IKEA Family Offers Instore - Black Hard Case Small Bag (like a Mini-Baby Bjorn changing bag) for £7.

IKEA Family Offers Instore - Black Hard Case Small Bag (like a Mini-Baby Bjorn changing bag) for £7.

Found 7th Mar 2007
Sorry if a message has already been posted about the new IKEA Family Reward card but I knew absolutely nothing about it until I went instore (Lakeside branch) this lunchtime and saw posters and offers here there and everywhere.

I have signed up immediately for the reward card and managed to get a terrific hard case bag which is absolutely perfect for my baby changing bits (fits 3-4 big nappies/small folding changing mat, big pack of wipes, 2 bottles and couple of wee snacks).

The bag goes by the roll off the tongue easy title 'Upptacka Handbag'. With the Family card it was reduced from £9.99 to £7.49.

There were also a load of hard case black briefcases that would be perfect for laptops - v stylish too in my opinion. With the discount these were coming in at £32 - not sure if that's a good deal for a hard case laptop carrier, but thought that I would add.

Finally, as far as I can see, there are no fees involved with joining the Family Scheme and you also get a free tea and coffee in the restaurant on weekdays as a bonus.

Well worth a look in-store if you have a local branch.

Sorry for not being in a position to post a link to the original item referred, although it's not currently featured on the website.

Hope that this is of interest.
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We use our Ikea Family card all the time. You can sign up for a card online ]here.
I had never even heard of this, and to be honest i don't go very often to Ikea, but this may just make me visit more. Heat and rep given.:thumbsup:
We often call in for a quick meal at the Ikea @ junction 9 off the M6. My O/H loves the meat balls and the drinks are free with an Ikea Family card.

If you are in a hurry don't go near the market hall. We usually can't resist and on our latest visit bought some Easter presents.:)
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