Ikea 5-piece toy cookware set £6 (was £8)

Ikea 5-piece toy cookware set £6 (was £8)

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This might sound strange; but I use these with my Firebox stove while solo camping. A great way of getting children interested in cooking. They love using their own pans to make a meal alongside Nanny. Also 5-piece toy kitchen utensil set DUKTIG Multicolour £2.49


Presumably they're used as toys and not actually put on your stove....

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No, I use them to cook while camping.

Got the pans and utensils - make great drums!!

They are actually great for camping.
I can't eat much at once and while camping these things are an extreme win.

And even if not for just you, it let's the kids help you cook without handling excessive amounts of hot liquids/items etc.
Sure if they screw up they're going to get burnt. But volume REALLY matters, if they're going to learn a harsh lesson about hot liquids it's betting with 100ml than 1000ml tbh.
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My son (2 year old) loves these! thanks OP

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My son (2 year old) loves these! thanks OP

You're more than welcome
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