IMAX Ocean Oasis - Two Worlds, One Paradise - [Blu-Ray] £6.98

IMAX Ocean Oasis - Two Worlds, One Paradise - [Blu-Ray] £6.98

Found 28th Nov 2009
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Ocean Oasis is a fascinating journey into the bountiful seas and pristine deserts of two remarkably different, but inextricably linked worlds Mexico's Sea of Cort?and the Baja California desert. What powerful geologic forces collided to carve out this unique region? What drives the strong currents that make this ocean so unusually rich in nutrients? How does life thrive in a seemingly barren landscape? Ocean Oasis mesmerises us with revealing and memorable scenes that explore these mysteries. Glide side-by-side with a graceful giant manta ray as it arches and swoops through water, sparkling under the hot Baja California sun. Witness the pageant of migrating whales, the elaborate tango of courting terns, the battles of lumbering elephant seals.

Presented in the spectacular IMAX format, OCEAN OASIS goes beyond the normal study of oceans with visually stimulating photography. This journey takes the viewer from under the Sea Of Cortes in Mexico to over the Baja California desert to witness underwater life up close and great landscapes from afar. Migrating whales, courting terns, elephant seals , snow capped mountains, and palm oases are all highlighted in this wonderful look at nature.


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Thanks, ordered Ocean Oasis. Only problem is Amazon super saver delivery is utter sh*te. Takes forever, I ordered a 7" vinyl from ebay and that got here in 2 days. Amazon for 5 books and 2 blurays has so far taken 6 days.
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