iKEA BUNK BED - £120

iKEA BUNK BED - £120

Found 14th Jan 2014
Looking for some bunk beds and found this in my local ikea (Giltbrook Nottm) down from 210 to 120 instore.

It was marked up at 120 on display so good chance it may be nationwide.

The one on display looked nice and sturdy, also can be used as 2 singles.
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Seems like a good price, have some heat
£210 online
i wanted this, but was 210 in ashton (manchester)
i got this for my sisters kids. it makes a lot of noise
defo 120 in Nottm. ive just carried one down my drive on my own.
Our two boys shared one of these bunk bed for about 7 years. We moved house and it's now become their single beds. It was a bit noisy (creaky) as a bunk but this stops once they are split into beds. Its probably saved us a load of money in the long run. Worth getting, even at £210 IMO.
All ikea stores have individual offers...check their website and go to each individual store and click special offers.
Here's a heads up on how Ikea reductions work for 'full serve' items. If you see a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom item in store with vastly reduced price tag go and find a staff member and ask them to check the stock in warehouse for the item, Very often the one on display will be the last one in stock and if you ask they will sell it to you, howver because it's the display model it is further discounted (usually by 46%) when it reaches 'bargain basement' (when someone flags it as last remaining display item). So if you ask to buy it a staff member will 'full serve' you the display model and arrange for it to be taken to 'bargain basement' for you to collect, at that point the final reductions will be applied. I bought 8 kitchen units (freestanding) that should have been nearly £400 for £76 two weeks ago.

Note: this only applies to items on display that your particular store don't have stocks of in their warehouse.
There will be so much more room for activities....
Some good deals at Argos as well

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this is £170 in glasgow ikea reduced to clear in store. only 1 left!
any recommendations for mattresses?

defo 120 in Nottm. ive just carried one down my drive on my own.

how many was there at ikea nottm please? wondering if worth a trip, thanks
full palet, you can check stock online.
2 available today, 6 as of 2morrow.

was still this price tonight as i went back to get some mattresses, and had a look.
Fab how much mattresses any bargains lol thanku
60 quid upwards.
Great price! We have the idea kura bunks in the kids room and it takes some abuse lol definitely a well made product so I'm sure this is too!
I bought this on Wednesday at Lakeside Ikea for £100! And there were 2 on display as well as the flat packed stock downstairs where you load your trolley.
Did anyone check in Wembley and Milton Keynes?

and is this still a ongoing offer till today?
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