Ikea Induction Hob £249 down from £449

Ikea Induction Hob £249 down from £449

Found 4th Jun 2010
Nutid Induction hob has been reduced from £449 to £249 in celebration of World Environment Day on the 5th June. No idea how long this price will run for, but frankly its amazing. All Ikea appliances also come with a 5 year warranty as standard.

Note that the price is listed as £249 on the attached link, but then £299 on the site and instore. Mention the £249 (take a print-out or ring) and they do appear to honour it!

Induction hobs are electric hob that uses a magnetic field to induce the heat in the pan, rather than generating heat to pass over to the pan. Note that the pans you use must be magnetic, this can be tested using a fridge magnet. In use the top remains cool, only warming up because a hot pan has been on it. Touch sensitive controls, black glass top, so very easy to keep clean. Will require a wired in connection to a cooker point (these things suck up power, but are very efficient compared to other electric hobs).

I believe delivery will be £7, however the item can be collected instore.
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Ah ok just found the link to the advert page with the discounted units and this one (Nutid HIN4T) says that it is £249 on the advert, but goes to £299 in the basket whcih is what it was last week when I was looking at the same unit so whether the offer was on then, I dont know.
Ah yes, says £299 in the email I received from them, click the link to the deal page and its £249, click the link from there and its £299 again on the main site. £249 would be a steal - perhaps worth a phone call to customer services or a print out of the offer page if going to a store?
Ahhhh nuts! I just checked and virtually every one of my pots and pans are aluminum base. These are all high end cookware and I can't just chuck them.
Stick a magnet on to check them. Some alumnium pans still have a magnetic base. My le creuset set work with induction as does another pan which I swear is too light to be steel based, but it was magnetic!
Xfield, I dont know whether you want to change your deal, but the price is £249. And delivery is £7.
Its ONLY the base that matters.

Some stainless works, some doesn't.
Some aluminium pans have a steel disc in the base for just this reason.

Cast Iron (le Creuset) should be fine -- but don't drag them over the glass, especially (but not only) those with no enamel on the base!

Some pans that do actually work but aren't touted as "suitable for induction" may make a very high pitched noise :whistling: more audible to cats and kids than grown ups ...
Shouldn't happen with a pan labelled as suitable.

Induction is fabulous.

You can use non-induction pans by putting them on an iron disc over the 'ring'. But it kinda defeats the responsive energy-efficient glory of induction ...
We have just picked one of these up. It seems it should be £299 but they will honour the £249, they certainly did for us.
Every time we have an issue with an Ikea item it quickly becomes an non-issue, customer service how it should be.
I've modified the first post given a couple of you have managed to get this for £249 - now that is a steal! :thumbsup:
Bad news - the website has now been amended no longer being honoured for online orders. Possibly more luck with a printout taken to store?
Blimey, Glad I ordered mine yesterday at £249.
To all those who purchased one of these hobs, what is your opinion of them? Are they any good and would you recommend buying one? 299 for an induction hob is great value, but only if it is any good!

Thanks - Dean
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