iHip Blaze Bluetooth Headphones - £14.99 @ B&M

iHip Blaze Bluetooth Headphones - £14.99 @ B&M

Found 11th Feb 2017
Bought these yesterday. They're lightweight, comfortable & foldable.They connect with most bluetooth devices.

They come in 3 colours: Red, Blue & Black.

You also get an aux cable to use them as wired headphones too.

I believe this is a national offer.
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I pancakes
Think it should be iHip

Think it should be iHip

​Yes it should be. I amended it, cheers.
What's the quality like?
The quality is pretty good for the price. They're not Dr Dre's or Seinnheiser's or Bose's. A lot of people on here expect Top of range stuff at pocket money prices. For crying out loud they're £15 what do you expect?

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Thanks, got them today, looks nice haven't tried them yet.
TERRIBLE: reduced from £29.99 but horrible piercing background interference sound.

Like 15 years ago when radio speakers could not handle mobile phone interference.

Persistant noise on the background is like Chinese Drip Torture.

Stay clear.
Got this for my husband on father's day, that's 3 months ago and we've just opened it 2 days ago. And now it's dead. Won't turn on, won't charge. Really annoyed as can't even return it as it's a few months since purchased
what to do when a hinge is broken???
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