Illuminated metal signs with timer function - £5 - Quality Save

Illuminated metal signs with timer function - £5 - Quality Save

Found 21st Jun 2016
Admittedly, these won't be to everyone's taste but they seem great value.

Found these reduced down to £5 in the Barnsley store. They're 3d metal, painted in shabby chic red paint in a Drew Pritchard vintage kind of way. There was an ampersand and "love", the latter was available in two shapes; one with the word written a single cursive block and another where each letter was a block capital and separately positionable.

All have a timer function where it'll stay on for 4 hours, then turn off, and then turn back on automatically 20 hours later. They make a novel evening light on a bookcase or hallway table etc.

Takes 3 x AA batteries.
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Shame it's too far, this would definitely get me back In the good books
Can't grumble at a fiver!! If you want one that is. I'd buy a HATE one

​handy if you live in Hove.
Can the letters be rearranged to read "vole"?
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