IKEA PS LÖMSK Swivel armchair, Family member offer £35, normally £45.

IKEA PS LÖMSK Swivel armchair, Family member offer £35, normally £45.

Found 12th Aug 2014
Just pick up a PS LÖMSK swivel armchair in orange (they also had blue) for my daughter. She saw it instore and got a bit attached to it, so i bought it for her as an extra for her birthday.
Luckily it was on offer for family members. Normal price £45, Family price £35. Few other offers too, link takes you to the Leeds store family page.

Web product discription say's...

Key features

With the hood pulled down the armchair is a secret hiding-place for the child.The fabric lets light in so it's never completely dark under the hood.Spinning round helps the brain to sort sensory impressions.Add a cushion or pad for more comfort.

Sorry if duplicated, dobt think it is as i couldn't see it posted but sorry if i'm mistaken.
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Just read post & my spelling is terrible. Apologies, i'm really tired.
I really like this but I think £45 is alt of money for it. Obviously £35 is more realistic just wish I had an ikea nearer to me.
Plus it's clearly not an arm chair
If anyone near Stirling. I'm selling my sons red one, he's never used it. £20, x
Great price tho brand new heat added x
i live in Peterborough no ikea here just the bloody distribution centre
if anyone got a blue one for sale let me know too
NOT an armchair, has no arms. Cold
It looks like a big orange head with no face.
Marlyn_clair would u post To glasgow?
Is this really small or big enough for a teen?
No its defo not big enough for teenagers imo.

They only give product dimentions, but no age or weight limit as far as i can see.
Assembled size
Depth: 62 cm 
Seat height: 17 cm 
Height: 75 cm 
Width: 59 cm 

Is this really small or big enough for a teen?

I saw them when I visited Ikea Leeds last weekend, and in my opinion, probably not an option for teenagers. At 75cm height, these are about as tall as an office desk maybe.

But Ikea is having lots of £10 off deals for Ikea Family members for various items. So make sure you sign up before you visit, its free and you can even print out a temporary card to use in store.
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Marlyn_clair would u post To glasgow?

Would meet u half way if that suits you kris x
Just been to ikea in Ashton and this is NOT on offer price is £45
I thought this was a orange (fruit) balaclava/hat, I was wrong.
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I have an old one of these in green and white and its perfect for my 6 year old to spin in!
also handy for hiding loads of teddys, it will fit bigger people, but not very comfortably...
Will Smith couldn't complete that questionnaire in Men in Black whilst sitting in this....worth bearing in mind...
Kind of looks like the seat on my toddlers pram. She loves trying to sit in it if I take it off and place it on the floor. Pretty tempted by this!
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