iMac core i5  MC511 £1,484.10 @ PC World

iMac core i5 MC511 £1,484.10 @ PC World

Found 5th Dec 2010
DSG group are doing a really good deal - £160 off the apple store
Sorry if this has been already posted
Also code save5 gives you 5% off and Quidco gives an extra 6% off

# Quad-core Intel® Core™ i5-760 (2.8 GHz)
# Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
# with 27" Widescreen
# 4GB


i have been trying to order this from currys but i get error at the verified visa bit

Good find mate, nice saving here! If you can find yourself a student with a student ID card you can get 12% the Apple Store price plus the 3 year warranty package for £47 (+ during Xmas the printer rebate option is on, claim back £70 off any printer)

PC WORLD tells me: This promotional code is not valid

how fustraiting

Original Poster

That's odd, try it in caps, as SAVE5
Well, it's what Quidco gave on top of the 6% cashback.
I think it was for Currys, that's what I posted but it got changed; same group so try there instead of PC World

Seems to be unavailable at either PCWorld or Currys.

back in stock but still getting error at the verified my visa page, tried 3 different cards..tried using both firefox and luck..i can only get SAVE5 to work with currys but not pcworld. No luck so far and call center is down...

same problem here tried two cards transaction failed both times

Managed to get hold of currys by phone and they honoured the 5% so got it for £1409 and hopefull quidco will pay up aswell as the confirmation i received is for an online order.

Nice find well pleased

i got currys by phone too..they had a nightmare processing my details and then my card failed..i gave up!

rang my bank they said theres no probs there, so i opened new currys account and had same error, just rang currys again to order, was just about to process it and then it literally just went oos... i think i was doomed not to buy this...

Hmm not sure why your having so many problems I had a call from them today just for security to check the order was legit. Answered there questions and got an email saying preparing order for delivery

lol sorted in the end...opened new account in partners name with his card..worked 1st time, quidco had tracked too...phew...cant wait to recieve now

btw its gone back up to 1,649.00
so i saved a near £300

Excellent new kittypink81, my quidco never tracked but I wll raise a query with them so should get that back. What a bargain glad I got it in time. Should receive it tomorrow according to tracking

Got the imac and what a piece of kit, also got quidco to track so £300 saving excellent!!!!
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