Im Not A Geek I Am A Level 9 Warlord T Shirt £2 or Possibly £1 with voucher @ The Hut Delivered

Im Not A Geek I Am A Level 9 Warlord T Shirt £2 or Possibly £1 with voucher @ The Hut Delivered

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Found 28th Jan 2010
Im Not A Geek I Am A Level 9 Warlord

A fun t shirt to show them who's The best at Warcraft


Will the anonymous A-holes voting this (and other deals) down, at least have the courtesy of giving a reason so that the rest of us can see, and decide for ourselves if it is valid or not.

I have said I will never use the Hut again after the debacle of Christmas, and also my younger son's Birthday, 2 bad cock-ups is not acceptable, but even I would not vote this down, since £2 is an inexpensive bargain for casual wear while doing the gardening, DIY painting, lounging around the house watching TV, etc.

If you want to risk it, then remember to use a cashback site like TopCashBack or even the £5-a-year-deducting Quidco to visit the merchant, and check what vouchers you try to use in case their use invalidates any cashback tracking.

more probably people are bored of seeing it constantly...and also its a bad least the flux capacitor one or the swine flu was actually good/funny.

A bit touchy Mateypeeps

Everyones is bored to tears of seeing this rubbish posted everyday (or at least every other day). You can buy 10 dusters for a pound in poundland you know!

Well done for eventually giving a reasonable reason why, even if I think they would make decent inexpensive dusters, better than the Pound Shop rubbish itself.

In case anyone has a lot of bannisters to polish (possibly the youngsters of today will need to google that term to see what it is and why you would want to polish them), here are the only ones still in stock, if you (like me) hate the geek one.

I have kept the size descriptor in the t-shirt name line, as one at least has no Medium left, which is what I selected to see what really was left.

Surprising how inaccurate the stock level accuracy is when you actually add to the shopping basket.

Theres No Place Like T Shirt - m M Black

Mens - Zimmer W*****s T-Shirt - Black - M M Black

Save Petrol - Jump In My Car T-Shirt - Navy - (M) M Navy

Mens - Touch My Nacelles T-Shirt - Black - M M Black

I Went To Mexico And All I Got Was Swine Flue T Shirt - m M Yellow

John And Edward Ladies T-Shirt - Black - XL XL Black

Flux Capacitor T-Shirt - Black - (M) M Black

Still Loaded - I Could Go Off At Any Time T-Shirt - Brown - (M) M Brown

No I Will Not Fix Your Computer T Shirt - S S Black (No medium left)

Mens - Spaz T-Shirt - Blue - M M Blue

and for completeness:

Im Not A Geek I Am A Level 9 Warlord T Shirt - m M Blue

Happy polishing!

lol, 2 pound to look like a plonket, BARGAIN

I have four reasons for my cold vote which I'll happily share.

1. This and other equally inane and exceptionally sad and lonely examples of Zavvi T-shirts appear here constantly. NONE have any merit whatsoever.
2. The price of this and the others on Zavvi has been low for ages, and Zavvi keeps inventing new 'Clear Out' sales with no reductions to justify such claims increasingly to a degree far beyond even Play's nonsense sales.
3. The T-shirts are of very crap quality.
4. To buy and wear such a T-shirt you must have such a lack of self-awareness of what a sad and boring person you truly are.



lol, 2 pound to look like a plonket, BARGAIN

Is that a small plonk?


Plonket?Is that a small plonk?

HAHA yes its like a plonker only smaller
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