Ikea Sale Starts today
Ikea Sale Starts today

Ikea Sale Starts today

The ikea sale begins today, many items upto half price, I think its instore only.

My first deal so go easy on me.


thanks!!! was going to go tonight, but bet it will be rammed!!

thanks for sharing. let me go today and hunt for some bargains. cheerio.

do you know whether they are doing it on kitchens in leeds? its just that in from rotherham and i dont want to travel 30 miles to find they dont have a sale on kitchens! lol

Just give the branch a ring - they should be able to tell you on the phone.


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Nice wrapping paper at 50p a roll
Laundry Baskets £1.50
Mesh style note pad and holder 75p
Couple of budget sofas, dining tables, and kitchens at half price.
The more expensive items are still at full price

Gosh this sale was a joke. The Bristol store had hardly anything reduced and most of what they did have had already been reduced prior to the sale starting. Very disappointing, not worth the petrol in my opinion!!!
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