Igor Nintendo Wii £7.47 + Free Delivery @ Tesco Ent

Igor Nintendo Wii £7.47 + Free Delivery @ Tesco Ent

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Found 28th Dec 2009
Igor is a whimsical jaunt through the world of Malaria where players learn to co-operatively combine the special abilities of four unique characters.

An action-adventure for up to four players set in the world of Malaria, where Igor and his three companions Scamper, Brain, and Eva work together to save the land of Malaria. Each player controls one of the four characters. The players will adventure through all the major locations from the movie, co-operating to battle Schadenfreude and his minions, solve puzzles, and ultimately save Malaria.

Igor invents amazing tools to aid his friends on their journey. Scamper is nimble and totally invincible, dodging hazards and getting to places nobody else can. Brain uses his long reaching mechanical arm to aid in combat and puzzle solving. Eva lends her incredible strength and budding acting skills to help in any way she can. Together the characters jump, fight and use their unique abilities to navigate through cinematic moments based on the movie.

Play alone or join together with up to 3 friends and drop in and out of the game at any time
Play as any of the main characters from the movie, each with their own distinct set of moves and attacks
Progress through locations from the film, fight enemies and achieve goals to advance through the storyline
Relive some of the movies most thrilling moments as you explore 7 levels filled with non-stop action and adventure

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