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Imagine Publishing 5 print mags for £5.00 including Retro Gamer & Games TM
309° Expired
Posted 16th Apr 2017Posted 16th Apr 2017
Imagine Publishing 5 print mags for £5.00 including Retro Gamer & Games TM£5
Full list of titles... 3D Artist All About History All About Space Digital Photographer gamestm Web Designer History of Royals History of War How It Works iCreate Linux … Read more

This deal has now expired (SPRING175)


Still available


Expired? Not showing the £5 deal anymore.


With these things you just email them to cancel, they take about a week to respond but it's fine and you check online it will show sub canceled. Just make sure you do this a month before receiving the last issue, so for this offer it would be the 4th issue


I just managed to place an order for 2 different subscriptions without resorting to closing the web browser and revisiting the web page. They must have sorted it out and made it easier to do

Retro Gaming Magazines Half price at Imagine Shop - £4.99 (+ £1.99 P&P)
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Posted 13th Dec 2016Posted 13th Dec 2016
Retro Gaming Magazines Half price at Imagine Shop - £4.99 (+ £1.99 P&P)£4.99
Imagine (Publishing) shop have some good deals on some retro gaming bookazines: VideoGames Hardware Handbook The Atari Book ZX Spectrum/C64 Book (3rd edition) Retro Volume… Read more

I used to love my Commodore 64, many fond memories of the games.


Code FACE2 knocks £2 off the postage. Can't use it with RETRO10, but if you're spending less than £20 it works out cheaper. Thanks OP!


That SNES book looks very interesting. Will check if TCB offers cashback. Thanks for bringing that up.


​cant remember off top of my head soz


Is there much difference in content between the hardware handbook volumes?

GAMES TM MAGAZINE - 12 Issues (Print) £29.99 at Imagine Publishing
178° Expired
Posted 8th Dec 2016Posted 8th Dec 2016
GAMES TM MAGAZINE - 12 Issues (Print) £29.99 at Imagine Publishing£29.99
Seems a decent price for annual sub, works out at half price.

I prefer Games TM as well - I just read on on Readly these days, saves a fortune. Down to 116 pages now right enough, used to be a fat 180!


It's funny now, a mag "selling well (enough)" appears to be 10000-15000 copies a month. I sobbed when my beloved Amiga Power closed down, I think the last ABC was about 18000 and by that point it had been reduced to a 52 page pamphlet (albeit a still very funny one). This was 1996 right enough but the price wasn't much different compared to now (I think the last run of issues were £4.50). Just goes to show how ALL mags are a niche business these days.


Magazines aren't what they used to be and newspapers are still doing considerably well. Metro is free so regardless of how bias and crap it is, people will still pick up a copy to read.


Long live EDGE!


Interesting point, but the way that I read the article, it seems to suggest that the Sci-Fi mag was the only one that the CMA forced Future to ring-fence, so all others are fair game. A few months ago, I received a questionnaire from Imagine publishing which was asking my opinion on the merger as a subscriber - it openly asked 'if Games TM was replaced by Edge, would you continue your subscription, move to a different magazine, etc' which is why I raised the point. As I said in my first post, it's a good mag and I personally prefer it to Edge so I hope that it continues.

Imagine Publishing 5 magazines for £5 (Retro Gamer, Games TM etc.)
81° Expired
Posted 5th Jul 2016Posted 5th Jul 2016
Imagine Publishing 5 magazines for £5 (Retro Gamer, Games TM etc.)£5
Imagine Publishing are having a "summer sale". Subscribe and get five magazine issues for £5. Titles include Retro Gamer, Games TM, Linux User & Developer (full list below). P… Read more
Gadget magazine - 3 trial issues for £1
53° Expired
Posted 1st Jul 2016Posted 1st Jul 2016
Gadget magazine - 3 trial issues for £1£1
As ever, don't forget to cancel the direct debit of you don't wish to continue the subscription.
Get deal*Get deal*

Is it just like Stuff & T3? I subscribed to stuff to get the free SoundMAGIC earphones. Magazine takes minutes to read.


I would contact them as well as canceling the DD


How is it canceled then? Just cancelling the DD, nothing else? Cheers Rich


Ordered, thanks!

Imagine Publishing 5 issues for £5 offer: Retro Gamer, Android Magazine, etc.
81° Expired
Posted 23rd Mar 2016Posted 23rd Mar 2016
Imagine Publishing 5 issues for £5 offer: Retro Gamer, Android Magazine, etc.£5
Imagine Publishing are doing a 5 issues for £5 promotion. Titles include Retro Gamer, Android Magazine, Linux User & Developer (full list below). You get five issues for a pay… Read more

New magazine Explore History, three-for-£1 offer:


Received Retro Gamer today, with that was a flyer for a three-issues-for-£1 offer for History of Royals. Link in case anyone is interested:


Nice one donut have some icing.Was looking for a cheap sub for RG cheers


Thanks. It says £3 for 3 issues on the gamestm site, so not exactly the same, but good enough. :) Direct GamesTM 3-for-£3 offer link (in case it doesn't appear on their main site due to you using adblock or whatever):


GamesTM is also included in this offer

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Imagine Shop (magazines) clearance sale
76° Expired
Posted 8th Jan 2016Posted 8th Jan 2016
Imagine Shop (magazines) clearance sale
Email I received from Imagine Publishers. "While the High Street sales may have been disappointing, we have a massive online sale where you'll find something to suit every taste.… Read more
GamesTM, Retrogamer, Play, XOne - only £24.99 for a year, £2.08 per mag
199° Expired
Posted 10th Nov 2015Posted 10th Nov 2015
GamesTM, Retrogamer, Play, XOne - only £24.99 for a year, £2.08 per mag£24.99
Other than promotional 3 issues for £1, it's rare you get such good offers on GamesTM and a few of the other mags. ------- This is the final time you can buy a subscription at thi… Read more

Tomorrow - Friday is the last day for this offer. Also, there are non-gaming mags on offer also.


Definitely worth a try though as it doesn't stop you from getting the £24.99 offer


issuu app used to be really good for free mags but all i seem to find are sampler editions, so tempted on this!


"Please note that the use of a imagine publishing promotional/voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback, may affect your eligibility for cashback." Chances are it may pay, but don't count on it as technically this DOES use the voucher code " XMAS154E" to get the price down from the £29.99 code ( XMAS155 ) which links from their home page.


Don't forget £5.25 topcashback

3 Issues of Games TM Magazine for £1 @ Imagine
64° Expired
Posted 25th Aug 2015Posted 25th Aug 2015
3 Issues of Games TM Magazine for £1 @ Imagine£1
Very good gaming magazine. Similar to a previous expired deals (links noted below), so this is hopefully not a duplicate. I just googled Games TM to look for the '5 issues for £5… Read more

Think figured out why the link is not working smoothly, it's a deal specifically for Gadget Show Live attendees, though I got the deal without being asked for any attendance proof


This would be a great deal, but you can;t seem to change the code from 'web100'


I can't see where to input the code. :( I am viewing it on mobile so maybe I should look via me desktop?


the last decent unbiased games mag, has the upper hand over edge by not being too up itself


I've tried to edit this, the URL I paste in doesn't seem to work properly. The Promo code is EMASE1. And it's a print subscription.

5 issues for £5.00 imagine publishing offer including retro gamer and space magazine
14° Expired
Posted 3rd Aug 2015Posted 3rd Aug 2015
5 issues for £5.00 imagine publishing offer including retro gamer and space magazine£5
Imagine publishing summer sale. All mags 5 issues for £5. Choose from lots of mags.

Already listed


Good price for Retro Gamer

5 issues for £5.00 Imagine Publishing including gaming magazines
77° Expired
Posted 27th Jul 2015Posted 27th Jul 2015
5 issues for £5.00 Imagine Publishing including gaming magazines£5
5 issues for £5, including Retro Gamer, Games tm, Play etc. Remember to cancel the direct debit if you don't want to continue.



Yes - its an increase if you only wanted 3 - but if you want more issues this is the cheapest way to do it :)


It's still good tho for what you get for £5.


Just watch.. Got 3 issues for a £1 a few weeks ago from imagine publishing so its actually a price increase for some of the magazines on offer


Heat, got games™

Retro Gamer Subscription - 2 years for the Price of 1 - 24 issues £51.90 @ imaginesubs
50° Expired
Posted 18th Apr 2015Posted 18th Apr 2015
Retro Gamer Subscription - 2 years for the Price of 1 - 24 issues £51.90 @ imaginesubs£51.90
Order by 30th June 2015PTF15 The "PTF15" code still works as on 10/10/2015 but now offers 26 issues for £51.90 - t4v

Just had my renewal letter in so I thought I'd see if there were any offers and found this. Tried the code to see if it still works and I've been offered 26 issues for £51.90


PTF15 Formatting made code look like something else.


Saying code is no good. Sorry, the promotion code you have entered is not valid.

Imagine Publishing Magazines 5 Issues for £5 subscription inc Retro Gamer, Play, Andriod
33° Expired
Posted 28th Feb 2015Posted 28th Feb 2015
Imagine Publishing Magazines 5 Issues for £5 subscription inc Retro Gamer, Play, Andriod£5
Visit link for list of titles, great deal. Make sure you canx DD after 5th Issue if you don't want to be charged full price. Not sure if you can register under a different name at… Read more

Nice one. Was about to subscribe to games(tm) the other day. Glad I waited now.


Just remember with any of these mag subs to not give them your home or mobile phone number...I have since regretted this as they periodically call you offering further 'deals' (unless of course you like being cold called with deal offers)


Thank you. :) I always cancel after the 3rd or 4th one.

Imagine Publishing magazines 3 issues for £1 @ subscribeonline
243° Expired
Posted 19th Jan 2015Posted 19th Jan 2015
Imagine Publishing magazines 3 issues for £1 @ subscribeonline£1
How It Works, World Of Animals, All About History, All about Space, Android Magazine, Web Designer, iCreate, Linux User & Developer, Retro Gamer, Games tm, Play, X-ONE *I thin… Read more

deal's still on


I guess both


The DD or the subscription via telephone?


i got a few subs so going by people on here best to cancel after u get the first issue instead of the second


Sweet, just got 5 subs, hot hot hot hot hot

3 Magazines for £1 (Retro Gamer, GamesTM, Android etc.) £1 @ Imagine Publishing
96° Expired
Posted 29th Dec 2014Posted 29th Dec 2014
3 Magazines for £1 (Retro Gamer, GamesTM, Android etc.) £1 @ Imagine Publishing£1
3 issues for £1, just remember to email them and cancel the direct debit after the third issue received (or sooner). Expires 1/3/15 How It Works World of… Read more

Just managed to use this for Retro Gamer, thank you :)


I canceled after first received and never got even the second one.. :-O :-D


Cancel as soon as the money is taken out and you will still receive all 3. They will tell you when the money will be taken from your account and if you cancel the d.d the day before the money is to be taken you will receive at one mag for free!


Any one know about this? I've done these trials before but hate leaving it to the last to cancel. Cheers op


when you get the second mag can you cancel and still get the third mag sent

How it works magazine 13 issues saving 52% on shop price £24.99 @ subscribeonline
30° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2014Posted 22nd Dec 2014
How it works magazine 13 issues saving 52% on shop price £24.99 @ subscribeonline£24.99
13 issues for £ 24.99 saving 52% on shop price. Follow get deal link should use promotion code XMAS145
Get deal*Get deal*

£27 in isubscribe with a £5 voucher to give someone

Save 50% on Magazine Subscriptions at Imagine Publishing - 13 issues for £24.99
31° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2014Posted 15th Dec 2014
Save 50% on Magazine Subscriptions at Imagine Publishing - 13 issues for £24.99£24.99
Save over 50% on magazine subscriptions, very good offer to treat yourself or buy as a gift for somebody. There's lots of magazines in the offer to choose from.

Hey, don't worry about it. We all make mistakes. Have a good day.


I didn't make a mistake, I saw this and considered it to be a good deal, and I still do. I could go to a newsagent now buy the magazines at £4 each, getting them delivered early to your home for around £2 a month clearly is a good deal, it's not always this price... Usually it's more expensive on subscription, around £3 an issue.


It's not a deal. You made a mistake.


Pocket World costs £4.99 - 12 issues for £24.99 inc delivery is a pretty good deal from where I'm sitting. Hot from me.


So what's the point in commenting, some people will find the deal useful, you cleary not.

Retro DVD Emag (retro video games) - Imagine Shop - £3.84 delivered using code
35° Expired
Posted 28th Nov 2014Posted 28th Nov 2014
Retro DVD Emag (retro video games) - Imagine Shop - £3.84 delivered using code£3.84
A great deal for a DVD containing the pdfs of the first 3 RETRO bookazines compiled from gamesTM magazine. That's 700 pages of content for under £4. Use code FACE2 to get the DVD … Read more
1/2 price 12 month magazine subscriptions includes RETRO GAMER £24.99 @ Subscribe Online
78° Expired
Posted 4th Nov 2014Posted 4th Nov 2014
1/2 price 12 month magazine subscriptions includes RETRO GAMER £24.99 @ Subscribe Online£24.99
1/2 price 12 month subscriptions Includes Retro Gamer (Best on my opinion) gamesTM Play Xone £25.00 for 12 months subscription is excellent value. Add voucher code XMAS148 if th… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Great magazine, been meaning to subscribe for the last few months but glad I didn't get a chance, am definitely doing so now.


Just got an email for it being back on again code now is XMAS144 I buy 4-5 issues a year so I've gone for it


Europe/ROW/USA and Canadian readers: Pay just £49.99 for 12 issues (equivalent to only c. $80 October 2014). From the link if it helps


Uk only?

3 Imagine Magazines for £5
32° Expired
Posted 10th Sep 2014Posted 10th Sep 2014
3 Imagine Magazines for £5£5
Just had an email from Imagine (the magazine company). They are doing 3 'educational' magazines for £5 delivered. It's the usual thing where you have to set up a subscription but … Read more

All About History is great. A lot more in-depth features than most magazines, really interesting and a good variety of different subjects / time periods in each issue so there's usually something for everyone. Can't comment on the other magazines as I haven't read more than the odd issue of them.