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Samsung UE65RU7100KXXU 65-inch RU7100 HDR Smart 4K TV Wi-Fi Black £533.18 @ ILGS
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Posted 23rd Nov 2019Posted 23rd Nov 2019
Samsung UE65RU7100KXXU 65-inch RU7100 HDR Smart 4K TV Wi-Fi Black £533.18 @ ILGS
Cheapest I've seen online. Currys do 7020 for £600, which is similar, but this model is £660 in currys Samsung UE65RU7100KXXU 65-inch RU7100 HDR Smart 4K TV Wi-Fi Black Update: cu… Read more
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Haha, not asking much (:I


Phoned up 0344 561 0000. They can then deliver. You can also do it in store, but you have to print out the website, and bring it in, and depending on who serves you, depends on what their interpretation of the price promise is, depends on if they will give you it. I had mine delivered this afternoon though


is this the same tv as the samsung UE65RU7020? i am getting confused with all the models, will richersounds match with 6 years warranty?


How to get a price match from curry's? In store or on phone?


Thanks for the insight. If only it had local dimming

Apple iPhone XS 14.7 cm (5.8") 64 GB Dual SIM 4G Silver £694.84 @ ILGS
Posted 25th Sep 2019Posted 25th Sep 2019
Apple iPhone XS 14.7 cm (5.8") 64 GB Dual SIM 4G Silver £694.84 @ ILGS
Still looking for deals on an XS and found this... thought anyone who missed the last one might want a punt. Not sure whether this one will come off but I will try. Pay with paypal… Read more

11 all the way, no reason to pay more for last years tech. The display difference isn’t really noticeable at all, just tech folk love their spec sheets. However camera is objectively better, as is battery life and support period. Those are ‘real’ tangible benefits. Just my 2 cents.


wow the price has shot up on this!


I'm torn between the 2, i really cant decide.


I’m also in the “too big better value” camp. I’m giving up on Appliances Direct. Just replied to the cancellation email but not putting any hope in it. Let us know if you have any success. Curious to hear if there is any joy from Appliances Direct. Overall I’d rather pay £500 for an iPhone X at this point which I feel might be achievable soon (strong)


Yes, 2nd is an eSim though, don’t know if all carriers support this yet.

KFA (reference) 980TI with custom cooler £498.07 @
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Posted 10th Sep 2015Posted 10th Sep 2015
KFA (reference) 980TI with custom cooler £498.07 @
This shouldn't need much introduction. Currently one of the best graphics cards, still hovering around £500 but this is about the best deal at the moment. It MIGHT just be about th… Read more
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My previous card was a 970. It's actually not that exciting aside from the additional performance @ 1440p/2160p :p I'm using 50Hz on titles such as Phantom Pain and GTA V as it's very difficult to maintain 60fps at such high resolutions. I even resort to 1440p on Witcher 3 as you have to reduce too many settings @ 4K.


Not that I can afford to buy one. Was thinking this card must be amazing if my pallit 970 with arctic freeze cooler runs everything at max settings, without breaking a sweat. What crazy things must this be able to do! I dream a dream... Of having this card... So sad...


Also EVGA have good warranties. I have an MSI, but next GPU will be EVGA.


​I prefer EVGA as they don't mind you removing your cooling fans and heatsink for cleaning or to bolt on a water cooling block. All the other companies will void your warranty in a heart beat.


I meant in performance primarily, sorry. Is that picture the temps or the sound??

Samsung Ue55h6400 £652.25 Delivered @ ILGS
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Posted 8th Jan 2015Posted 8th Jan 2015
Samsung Ue55h6400 £652.25 Delivered @ ILGS
very cheap possible free delivery
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Sorry my fault please ignore that post


Oh dear

bargainHook ??? Price is cold sorry

27" 10 point touchscreen 1080p monitor - £123.08 @ ILGS
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Posted 24th Sep 2014Posted 24th Sep 2014
27" 10 point touchscreen 1080p monitor - £123.08 @ ILGS
I was looking for a new monitor and found the usual sorts of things online in the 200-300 range and then came across this - my partner bought one too and the clarity and crispness … Read more

Dear,   Thank you for registering for our free game promotion, we hope you are enjoying your new ViewSonic monitor!   We’ve checked your details and are pleased to confirm that you are entitled to a free PC game of your choice. Please note that you will receive your free PC game within 2 weeks. The game will be gifted through Steam to the email address you provided.   Best regards, The ViewSonic team


Both of us have received our screens now, both brand new... both good quality :) free delivery is next day delivery and they're well worth the money :)


Ooo.. Will give that a go as well.. Quality!


View sonic promo Look like you might get a free game


just got my tracking no. ,so on its way, subject to it arriving excellent service so far. also paid paypal surcharge and took free upto 7 day delivery option which is next day delivery so far.

Toshiba Excite Pure - £168.12 @ ILGS
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Posted 28th May 2014Posted 28th May 2014
Toshiba Excite Pure - £168.12 @ ILGS
Toshiba Excite Pure, Tegra 3, Jellybean 4.2, 1GB Ram. 1280x800. Further discount if liked on Facebook. Seems a decent price for a good all round 10.1 slate. Certainly no iPad Ai… Read more

I too grabbed an Excite Pro at 169.99 from Amazon, after patching to droid 4.3, I haven't had one issue with that tablet, I've just purchased the Pure as a 2nd slate for the kids. Amazon have the Pure for £171 if people prefer the big seller piece of mind. These are better than most of the trash £100 Android tablets on the market & thought I'd share the fiver saving, but it seems cold. Ah well.


in January and i was lucky to snap one of them up. yes it does run hot but it only means don't put it on your lap for long periods. or stick it on a stand.


Don't confuse this with the much better Toshiba Excite PRO..... AT10LE-A-108 which was offered by Amazon at a similar price a few months ago.The do look very similar.

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Crucial M500 240Gb mSATA SSD £90.09 delivered @ ILGS
94° Expired
Posted 6th Mar 2014Posted 6th Mar 2014
Crucial M500 240Gb mSATA SSD £90.09 delivered @ ILGS
REJOICE! ANOTHER SSD DEAL! Different merchant, cheaper than yesterday's hot (now expired) deal. Barginz. And again, 'This is not a standard SSD, it's a teeny tiny one, for ultrab… Read more

Need some techinial advise, I have a Fujitsu Lifebook S752, and thread below states (mentions E782 & E752 but believe its same family) that I maybe able to add a Msata drive in laptop, but not totally convinced that all I need is a FUJ:CP602075-XX Module and a Connector for it to work, can anyone help. There are some good picture on the thread.


If you say so... But shouldn't be too much relevant that cost difference.


Yes it does matter as higher capacity chips cost more to manufacture


That doesn't matter att all. Same performance, so should be around the same price. So still don't understand your initial comment.


Not really. you generally have to use higher capacity ram chips as there is less space to work with

Xfx r9 270X £114.02 @ Amazon sold by I Love Going Shopping
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Posted 29th Jan 2014Posted 29th Jan 2014
Xfx r9 270X £114.02 @ Amazon sold by I Love Going Shopping
xfx r9 270x Hope this doesn't get cold as it's xfx but isn't this a good deal @ £114? only 5 left in stock thanks EDIT: Have expired this deal as it MAY be misleading (due to … Read more
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Indeed you did, guess i may have a 260x coming my way then will be geting sent straight back!


I would like to apologise to all to nearly or did order one, this was unforseen and very bad of the seller. Poor show Amazon!!


Bought it early on mobile no comments back then was at work so was a bit of rush nice one amazon




Bought one of these and emailed the seller turns out it is indeed a r7 260x not a r9 270x .So if something seems too good to be true usually it is .

Zotac nVidia GeForce GTX 650 Gaming Graphics Card GDDR5 DVI HDMI VGA 1GB - £70.55 & £6.00 P&P @ ILGS
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Posted 28th Dec 2013Posted 28th Dec 2013
Zotac nVidia GeForce GTX 650 Gaming Graphics Card GDDR5 DVI HDMI VGA 1GB - £70.55 & £6.00 P&P @ ILGS
Awesome graphics card for the price, perfect for gaming on a budget... I've put this in place of my old GTX460.... It's a damn sight quieter and as it's newer its optimised for new… Read more

Can't say I understand the logic of replacing the 460 with a 650, it's marginally the same output with the 460 actually being a tiny bit better than the better 650Ti and a lot better than the GTX650 standard, the only version of the 650 that leaves the 460 standing is the GTX 650 Ti BOOST which this definitely isn't. I wouldn't touch this as an idea as a replacement for a 460. On it's own though, it's a decent card for low budget gaming. Anyway, link points to LEN ovo - Notebook battery - 1 x lithium ion 8-cell 9200 mAh


£73.17 on Ebuyer.

XFX Radeon R9 290 Graphics Card (Core Edition) 4GB DDR5 PCI Express 3.0 // £294.31 @ ILGS
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Posted 12th Dec 2013Posted 12th Dec 2013
XFX Radeon R9 290 Graphics Card (Core Edition) 4GB DDR5 PCI Express 3.0 // £294.31 @ ILGS
For this price, use voucher code: FBCHR13 and select Basic delivery (7 days) at checkout.
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But it's fine :| I have one & the only time it gets any heat is when I run 3dmark.


Great price ,but I wouldn't touch this card till they start putting non reference coolers on it (I am not happy with a £300 card running at 90c ) or if you are willing to mod it and fit a aftermarket cooler yourself , but for me £300 is too much to gamble on my modding skills lol


Whats means core edition?

Samsung PS60F5500 60" Full HD 1080p 3D Smart Wi-Fi Built-in AllShare £895.11 Delivered @I Love Going Shopping
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Posted 2nd Nov 2013Posted 2nd Nov 2013
Samsung PS60F5500 60" Full HD 1080p 3D Smart Wi-Fi Built-in AllShare £895.11 Delivered @I Love Going Shopping
Found this deal when looking for a new tv 'not bought this but i want it!' lol Plasma TV Screen. Smart TV. Full HD 1080p display resolution. 3D TV with 2D to 3D conversion. Includ… Read more
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May be not so good feature in summer


Prices typically drop 10%-25% post Feb compared with the average prices in the previous 3 months. It varies tremendously with stock levels though and if you are after a particular set then it can feel like playing chicken as you wait for the model to disappear from various outlets and you hope that the remaining ones heavily discount the last sets they have. This year some of the best bargains were in May. My advice would be to have a shortlist of models and target prices and tell yourself not to fret if you don't get any of them! (TV's are definitely getting cheaper at the moment, with more for less, so nobody should be in a hurry to buy). FWIW I think a 50" screen is pretty awesome, though it will depend on just how big a room you use it in. From personal experience I'd say going up to 60" from 50" gives you less return than going up from a mediocre 50" to a really good one. It also depends hugely on your viewing environment and what you watch as to whether a plasma or LCD (LED) will be best for you - BOTH are good, just have different pros and cons. Again my personal preference would be for a good plasma as they have better colours/blacks, but then I have a dark room and I value HD/film content highly. (You also get a lot more bang for your buck with plasma). One thing to consider on screen size is that if you watch a lot of SD a bigger screen will often just highlight how bad SD content is! The bottom line though is that we are all different and you should take a little time to read up on the trade-offs and audition some sets to see which work best for you. Be VERY careful though about showroom conditions - people have a natural preference towards bright screens and a showroom is an environment which exaggerates that. A screen that looks great (bright!) in a bright showroom may be awful in a less bright home - it may be garish and have very poor blacks! FWIW this is a link to one of the last of last season's bargain hunts (in May). It was for a high spec Panny that had typically been £1100 before final clearances. JL were clearing it at £800 but with a little work a lot of people got it from JL with a 5 year warranty for £720. That deal is worth skimming as it'll give you a feel for the pros and cons of deal hunting in May and some commentary on the pros and cons of plasma vs LCD. Good luck and HTH


Rubbish, my plasma heats the room perfectly... it's like a tv and a heater in one! HOT


+1 from me too, got mine from JL for the same price as this. Not surprised to hear about returns due to buzzing as it is quite loud but *very* directional - I only hear it when sitting forward in my seat and not during normal viewing. Excellent TV for the price.


+2 Im still blown away by mine. The only downside is that the screen is like a mirror and would be useless in a bright room. Mines in a cinema room with no windows so doesnt bother me. Great tv.

Zotac Geforce GTX 780 3GB GDDR5 - £366.80 @ ILGS
65° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2013Posted 1st Nov 2013
Zotac Geforce GTX 780 3GB GDDR5 - £366.80 @ ILGS
The cheapest GTX 780 in stock at the moment. Can't confirm whether you get the free games with this one though. Though it says 'Splinter Cell Compilation' in the additional items s… Read more

Well done, you're a week too late. It has expired now.


Cold as a Polar Bears nuts!


Doesn't show the Zotac GTX 780 Amp Editions even available, let alone at that price.......:( link shows NOTHING of the sort.


New stock and link here


Oh i see. Yeah, i guess its that time of year where a few dodgy websites are created. I've noticed this keeps popping up on Google shopping searches over the last few days. I think ILGS (I Love Going Shopping) have been around for a while though.

Kingston Technology DataTraveler SE9 16GB £6.51 @ ILGS
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Posted 14th Sep 2013Posted 14th Sep 2013
Kingston Technology DataTraveler SE9 16GB £6.51 @ ILGS
This is the cheapest 16GB of this memory stick, I could find online. They also give a Free Delivery (Upto 7 Days) Kingston Technology is the world′s independent memory leader and… Read more

Thought they' d be a few 16 gb usb stick deals in 'anticipation' (_;) of the GTA V release.....




But it is saying min order for £10?


actually just tried buying and it wants the order total to be over £10 before proceeding to checkout. What a shame, I am expiring the deal


Cold voters please show me if its cheaper elsewhere.........

I love going shopping - powerful i7, 2tb, great graphics card, bluetooth hp windows 8 laptop  £900 inc post and discount code @ ILGS
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Posted 14th Nov 2012Posted 14th Nov 2012
I love going shopping - powerful i7, 2tb, great graphics card, bluetooth hp windows 8 laptop £900 inc post and discount code @ ILGS
£100 quid less than John Lewis - Price above includes postage - Save £2 using FBNOV88 code Here's John Lewis's description... Product InformationSoftware Included: Intel Wireles… Read more
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OP = Original Poster - didn't mean anything nasty by it... Personally I don't have anything against HP - and the envy certainly used to be better built than some of their models; however it seems HP have messed with their product lines; the G series have been promoted to "pavilion" and the pavilion models promoted to "envy" etc. I just don't think this deal represents good value - possibly because it's a newer model. This gives an image of a 'high-end' windows 8 machine; but isn't touchscreen, nor even full HD. The GPU card will struggle with later games at the screen resolution, so it isn't a 'gaming laptop'. The processor is very good. 8GB ram is now common. 2TB of disk seems overkill making it heavy and power hungry (SSD + 1TB might be better?).


I think you calling me an OP... I genuinel think this sounds a great, huge hulking lap top - i7, 2tb hard dsk, memory in buckets, sound system AND its £100 less than John Lewis - I didn't realise that it having HP on it meant it was evil inarnate howeveer - please could some one explain why HP is so bad???


Lack of 1080p at this price point would put me off.


This is a joke isn't it? OP has been on HUKD three years and posted some pretty good deals but then posts this?


This is the normal price for a laptop that spec, possibly even slightly expensive

Toshiba Z830-11G Ultrabook for only £903.60 from
-55° Expired
Posted 10th Aug 2012Posted 10th Aug 2012
Toshiba Z830-11G Ultrabook for only £903.60 from
This is the cheapest price I found on the Internet for a new Toshiba Z830-11G Ultrabook. A trusty brand and great specs in a slim machine for only £903.60 equals bargain.

They were £550 at PCW a couple of month ago. Cold


£900 for Toshiba ultra book - no way!!! If I need one,for that money it would be Macbook Air.


People on these pages don't like ultrabooks for some reason. (_;) Voted hot.


excellent - the ipad is slim see before

Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011, 1pk, 10u, X64, DSP, OEM, ENG £35.94 @ ILGS
-56° Expired
Posted 19th Jul 2012Posted 19th Jul 2012
Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011, 1pk, 10u, X64, DSP, OEM, ENG £35.94 @ ILGS
Windows Home Server 2011 is the ideal solution to help families keep their important digital files and data automatically backed up, organized, and accessible from virtually anywhe… Read more
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i couldnt get the postage cost sorry


Yep, COLD. Cheaper at Amazon


Sorry Cold for Me Perhaps a check on website before posting Windows Home Server 2011, 1pk, 10u, x64, DSP, OEM, ENG CCQ-00128 £29.95 1 £29.95 @ 20.00% = £5.99 Subtotal £29.95 Delivery £9.95 @ 20.00% = £1.99 TAX £7.98 Total £47.88

Gainward GeForce GTS 450 2048MB - £57.71 @ ILGS
63° Expired
Posted 23rd Apr 2012Posted 23rd Apr 2012
Gainward GeForce GTS 450 2048MB - £57.71 @ ILGS
Product Name : Gainward GeForce® GTS 450 2048MB Barcode : 4260183362159 GPU : GeForce GTS 450 GPU Clockspeed : 783 Mhz Memory : 2048MB DDR3 (128bits) Memor… Read more

Poor choice of card even for a budget gaming card. Save up a little more and get a 6770/5770 or even better still a 6850. Much better cards.


This is crippled with the slow DDR3 memory instead of the standard GDDR5 most GTS450's have. for £7.30 more get the same card with 512mb GDDR5 memory from Ebuyer.


True, Just doubled checked benchmarks, I got mixed up :P


A single 6870 would be a better idea. ;)


Two of these in sli should give some decent performance.

EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Superclocked 1GB DDR5 256BIT Graphics Card £106.84 inc del @ ILGS
100° Expired
Posted 24th Jan 2012Posted 24th Jan 2012
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Superclocked 1GB DDR5 256BIT Graphics Card £106.84 inc del @ ILGS
Saw the previous post on Amazon and thought I'll have a look on google for a quick price comparison, shortly the Amazon post was removed - described as spam? A little dearer but a… Read more


That's a 550TI, much slower card.


That's the 550ti, big difference

repromanded also have it in stock, £107.38 Reviews aren't great but atleast they got their items :)


Oh my lord, what is going on xD! Here is a non-spammed thread

Asus EeePad Transformer TF101 10.1 inch 16GB Android Tablet PC £279.95 @ ILGS
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Posted 10th Dec 2011Posted 10th Dec 2011
Asus EeePad Transformer TF101 10.1 inch 16GB Android Tablet PC £279.95 @ ILGS
Operating System: Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) Platform Display: 10.1-inch WSVGA IPS capacitive multi touch display built with Corning Gorilla Glass 1750 viewing angle(1280 x 800) Chips… Read more

Now £352


Delivery Delays Any orders placed between 22nd Nov to 12th Dec will have delivery delays   We are in the process of implementing a new backend system and a new delivery system. Our warehouse is moving to a new location also. With all these new exciting changes to improve our service to our customers we are having to slow down our service so the changes can be made effectively. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience caused & aim to get things back in order as soon as our new system is in place. We will do all we can to get your order processed as quickly as possible.   During this period: Free Delivery           ---  Normally 10 working days now this would take 3/4 Weeks Standard Delivery    ---  Normally 3 – 5 working days now this would take 10 – 12 working days Express Delivery     ---  Normally 2 working days, currently this would process as Std Del and would take 10 – 12 working days Next Working Day   ---  Normally next working days, currently this would process as Std Del and would take 10 – 12 working days During this period all communication will be via email only as our phone lines will be down.   Regards, ILGS Team



Motorola Atrix Dual Core £230.86 @ ILGS
-30° Expired
Posted 17th Oct 2011Posted 17th Oct 2011
Motorola Atrix Dual Core £230.86 @ ILGS
For those of you who missed the £238.33 Atrix deal over the weekend this one has come up at £230.86. Cheaper price as the Atrix 2 is due out soon.

£309.06 inc VAT now


price is 309.06...


good deal, shut up moaning


Are these a reputed seller?, was thinking of getting this deal but noticed some poor shop reviews on google, but there were also some 5 star reviews too.


When you add special delivery it comes in at price below, you can get one of these brand new and sealed off ebay for £250 with express delivery. MOTOROLA ATRIX - SM1533AW2B1 SM1533AW2B1 £192.38 1 £192.38 20.00% £38.48 Subtotal £192.38 Delivery £25.36 20.00% £5.07 TAX £43.55 Total £261.29

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