Ikea Edinburgh 10th Birthday Offers - £10 or 10p

Ikea Edinburgh 10th Birthday Offers - £10 or 10p

Found 30th Oct 2009Made hot 30th Oct 2009
From Monday 2nd to Friday 6th of November Ikea Edinburgh are running various special offers. You need to download the voucher from the website and then visit the store on the appropriate day to bag the bargin.
Items are £10 or 10p with the voucher.

Visit the link for full details and the vouchers.

TINGVOLL bedframe: £10
DITO MIX cutlery: 10p
INGO dining table: £10
KORALL FISK storage basket: 10p
ASPUDDEN mirror cabinet: £10
ABSORB leathercare set: 10p

BILLY J?ER bookcase: £10
BILLY J?ER glass door: £10
KOTTE decorative bauble: 10p
SALONG vase: 10p
MANDAL mirror: 10p
OFELIA STEN quilt & 4 pillows: £10

IKEA STOCKHOLM table lamp: £10
GILBERT chair pad: 10p
pair of FANBY champagne glasses: 10p
BENNO DVD tower: £10
AGNE stool : 10p
FABLER boxes: 10p

BILLY J?ER bookcase: £10
BILLY J?ER glass door: £10
OFELIA S? cushion cover: 10p
SVALA childs table & 2 chairs: £10
SM?T table lamp: 10p
KALLT 3 cone light chain: 10p

ODDA bedside table: £10
OFELIA 2 pack cushion cover: 10p
SP?A night light : 10p
BONSTA floor uplighter: 10p
ANEBODA 3 drawer chest: £10
RIBBA frame: 10p


hot from me. Sending mum a few days nxt week

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updated the top post with a list of all the offers

how much do I wish I lived next door!

blimey some of those are good offers! Depends how many they make available though I guess. Good luck to anyone able to go!

Great find. thanks!

shame its only in Edinburgh

suppose it's alright if you are not bothered about anything matching!

Thanks OP, the missus will be all over this i reckon

Did anyone go for the first day? what was it like?

I went and got the cutlery set (twice). It was very quiet. There are no poster advertising the event. The staff had no idea on opening what things were on offer. Absolute bargain getting £30+ of cutlery for 20 pence. Person before me got the bed, cutlery, table, leather cleaner.

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just went today, again no fanfare in the shop

got the baubbles and the vase, loads left!

Baubbles £12.99
Salong Vase £7.59
Subtotal £20.58
Total £0.20!

Thanks very much for the feedback. Might be making a trip there on Friday and good to know there's a good chance the offers will still be there

[COLOR=Olive]Make sure you get there early and don't forget to print out the vouchers! We were there at 10.30am today and to my knowledge only the glasses were left. We wanted 6 pairs but they only let us have 3 pairs.[/COLOR]

It was crazy today, quite big queues waiting to get in at 10am, everybody off for the same items. Got what I was after but glad this is finishing tomorrow.

What started quietly on Monday with very few including staff knowing it was even on ended today with chaos. Apparently quueing from 6am until 10am opening, (for a saving of £30 on a chest of drawers!). Turned up at 5 minutes to 10 to see large queues which then started running on the doors opening. Frantic sitting on boxes to stop others taking them while partners ran for trolleys. I turned and left. Not a pleasant sight at all.

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glad I didn't bother today, sound like the usual Ikea sale chaos!
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