Ikea, Corner Sofa Bed (double) Faux Leather - FRIHETEN, £450

Ikea, Corner Sofa Bed (double) Faux Leather - FRIHETEN, £450

Found 13th Oct 2015
I've been looking into this for a while now, cannot find anything cheaper/better value for money vs versatility.

Looking at the instructions it should be able to fit in an estate?

Think its pretty good deal however -
I don't have high hope for this going hot but if anyone else has better alternative it would be great help.
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wish I was still working for them then I would of staff discount of 15%
I have one of these. Nice sofa but makes a pretty small and uncomfortable bed.
We only just fit it in our 7 seater with no passenger. Hope will fit in yours.
good luck fitting this into an estate. its 3 huge packages
Have you checked ebay they have better designs depending what style you're into. That just looks like something you'd stick in the garden and pay £199 for!

Prefer this
Also tacky but have much more choice on eBay lol
These are great, I have the grey fabric one which is £50 cheaper. Still as good as new after a year of daily use and perfect as a corner sofa/guest bed/storage in my tiny flat.
I had to do two trips in a small van (one of which with one of the packages sticking out the side door) to get mine home so I doubt it'd fit in an estate though.
Any other good sofa deals

Any other good sofa deals

Homebase has 20% off furniture over £150 until 22/12. I was looking at the Hygena Seattle corner sofa bed for £400 plus you can get 1.5% Quidco cashback and 800 Nectar points.
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