iKettle 3.0 WiFi at Amazon for £76.49

iKettle 3.0 WiFi at Amazon for £76.49

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Found 24th Nov 2017
iKettle 3.0 WiFi and works with Alexa. Seems like best WiFi kettle around if your after that sort of thing. Lowest price it's every been too as far as I am aware.
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Oh dear,
Alexa, could you just go into the kitchen and fill the kettle please?

Sorry, I'm useless for things like that.

Now figure out how to make an actual cup of tea and I'll buy it. I can wait the 30seconds it takes for boiling water otherwise.
My wife said waste of money. Now she loves it.
Smart home it's just the way things are going, smart bulbs are huge now but flicking a switch is quicker then boiling. Kettle, the fact that a kettle is going cold on this is kinda an oxymoron though 😁
That looks awesome. Didn't know these existed. Have looked at lots of temperature control kettles.

I was going to get a glass one with a tea maker, but this is interesting.

Exact temperature control on phone or via Alexa is actually useful, and saves worktop space compared to a base with temperature control buttons.

Good for "boiling" water for green tea I imagine.
Perfect ! Thank You, just ordered as I love the review that says you can set it up to come on when your phone gets home so thats great
Basically this is about saving time. So you have to justify that the time it takes, you can value £76.49 for the duration of the product (min 1 year). It would save me about a minute every day. 365 days a year costing me 20p a day. We use the kettle probably 4 times a day. So each use now coming to 5p. Definitely worth a try for our family!
Have got the original version of this, good bit of kit.
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