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IKOID Android gaming "Medieval Talisman" bundle £1.24 (4 games)
Found 1st Oct 2014Found 1st Oct 2014
Talisman Prologue: The prologue to the seminal Games Workshop's (creator of Warhammer) fantasy adventure board game. A fantastic quest in a world of magic and monsters! The story … Read more

Here you get the Android Version of the game, not the PC Version! The reviews for both version do not seem to be "pretty bad" more "rather good".


http://store.steampowered.com/app/258200/ seems talisman : prologue is pretty bad version of a great game, and that's all i would have bought the bundle for.

(Android) Bundle #18: "Rise and Retaliate!" £1.23 @ iKoid
Found 11th Sep 2014Found 11th Sep 2014
5 mobile games for your cell phone and tablet. Enjoy 83% off this Android game bundle including Babel Rising 3D, Emily the Strange, Rico, Race.a.bit, and Retaliate. Happy Android … Read more

doesnt seem too bad this one...last couple have been disappointing. worth noting there is an android humble bundle on just now also which looks very good.


Super Boost Rebirth Bundle (Android) £1.80 @ iKoid
Found 10th Jul 2014Found 10th Jul 2014
Simple Rockets Lemegeton Master Edition Hero of Many Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land Bridge Constructor Playground Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan

Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan added to the bundle.


Hot from me, looks like a decent little bundle for the money.


Voted hot. I like Mystery Game, the most versatile game I know. No game is like the other ;)


Obligatory downvote because it's a smartphone/tablet game. :p

Summer Breeze bundle £1.05 @ iKoid
Found 29th Jun 2014Found 29th Jun 2014
Android-only game bundle from ikoid. The highlight is the graphically impressive Real Boxing, though the other 3 games also look quite interesting: Real Boxing Assault Wave Platfo… Read more

It was a few days ago anyway https://www.hotukdeals.com/freebies/real-boxing-was-69p-now-free-apple-app-store-1939860 Graphics are decent, game play is ok, can be addictive but you easily get to a point where it's difficult progress without using In App Purchases. the app does push quite hard on the IAP though.


Where? It's 99p on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store.


Real Boxing also available free on App Store


It cost me £1.07 - what a con ;) Thanks OP - heat added :)

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Android Bundle 11 (The Final Frontier Bundle) - £1.18 - Ikoid
Found 1st May 2014Found 1st May 2014
Enjoy 83% off this Android game bundle including Critical Missions: Space, EnbornX, Space Station: Frontier, Cryptic Cosmos, and Alien Blitz. Happy Android gaming! - Critical Mis… Read more
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Bought on a whim, and..... Meh. All pretty crappy, though space station seems quite good.


Very good condition, seem new to me. Just watching the 1st episode now :)


Cool! :p Heat Added!


Have you watched them yet pal? Edit : More to the point, In what condition? Don't trust that Zoverstocks me (_;)


Thundercats arrived!

Android Bundle 10 (4 Games) 88p @ iKoid
Found 17th Apr 2014Found 17th Apr 2014
Legendary Wars - Google Play Rating: 4.1 out of 5 Pirates! Showdown Premium - Google Play Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Battles and Castles - Google Play Rating: 3.8 out of 5 Crystal … Read more

First time I have bought one of these so cheers buddy. 92p for me through PayPal. Heat added.

Android Bundle 9 £1.86 @ iKoid
Found 2nd Apr 2014Found 2nd Apr 2014
The Walking Dead: Assault Forever Lost: Episode 1 Dungeon Nightmares V for Vampire The Spookening

Price adjusted :)


charged me £1.86


thanks jay xx


Good bundle, heat!


Thanks for posting! love horror games :)

Android Bundle 8 £1.50 @ iKoid
Found 19th Mar 2014Found 19th Mar 2014
Pocket Rally Boson X FIST OF AWESOME Gentlemen! Expander

Fist of Awesome is inexplicably addictive :) Gentlemen is a good two player game, there aren't many such games around for Android afaik


Fist of AWESOME is AWESOME! Good little bundle

Devil's Attorney, Detective Grimoire and 3 more Android games £2.39 @ ikoid
Found 9th Mar 2014Found 9th Mar 2014
Been wanting to try Detective Grimoire since it came out in January, and found the Android version in this bundle by ikoid. The bundle also includes 4 other well-known Android game… Read more

I clicked the trailer for Detective Grimoire, and the main character is voiced by the guy who 'stars' in all those awful Godlimations flash games Retsupurae ripped on. i can never play this game.


Devil's Attorney Intro


Can vouch for devils attorney. Great fun little game.

Droid Jam bundle £0.89 @ ikoid
Found 16th Feb 2014Found 16th Feb 2014
Yet another Android game bundle by ikoid. This one's not going to appeal to the mainstream probably, but I bought it and can say that the games are polished and offer plenty of con… Read more

Nice! I bought this because Frederik and Chickens Can't Fly sound like a good way to waste time! Didn't really look into the others but, whatever they're like, the two games I mentioned look like they're more than worth the asking price. Frederik alone costs £1.20 from Google Play. I downloaded the ikoid app, so the games can be downloaded straight to my phone, but I also like the option to download the APKs to my PC too. That way it's just a single download, and I can then install them to however many devices I want. Heat added :)


At least 2 of these games look great! Well worth it.

ikoid android bundle - 4+ games with no in app purchases!
Found 31st Jan 2014Found 31st Jan 2014
I feel bad because I blasted the last deal in the comments and hadn't actually looked into it. I did buy it in the end, and I've bought this one, works out at £1.10 in my paypal ac… Read more

Bought it as well.The games are great for the price asked. I wish they finish the app soon though.


They seem to have released an Android app to manage the games you buy in the bundles. It's still in beta, but it's looking good. Also, Smashing Planets got unlocked. I agree with you, for me it's also about getting hand-picked games, not just the price. Browsing the Play store feels a bit overwhelming sometimes and there's too much of the freemium crap, as you say.

Android Gaming Bundle $1.99 @ Ikoid
Found 27th Jan 2014Found 27th Jan 2014
Android gaming bundled. Just found this website for Android games bundles. Seems like a bargain, so posting it here. The price posted should actually be in dollars, so even less … Read more

looks ok to me? but havent read the 7 or so pages of terms! Thing is, I dont really want any of those games, nor do they seem like any that should be worth $2 in this cut-throat world of apps, so cold from me. But I'd certainly jump in if I wanted anything Edit: actually looking at the youtube vids, a couple of them look pretty good. I might bite. Unfortunately I cant change my vote though! :( p.s. It's swiss. So, outside of the EU.


Looks rather dodgy to me. If you're thinking about buying, make sure you read their terms very carefully: https://ikoid.com/terms


So it's not a UK website then?

Dark Soul bundle £1.22 @ ikoid
Found 13th Jan 2014Found 13th Jan 2014
A bundle of 5 Android games. Apart from the Humble Bundle, I had not seen one like this before. Quite a good deal too (87% off wrt Google Play, according to the site). Games incl… Read more

Great thanks, been wanting to try the Cthullu game for a while


Heat added :D