IKEA gingerbread house £2.45 on sale now

IKEA gingerbread house £2.45 on sale now

Found 19th Oct 2013
A great xmas kit to make with the kids on sale now till 23 December - but it will never last that long so get a couple of replacements
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Just remember u don't get any icing...it's just the walls and roof
True, and the gingerbread is pretty thin, but still much better value than most shop gingerbread house kits. The hardest thing is getting it to stand upright. Icing or melted chocolate isn't up to the job, so I recommend putting a slightly melted snack size twix in each corner. Do one corner at at time. My kids love making a gingerbread house but you can easy spend ££££ on the decoration. Home Bargains usually do a 390g bar of Galaxy for about £2.20 and small marshmallows for 80p.

We bought 2 of the Ikea kits so we can make a Halloween gingerbread house this year too.
Royal icing does the job for glueing together. Last year I drew a house template on grease proof paper and just cut homemade gingerbread to size. Even more satisfying although it was a tad wonky!!
These'll stick together with some apoxy resin, no problems......;o)
"I recommend putting a slightly melted snack size twix in each corner. "

What a brilliant idea! The first time I bought these I followed the instructions and tried to make the sugar glue - OMG what a disaster! I used icing last year and my daughter and I got quite competitive (she won lol) with the decorating. I think a trip to Ikea may be in order.....
Asda had the 390g bars of Galaxy for £2 yesterday. I have used really thick icing in the past but the Twix in the corner works better. We always make a choc house - if you are going for the classier icing covered house you prob don't want Twix stuck inside.
We tried building two of these last year, utter nightmare!!

They both fell down before Xmas day.
sugar syrup - dip in ends - put together - hold for a min - welded solid

best done by yourself then decorate with the kids
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