Illustrated Children's Encyclopaedia £4.99 RRP £29.99 Saving £25.00 (83%) @ Wh Smith + Free Del

Illustrated Children's Encyclopaedia £4.99 RRP £29.99 Saving £25.00 (83%) @ Wh Smith + Free Del

Found 1st Oct 2008Made hot 1st Oct 2008
Hi there

Found this online in the clearance section of Wh Smith
I thought it was ok for an 800 page book.
I believe there could be a possible 8% quidco on this.
May make a nice stocking filler.
Posted for those who may find it of interest.

Hope it helps



heat and rep added, amazon are selling for almost £20…974

Dont forget quidco too!

Thanks, just ordered - heat & rep given

Great Christmas present for the kids ... cheers ! Heat added

I just ordered and now it says 4 or more weeks. It let me order tho. WH Smith are such a pain!

Just received an email "We apologise that we have not yet been able to fulfil your order for the product(s) listed below.

hmmmn not sure this will ever arrive with a 4 or more weeks availability. shame as a damn hot deal. I wonder if they will be instore.

They had loads of these in stock at my local store (Bridgend, South Wales) for this price, so maybe worth checking out your local Whsmith if you wany a copy.

They have these instore in my local WHS. They also often have other kids atlas', animal encyclopedias etc. They are not worth £20, but good value at £5.

thats good if they are instore too, ordered online as saves hassle of carrying it. I got the same email "we are unable to fulfill your order...."

Thanks heat added!

How come its all free delivery?? Thanks OP.

There was a post a few days ago about an atlas for 3.99 and an encyclopedia,same price delivered,i cant remember where it was from now,maybe Woolies

Actually it mite have been the same book,did anyone see the thread,i'm sure it was 3.99 the other day!

I was in town at the weekend and I am sure I saw this book (along with other similar books) in one of those cheap book shops. You know the ones - they open, spend 3 months trading and are replaced with a different shop.
I was browsing through and they had an offer for childrens illustrated encyclopedia's of 3 for £10.
I will try and find out the name of the shop and add it to this post.


oos online

Bought a copy instore, but it was priced at £7.49 rather than £4.99.
But instore had several books (including this) on a buy one, get a second half price, so got a book priced at £5 for just £2.50
(Voted hot)

went instore to get it, buts its 7.49 there. Cancelled my online order as they said out of stock.

Now its instock and its £19.79!!! Expired
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