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FizzBook Spin 10.1" Touchscreen Netbook Laptop Windows 7 free upgrade to 10 £44.95 / £51.94 delivered @ IJT Direct. Refurb A1 Cond 3-Months Warranty
Found 23rd Jan 2016Found 23rd Jan 2016
This seems like a bargain to me! I have ordered 2 for my kids to just do general surfing, etc. Comes with Windows 7 but of course also gets a free upgrade to Windows 10. Only 1GB o… Read more
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They arrived today. I am VERY happy with them and my kids will love them. They have a 250GB hard drive and one had a stylus so better then advertised as well. For under £50 (if you order two) - they are a steal :)


OP ignore all these so called experts and hear sayers. To many techo-snobs these days. I have in front of me an Acer Aspire One netbook, with a single core, single thread 1.7ghz CPU manufacture date 2010\05\22. I upgraded the ram to 4gb for £5 and a cheapo SSD installed another £15, both sourced from fleabay. Now upgraded to Windows 10. It boots to Windows 10 in under 12 seconds (from cold, not sleep), and runs all the simple apps, browsing, media, emails fine. It struggles with more than a few multiple tasks, but with the SSD, just close them and re-open them, its nearly instant. It will never set the world on fire, but it is a perfectly usable machine. Regards Flea


Have some heat :-) thanks for sharing


​You are looking at the price in dollars - we use pounds here! ;)


1024 x 600? http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/laptops/48347/pc-nextday-zoostorm-fizzbook-spin-revi

Seiki 39" 4K Ultra HD 2160p LED Freeview TV £249.95 from igtdirect.co.uk
Found 1st Dec 2015Found 1st Dec 2015
Christmas price reduction for one day only. Use promo code 4KSAL to get £50 off £299.95. Specs in pic.

I bought one for £190 on black Friday to use as a 4K monitor @30Hz on my desktop PC but I have been very disappointed. I'm not a gamer so expected it to be quite usable at 30 FPS, but there's a very noticeable display lag which I perceive to be a multi-frame lag. I can only presume this is caused by inter-frame 'optimisation' that results in multiple frames being buffered before display. I'd estimate that mouse movements are lagging by about 1/6th of a second which results in constant overshooting and difficulty hitting the mouse target. I subsequently plugged it in to my HD YouView STB and it looks great, the the 4K-ness of it is obviously irrelevant in this mode. Sadly I can't recommend this TV, unless you just want to watch Netflix/YouTube 4K videos, regardless of the price.


This TV is awful. Avoid at all costs.


This retailer scores 2.8 - bad at trustpilot + website looks rather dodgy Cheaper at ebuyer anyway...


It looks like the same as this one (same model number) http://www.ebuyer.com/714702-seiki-se39ua01uk-39-led-4k-tv-se39ua01uk

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binatone's the brick : state of the art mobile phone - £19.95 @ IJT Direct
Found 28th Nov 2015Found 28th Nov 2015
that's retro state-of-the-art. arouse admiring glances when passers-by see you functioning at this high tech level.



If your considering one of these do check out the Special Edition THE BRICK GIFTBOX POWER EDITION which comes with stand and a whopping XXL big battery which has a standby time of 3 months, normally sold around the same price point by a reputable seller on the bay


cheaper on ebay


All networks, dunno about 3 , use it as a home phone, mega battery like.


nice find OP, does this work on all networks?

Refurb 64GB Blackberry Playbook for £24.94 delivered @ IJT Direct
Found 17th Nov 2015Found 17th Nov 2015
Use code BLACK99 to get it at this price I appreciate it's old tech, but might make a good wee media player for someone?
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I actually dropped one of these into a scottish loch and it came back to life. I take a few on road trips, great camera, decent GPS & off.online mapping & lots of room for movies & audio books. Let the haters hate.


get on www.crackberry.com for tips and guides for anything you might want to do with this great tablet.


Arrived and in perfect condition. One very light surface mark on screen but very happy with quality for the money perfect media's player for the car for the boy.


I bought one for about the same amount it was the biggest piece of crap and explains why BB is in the toilet now. It's only good for watching videos on. Even if they were free I'd say no it's cold from me.


Yes -ish - best to use Kalemsoft app (£3.50) which down-converts AC3 audio. I copy files onto the playbook via wifi from my NAS but if you load ES File manager (a bit of a faf to load as it is an android app) it reads from remote NAS if given the IP.

Bargain Desktop PC - Intel Core i3 3.3GHz 4GB RAM 320GB HDD DVD Windows 7 + Free Upgrade to Windows 10 £78.94 @ IJT Direct
Found 5th Nov 2015Found 5th Nov 2015
I think this is a very good deal and a bargain price for a Core i3 PC. The processor is a Core i3-2120 which is a few years old but performs well. Note that these are refurb (ex-ed… Read more
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mATX is 244x244mm so that does sound like it's a regular mATX board. Even the really budget 1155 ones are rather hard to find now. Seems there's quite a lot of ebay options in the same region. Most people are still on sandy/ivy bridge i3/5/7 processors as there's not really been much reason to upgrade the last couple of generations. Grab something like this then wait until folks slowly move up to Skylake/Kaby Lake and sell old kit. A sandybridge i5 will still keep within 1/2% of a haswell based chip once they're both overclocked (obviously not something a "regular" user does). i7 sandy/ivy bridge chips can be had for the region of £120.


OK - I know this is gone now - but I am posting anyway - just in case more stock comes in. I ordered one yesterday/came today - which was very good service + communication of delivery was excellent. It was a spur of the moment purchase - as I have a few pc's running this chip - and I like the performance they give. Plus, thought it would make a good media player pc. Bads - dent in case, the part of the case that comes off when you open it up. May try to straighten it out. For me, this is no biggie. So far that is the only downside. Goods - build is very good, very robust. Access is very well designed Techie bits M/board (small board, not sure what the correct name for size is - 24x24cm) says - Intel desk top board, class b, canada, ices 00 4 x sata (2 used - 1 for hard drive (said around 300GB avail in explorer iirc), 1 for dvd (super writemaster, speedplus) 4 slots (1xpcix16, 1xpci, 1 small black slot and 1 even smaller black slot) ALL CARDS WOULD NEED TO BE HALF HEIGHT SPECIAL CARDS came with 2 sticks of 2gb ram (1600 I think) - leaving 2 free slots windows 7 home prem pre-installed (booted and not "rubbish" software pre-installed as far as I could tell) sticker on side with product key chip: is what they said - checked in Control Panel noise? cpu fan totally quiet, psu fan bit of noise (not much), I am hoping when I put it all back together it will be quiet. Think that is it. I am currently adding SSD (easily has space for it without moving/losing anything) + 4more GB of RAM. Oh, and LAN driver's are here, you'll need these if doing a fresh install... https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/23794/LAN-Intel-Gigabit-Ethernet-Controller-driver-for-Windows-8-


Thanks, os isnt an issue. I'd imagine anyone wanting to keep the current case cooling may be an issue since people will be using to run 1080p movies, mid low level games etc? Basically a lot more intensive than what kids would use at school. Although in/out air is controlled better than a normal case. Personally swap to a mid size case, apply new paste to cpu and purchase aa cheap £15 third party CPU cooler


Slightly, very slightly - slower CPU. Still not terrible what you've found, given most of us inclined to these types of deal never pay for an OS anyway.


Havent checked if it's the same PC but they have Vista not Windows 7 so no free upgrade to Windows 10

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Blackberry Playbook 64gb Referb Grade A1  £44.99 @ IJT Direct
Found 7th Jun 2015Found 7th Jun 2015
These are great for surfing the net and as a media player. The internal speaker is really loud

Got one great for movies


I only want to buy 14 so no good for me


As I said it was okay for a 64g media storage device @ £44.99 but not at £54.99. I've asked for it to be expired due to the price but its still on here


2 years ago this would have been a good deal. Nowadays this has been overtaken by loads of other tablets. As said above, a refurb hudl would be a better idea for a usable tablet.


I voted hot because accidents happen :) Plus it's a great price if you want 15+ :D

Archos 8" Tablet  £29.95 + £5.99 delivery @ IJT Direct
Found 7th Jun 2015Found 7th Jun 2015
likely unusable as a tablet but good as a media player Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Refurbished / Grade A1 / 3 Month Warranty. It does come with HDMI output and Bluetooth too.


I bought 3 cobalt 80 from the tesco deal - one smashed , others going OK. Got to like the 4/3 screen for browsing text pages.


Sadly Archos is now a name stuck on Chinese tat, I too have an unusable Cobalt 80.


I would never buy another Archos product my previous tablet the Cobalt went back 3 times due to various faults and the build quality is dreadful, some internal components where held together with tape. Not for me.

Samsung 7" Galaxy Tab 3 Referb £69.99 + £6.98 delivery @ IJT Direct
Found 7th Jun 2015Found 7th Jun 2015
I know you're paying for the brand but its a good price for a tab 3. Available in black or white Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

heat :)


Refurbs have been selling for £50-£60 recently.. & new for £69 both with 12 month warranty so can't see this as a deal sorry


Thats not my experience. I'm using one right now and its been solid and reliable for over 18 months, I use it daily. You must have got a duff one, or you dropped it ;)


Only 8Gb of storage too in 7inch. Have the 'Kids' version and firmware doesn't allow moving of apps to SD card which becomes annoying when some games are over a gig...


dont bother wife had one about a year ago .....forever needing to reboot etc , sold in the end total waste of money I would never recommend

Archos 80 G9 8" tablet, 16GB, HDMI out - £30 + £5 postage @ ijtdirect
Found 26th May 2015Found 26th May 2015
Basic tablet, but could make a decent multimedia player. Exact Specs http://p4tre.emv3.com/HM?b=2fMLzXVCvt4RfquFtveGOXZy102qf-zgKolhDpS3Kg1ml8YAFJPtWGyrco8RO9Oz&c=NYHMLxfy0Fnk… Read more
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there's 2 of these floating round our house. they are utter pants! not even good enough to give the nipper to mess with. don't waste your time


Morgan MAINLY sell Refurbished 'stuffs', if i'm not mistaken? .. & i'm assuming that this 1 is Brand New? ('figuratively' speaking?, lol). But I could be wrong .....


Something this big is inevitably going to be exposed to uneven pressure at some point in its lifespan Indeed. Something this big is inevitably going to be exposed to uneven pressure at some point in its lifespan, so should be designed to handle mild flexing. Aside from the delicate nature of the device it performed perfectly well for everything I used it for.


Not a member of Facebook. Never will be. So you're correct. Its not an iphone, there not designed to bend... :D But its good we see eye to eye on not recommending this tablet for this price, albeit for different reasons. Regards Flea


I had the 10" version and have for the last year thought, how the #@!? did my screen crack. Had it in an anchor hard case inside padded laptop bag for a 2 hour journey in the car. took it out on arrival and screen cracked. Never knew it was more of an issue than just myself.

iPad 1 16Gb WiFi Black £99 + £6.99 delivery @ ijtdirect
Found 12th Mar 2015Found 12th Mar 2015
IPad 1st generation 16gb WiFi model, refurbished. Nothing simpler than that. Great deal!!! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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keep this for another 10 years and will be worth 1000 pounds


iPad 1 is pretty much useless now. Use the money for a half decent android tablet which will be MUCH better value for money.


If you want to check emails and just surf the web ....the it should work ok..?


Ancient and pointless. For extreme fanbois only.


it's almost scandalous how many apps won't work on this. as an owner of one it makes an expensive table mat!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 £156.94 delivered @ IJT Direct (Refurb / Grade A)
Found 9th May 2014Found 9th May 2014
Galaxy Tab 3 Features The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is packed with features designed to give you a chance to relax and connect with family, to keep you entertained, and to offer new co… Read more

Well dumb ass me ordered the wrong one lawl.


We both said to buy the note 10.1 not the tab. We said to buy the one from your link.


ordered i couldn't help myself. thanks cooper and peegy


There were none in stock for me, but I successfully got John Lewis to pricematch. Ordered in the past 5 minutes (took about 3 hours for customer service to come back confirming they had accepted my pricematch). Gopes


the 10.1 is miles better buddy :) dont get a tab

Apple iPad 1 64GB Wifi 3G - Black £159.95 + £6.99(delivery) ( Refurbished / Grade A2 | Warranty: 3 Months) = £166.94 @ IJT
Found 7th May 2014Found 7th May 2014
OK, its a 1st Gen, but its a top spec and a low price. It's a bit of a brick compared to current models and it will be missing some functionality and possibly ios updates, but may… Read more

A Betamax VCR was undoubtedly top spec in its day but I wouldn't buy one now!


Top spec for its generation, correct me if I'm wrong Don't know why I bother posting deals. Thought it would be helpful to someone. Hey ho!


lol top spec


far too expensive for something this old and unsupported for updates, be better off buying an ipad 2 second hand for about this price, or an ipad mini


Bad buy no updates and newer apps don't work

Refurbished: HP Slate 7" 2800 Tablet - 1GB 8GB Android 4.1 With Beats Audio £67.95 + £3.99 @ ijtdirect
Found 8th Apr 2014Found 8th Apr 2014
Seems a good price if you are after one at the moment. Think they have gone cheaper before but worth considering if you are in the market for some other supplies. System features… Read more

just a word of advice....I work on the returns desk of a shop that sells these. Loads have come back with charging faults, so be careful with it if you take the plunge


Sent abusive email to IJT as their flyer states: Yeah the Amazon one is NEW. Perhaps I should sell them my refurbished mondeo. Only 180K miles and 14 years old but half price of a new one mate.


Got one from argos around £65 had a few scratches on the cover. Could probably pick one up cheaper now.


Yeah just seen that too. Cold from me :-/


Condition: Refurbished / Grade A1 | Warranty: 6 Months

3.2ghz computer +17" monitor +keyboard and mouse £96.94 @ IJT Direct
Found 6th Feb 2014Found 6th Feb 2014
IBM Lenovo Thinkcentre S51 8171 P4 3.2Ghz 1Gb 40GB Win 7 Home with CDROM + 17" LCD + keyboard + Mouse £89.95 + £6.99 = £96.94 I know this wont be your ultimate gaming system and i… Read more
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Oh and if you are eligible for a discount you can get similar desktop version one for £100 or a laptop for £149 from here: http://www.getonlineathome.org/ both come with a with a 12 month guarantee. Are you entitled to the cheaper price? You must be a registered UK charity or receive at least one of the following benefits to qualify for the cheaper price. Housing Benefit Income Support Jobseeker's allowance Pension credit Disability Living Allowance Attendance Allowance / Constant Attendance Allowance Carer’s Allowance Incapacity Benefit / Employment and Support Allowance Disability element of Working Tax Credit


SSC Trade, that was the place I was trying to remember to look at other options. Couldn't remember it for the life of me. :)


At the cost of the 3times higher electric bills. ;) While I see a lot of people have bemoaned the deal I will at least provide some viable and similar priced alternatives elsewhere. Before anyone has a go, I too feel it's awful value as a deal, I recently had to just scrap a p4 computer of similar spec because even the Rag and Bone man ignored it when it was at the end of the drive metal casing and all. For the same basic price you can have a C2D processor with 14inch screen laptop generally offering better specs. http://www.rectech.co.uk/5,395,laptops.laptops_under_100.lenovo_t61_laptop_2.0ghz_80gb_1gb_ws.html £40 more gets you a T400 which is the next generation of the above machine with w7. http://www.scctrade.co.uk/prod/lenovo-thinkpad-t400-6475-core-2-duo-226ghz-1gb-80gb-grade-b-student-bundle/ That's all without trying for anything else at the same price bracket and just from the Links I keep a regular eye on.


I thought it was worth it just for the 17" monitor


Blimey and there was me thinking if it was even worth putting my C2D E4500 based machine on Ebay. Looks like it is LOL

Archos 101 G9 10.1" Screen 1080P HD Playback Dual Core 1.2GHz 250GB 3G Ready Tablet PC £89.95 + £6.99 delivery = £96.94 Refurbished, Grade A @ IJT Direct
Found 12th Jan 2014Found 12th Jan 2014
First deal so go easy. Thought this was a cracking deal for a 250gb hard drive tablet. Also comes with a built in kickstand for watching TV or movies. Refurbished Grade A. This i… Read more
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got one of these from another source last week and right now i am in the process of returning it so i would not recommend one of these to anyone. Screen constantly needs calibrating & many random freezes, plus it has a weird mesh in the screen that is visible from lots of angles.


Someone might expect it to have a 1080p screen.


Well the description could be written better, but it does say "1080P HD Playback". I'm not sure what's misleading specifically about having it in the description though.


Its misleading to use it in its description.


I read so many comments about Archos tablets.The vast majority are very negative.

Kingston SSD 60GB £59.95 120GB £99.95 240GB £189.95 + £3.99 Delivery @ ijtdirect
Found 5th Jan 2014Found 5th Jan 2014
Brand new SSD + 3 year Warranty
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Has the OP been in a coma for the last couple of years?


Freezing :p


This is quite a poor price, can get cheaper on Amazon.


remember its the V+200, but even so Amazon have the 120GB for 85 quid delivered.


What sort of offer is this? nearly £200 for the 240gb!

(As new open box) RBINATONE KIDZSTAR 7" CHILDRENS TABLET PC 4GB ULTIMATE ANDROID 4 1GHz WiFi 7 INCH - 29.95 (+ 3.99 Del) get 2nd HALF PRICE (by phone see flyer in first post)
Found 3rd Jan 2014Found 3rd Jan 2014
No idea how rubbish this is - but for a possible cheap kids tablet it might do the job Note: web page states: Condition: As New Open Boxed Warranty: 6 Months - the flyer has no me… Read more

You can download the amazon app store so talking tom etc is available and without rooting you can move apps to the SD card. I have one not great but OK for younger kids. The problem isn't storage space but poor processor and ram.


Without rooting, flashing or generally modifying and invalidated your warranty, any extra storage can only her used for storing media (music, videos etc) and not apps.


We have childpads and they are excellent! They are 4gb too and are fine for our 7 year olds. We have extended the memory by putting films on a micro sd card. My son left his on the floor and it got stood on (aaargh!) but I was happy (if you know what I mean!) to buy another as these are more of a real tablet than some of the kids ones. It costs a lot more though but I think it is great for the price. This seams like a good price for this so Hot!


I'm going to expire this deal, don't want anyone to buy something that seems really useless and seems to be faulty like not charging - even at that price


Review from Amazon: Bought this for my four year old son for xmas after reading all the great reviews. It took ages to set up and is no where near as good as an ordinary tablet. The apps included are poor at best and then it doesn't always load them. It's unresponsive and is not supported by Google play. It wont let me download apps that my son is actually interested in like cbeebies and talking tom etc. I went to take this back today to Argos for a refund and they wouldn't give me one because its not faulty! So basically I'm stuck with something that is worse than useless. Do yourself a favour and don't buy this!!!

Nexus 7 - 32gb £116.95 with code @ IJT (Refurb)
Found 11th Dec 2013Found 11th Dec 2013
The Nexus 7 32 refurb is £116.95 at IJT Direct. To get it at this price enter the promo code NEXUS32
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Thanks. Maybe I was looking at the 10" version. £200 would be tempting.


Na. Recent deal on here, 2013 model 32gb for £205 and it's £239.99 delivered from Google play. The new model improves most aspects but the 2012 model already has KitKat android and remains a very good tablet that's better than the majority of 7" 'ers. The only downside, common to all nexus products, is the absence of a microsd card expansion slot. The 'on the go' USB stick cable set up works well but it's still a bit of a ball ache.


The latest ones are £300+


I guess this the 2012 model


Sorry I meant if you wanted the 16Gb you can get it for £99, this deal is about the 32Gb so either or not both :)