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Oakley Frogskins from £53.20 with free delivery use code FLASH20 @ Igero
Found 28th Sep 2018Found 28th Sep 2018
Spotted this deal from Igero on Oakley Frogskins. Prices start from £53.20 using code FLASH20. Prices include free delivery and returns and extra 20% off is showing on all colours.… Read more

Totally legit, I've ordered plenty from them over the years. Thanks OP, great price for Frogs


£53.20 too expensive.


Anyone know if the website is genuine??


Ordered woodgrain with the prism daily polarised lenses £80 compared to £125 everywhere else . Thanks


I'm looking for prescription sunglasses that are suitable for driving, any recommendations and what sort of price range is considered 'good'? Apparently a lot of prescription sunglasses just put the prescription glasses infront of shades vs brands like Oakley which have them directly injected in (note my sources are also really old so confirmation on this would be great) but those cost a good £300...

Cheap Oakley Frogskins sunglasses such as 24k lenses transparent frame. £60.80 @ Igero delivered
Found 19th Jun 2018Found 19th Jun 2018
Cheap Oakley Frogskins sunglasses such as 24k lenses transparent frame. £60.80 @ Igero delivered
£60.80£7620%Igero Deals
Great price for a genuine pair of Oakleys Frogskins, usually nearer £100

I’d rather them being sued and held accountable for making competition impossible


Doesn't change the fact that if we want a certain style/colour/brand we have to play the game and buy from them. Going to source and getting for £8 from the factory would always make me nervous with sunglasses because you're trying to save £50 and risking your sight if you get a knock off which doesn't filter any UV light.


One company owns every sunglasses company and store... why they’re so expensive, really these cost them 8 quid to make, if that.


Yeah I looked at that site and saw some nice prices, was a little reticent about buying from them though as they sound like a café!


The polarized ones are too expensive :( I got some from this site polarized mirror holbrooks for £83 but it was the ruby lense and wasnt dark enough for me https://www.blueberrybrands.co.uk/sunglasses/shop-by-brand/oakley.html?dir=asc&order=price

Oakley Frogskins £63 @ Igero
Found 20th Apr 2017Found 20th Apr 2017
Oakley Frogskins £63 @ Igero
RRP £90 Free delivery
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I've been looking at this one Matte Black Black Iridium Polarized Lens for £108 on their website, but on sunglasses shop selling for £90. So, do your research before you buy from them.. Thanks for your time posting the deal op anyway


£60 for the orange orange orange ones if your of that persuasion ( the orange persuasion that is)


Good price!


Warning don't scroll-past too fast as you will read the title very differently. oO


Cheapest colour is actually coming in @ £59

Oakley Gascan £47.20 with code at IGERO
Found 13th Feb 2017Found 13th Feb 2017
Oakley Gascan £47.20 with code at IGERO
Use the code NY20 to bring the price down RRP £90 Free delivery Lots of other glasses too that the code works with
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Red bull racing sunnys £19 https://www.igero.com/sunglasses-c108/rbr162-p3115?attribute[1]=1200


Big green tick saying "In Stock" but they're not. Crap website


We used to deal with Oakley and sell their products. This is around the price I paid a couple of years ago but mine are Polarised too.


Was temped to buy, but checked at amazon and went for polarised ones for 59.90 https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Sports-Outdoors/Oakley-Gascan-Irid-Sunglasses-Polar/B002EL334S/ref=pd_sbs_193_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=G5R6ZH4J8FTJFXHZXH2A


Takes the black 5 squareds polarised down to £80. Heat

Oakley Frogskins £60.80 with code @ Igero
Found 8th Jan 2017Found 8th Jan 2017
Oakley Frogskins £60.80 with code @ Igero
Use code NY20 to bring the price down includes delivery lots of other colours too !
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This was the pair I was after https://www.igero.com/sunglasses-c108/holbrook-p61


https://www.igero.com/sunglasses-c108/holbrook-p3498 £67 before discount here, but hideous. £54 discounted. I personally prefer the Jupiter Squared fit, Frogs and Holbrook not quite right for me.


How much you Looking to get them for? Also after a pair myself. They have them for £80 or £64 after 20% off https://www.igero.com/sunglasses-c108/holbrook-p55?attribute%5B1%5D=55 Just confirm that this site sell legit stuff?


Thanks MaddiesDaddy. Chris



Ray-ban Wayfarer £64.80 with code @ Igero
Found 8th Jan 2017Found 8th Jan 2017
Ray-ban Wayfarer £64.80 with code @ Igero
Use the code NY20 to bring the price down Free delivery
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Thank you!


Thanks for posting the deal :)


Good Price- Hot

Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses £54.40 @ Igero
Found 6th Dec 2016Found 6th Dec 2016
Oakley Half Jacket Sunglasses £54.40 @ Igero
Looked for reasonable priced Oakley's for my son, They start at £68 but use code BL20EXT and get a further 20% off bringing them down to £54.40, igero seem to have very good review… Read more

Wow, just got a pair of Iridium GasCans for £60 down from £95. Heat Added.....


Should put the price in the title. Nice glasses. 8)


Another luxotica brand, sunglasses mafia.