Imagine Teacher (DS) @ Morrisons for £9.99

Imagine Teacher (DS) @ Morrisons for £9.99

Found 30th Aug 2009
Was at morrisons (byker,newcastle), saw this game for £9.99. There were a quite a few in stock in the entertainment area. I found this in the metal trolleybasket/bins along with a lot of other various xbox,ps2,psp games.

Dont know if this is priced at other stores. Never really got the chance to ask. As i went to take a pic of this game to post on here, I was nabbed by a security guard and told not to take a picture. I said that id be posting it on the internet as its a good deal and it would attract more business. But the 'moody so and so' (keep it polite) said no. So i had to pretend to delete this from my phone.

So sorry guys you'll have to ring your local store to see if it's for this price. The link is for thier store finder.

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