android store and got it for $0.99 per year


Latest update on the App available now * Bug fixes and Random Crashes


Strange one, but honestly I've never had any ads pop up from it


It is odd: they've replied to an email saying "ain't us guv" and sound's just massively co-incidental....but I might be misjudging them.


No idea why you are getting this? I haven't had one Ad pop up mate strange

1TB Backup Storage for a year £45 @ iDrive
Found 31st Mar 2014Found 31st Mar 2014
1TB Backup Storage for a year £45 @ iDrive
I've just renewed at twice this price. Typical! I have used iDrive for so many years I can't remember. I have tried several other companies and none of them have come close to per… Read more
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Wow, think I'll not bother posting again. Just got shot down in flames. Apologies for those who don't "get it". Yes you can buy a 1TB drive. But of those people who do, do you setup regular backups to that drive? Is that the only copy of your data? My house was burgled on 1st Nov last year and we lost 12 years of family photos. iDrive paid for itself on that day. Everything was restored within about 2 days. PS. As I mentioned, I've used other companies that offer more storage for less money. All I can say is, you get what you pay for. @watson44, downloading is quick but you are correct, to get the whole lot 'uploaded' to another supplier can take a couple of weeks. I've done this a few times when I was trying some of the cheaper suppliers. but their client software / support was terrible and / or slowed my machine down.


External drives are great but its not a like for like comparison with cloud storage. Both have their different pros and cons. for me i still like an offsite backup. Cloud storage can be accessed from anywhere and also doesn't get affected by the risk of fire/theft at your home.


but why not just buy a 1TB drive cheaper and backup to that ? and no ongoing fees either, oh and much faster and safer to, i never really see the point of these cloud storage services, even thou i have over 500gig on my accounts that i not use, but there all free ones.


What do you mean by do not own? its cloud storage and like most cloud providers you pay an annual fee


You get unlimited storage at CrashPlan for a very similar price.

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