Imaginext Power Rangers Morphing Megazord @ Tesco - £29.00

Imaginext Power Rangers Morphing Megazord @ Tesco - £29.00

Found 14th Jun
Unleash the fire power of the Imaginext® Morphin Megazord! This awesome mutant machine transforms into a missile-firing weapon simply by turning the Power Pad on Megazord’s left shoulder. Watch as his chest opens, his eyes light up and his chest morphs into a cannon.

The ultimate weapon when under attack this Morphin Megazord fires Power Missiles and launches Power Coins from his chest and knees. Press the buttons to unleash the awesome firing action. You can also turn the Power Pad on Megazord’s foot to morph it into a chomping sabre-tooth!

Imagine more exciting battles with the Power Rangers gang by hopping onto Megazord's multiple levels on his back. Here, you'll find a jail cell to keeping villains locked away and an elevator. You can even place one of the Power Ranger mini figures in Megazord's head!

With so many levels, hideouts and battle elements, kids will always find more exciting Power Ranger Morphin adventures to create. This transforming Morph Ranger stands 71cm tall and comes with 2 Power Ranger mini figures (black and red), 6 Power Coins and 7 Power Missiles. Batteries included.
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aww gone already, thanks for posting though @tbeno123
I can still put in basket?
Amazon have now price matched - in stock
urgh I bought this for £65 ... great deal!!
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