Iggle Piggle Tri-scooter £7.50 @ Boots

Iggle Piggle Tri-scooter £7.50 @ Boots

Found 21st Mar 2010Made hot 22nd Mar 2010
went to beckton triangle boots clearance store found this scooter for £7.5

The great Boots sale continues and now you can have an adorable Iggle Piggle Tri-scooter for a mere £7.5. Down from the original £30,

The trike has a non-slip footplate that limits those inevitable wipe-outs and prevents little feet from sliding off. The handlebar is height adjustable, thank goodness, and ranges in length from 62cm to 66cm. Its suitable for kids from three years old and is 33cm wide and 57cm long.

While it doesnt mention this on the Boots site and product description, the picture does show the Iggle Piggle bag attached to the handlebars. Now the other sets I got did include the bag so I am assuming that the same thing applies here, but dont hold me to it! Iggle Piggle Tri scooter £7.5 @ Boots

These are great toys for promoting active play and co-ordination in little ones and most kids really enjoy zooming along on one of these. As I pack for my move to the sea I have delightful visions of my daughter racing along the seafront on one of these



Brilliant price - heat added.

Cant find this anywhere on the website????

might be In-Store ONLY

cold probably a local offer!plus should say instore only in description

Some people are soooo picky and miserable. You did say it was at a particular clearance store- as in shop. God some people. Do you know where there are any other clearance stores?

about 50 in middle off store.. cheers op
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