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Protect your belonging for FREE with Immobilise - The National Property Register - Tech, bikes, anything of value.
Found 29th Nov 2017Found 29th Nov 2017
With Christmas coming up, households will have a LOT more technology in their homes. Protect them in case of theft / burglary, by logging them in the Immobilise system, so if someo… Read more

lol The site was already a hacked dude EVERY website on the internet is vulnerable bar none - FACT! The guy who suggested its a bad idea is correct! I speak from experience! Never put anything sensitive in the cloud Hacking is getting worse not better as the authorities and companies would have you believe. Stick it in an encrypted spreadsheet on a usb stick in a safe. TRUST NO-1


Your logic is silly at best. So, you're saying that we can ONLY post deals on HUKD for things that are not usually free, or new and free? How silly you sound. HUKD is for sharing DEALS that are useful for the masses. As you'll see, at time of writing, 661 degree heat of the deal means people ARE finding it useful. Your logic fails. You're welcome to comment on deals you don't find useful, but, that seems a little odd to me. You registered on the 8th December 2017, and this is your only comment. Eeeeeek. :p (:I (lol) Anyhow, have a wonderful Christmas. I hope you don't need to make use of Immobilise.


You’d have thought so by how clean a job it was. Felt almost embarrassed when the Police came round!


you got you bro in law to lift them? :)


This is not a deal, it is fine to use this site if something is new and free or not normally free, but immobilise has been around for a long time and has always been free to register products but they do sell security products.

ImmobiKey - x2 Key Tags + Recovery Service £6.30 (with code) @ Immobilise
Found 29th Mar 2017Found 29th Mar 2017
Good idea for those that are likely lose an important set of keys and is a much cheaper option than having to replace them x2 Key Tags for £6.30 [includes p&p] which is less t… Read more

​ :D


*for a golf


I asked for a key to be cut and was quoted £230 yes £230. this is a good idea.


What are you jabbering on about? These are just key rings.


Seems a bit steep it's a company charging 6.30 to sit in the middle with a basic database with your details and a ref code... Good business if people pay I guess Then again I think my mobile number could be linked to my address online but do I trust this company to keep their database secure for ever. I guess I see a purpose especially with the cost of a car key but an email address etc could be secure and do the same thing.

The National Property Register - protect your stuff
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Reminder - don't forget to register your possessions ( bikes, consoles etc ) Immobilise is the world's largest FREE register of possession ownership details and together with its … Read more

interesting. thanks for the info op.


Started to register my stuff, including some bits that were stolen last year. Maybe if any of it ever turns up again the thieving **** that stole it all might finally get banged up.


Great advice. Thanks op


hehe :)


Speaking of Mr. Robot, I saw on YouTube's RussiaToday channel a video of a so-called 'swastika' covered with snowflakes and it looked like E Corp on loop. lol

Immobilise - Protect Mobile Phones/Electronics from being stolen
Found 12th Nov 2016Found 12th Nov 2016
This feels like a good time to make sure people are aware of Immobilse. It was designed for the recording of IMEI numbers of mobile phones but actually will take any serial number.… Read more

Been with Immobilise for about 5 years. Keep a lookout as they do offer free marking kits occasionally which is great for marking your products too.

As been said it is only going to help with if they try to sell the stuff on or the police have a found item!

This is a massive worry I feel , on this post alone I would say not very!


I registered my devices some months ago, but how does this protect from being stolen? The service is designed to get your devices back to you after being stolen if they're found by police etc, so they can trace you. No actual protection from being stolen in the first place.


I just went on the Immobilse site to register and found that I had registerd over 11 years ago !! . so I thought ooh me being forgetfull again. but when I checked on "my " registered items there where around 60+ mobile phones registerd to me over the last 11 years that are certainly not mine, so I am not sure how secure this site is, as someone has been registering items on my account. my personal details were all correct for my address 11 years ago..

Found 6th Jan 2016Found 6th Jan 2016
This feels like a good time to make sure people are aware of Immobilse. It was designed for the recording of IMEI numbers of mobile phones but actually will take any serial number.… Read more
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Lots of different ways of getting the information. Unfortunately most people don't think of getting it until they've left their iPhone on the bus / in the cafe and are surprised when it's not there when they go back. At which point trying to get all the details for the crime report is made that much more difficult as people rarely remember when they bought the phone, what it cost, what the IMEI is, what the phone number is (yes, really!) etc. So if you've already backed up the details, good for you, you're well ahead of the majority.


Its just as easy to do this if you have an Android. Dial *#06# and when your IMEI number comes up hold in the VOL Down & the Power button at the same time. That will screen shot what's on the screen, then simply email it to yourself. Now that's it logged until you need to report it to the police. X) You can old down the Power Button & Home Button on the apple devices, same difference.


I work in insurance we just ask you to reg on immobilise as we can go look , I smell spam as you go to report my loss they will charge you and immobilise send you there be careful just reg you and item lost .


You learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing :)


Agreed, but it's Ice is back with my brand new invention

4 keyfobs and LIFETIME key recovery service. Plus possible extra £2 discount £11.99 @ Immobilise
Found 9th Jul 2015Found 9th Jul 2015
3 years ago this was getting heat at £21.94. Try code SAVE2015X at the checkout for a possible £2 extra discount. My total at checkout inc VAT, postage and discount was £13.19. … Read more
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Your elderly relative loses her keys. Then she gets a phone call. "Hello, this is PC Jones of the Metropolitan Police. We've been given a set of keys with this number on them." "Oh, thank heavens! I wonder how they ended up in London." "Are you not in London?" "No, I live in Leicester." "I'd imagine the person who found them in works in London. We'll send them to your local police station,and they'll contact you to arrange for you to get them back. I'll need your name and address." "Certainly, It's Mrs Emelia Smith, 2 Beaumont Way, Leicester, LE4 1DS. How long will it take to get the keys back?" "I expect they'll phone you tomorrow, or possibly the day after." Reassured, your elderly relative doesn't bother getting the locks changed. But of course it wasn't a constable who made that call.... This deal has a use for an elderly (or credulous) relative, though a cost-free solution would be to get an extra keyfob for your account with Nectar or Tesco Clubcard, and put it on your relative's keys.


What a conplete waste of money. Just have a key fob with your mobile number on it! If a person finds then who are willing to go online/go to police then im sure theyd be willing to (or more so) to just call you to let you know they have your keys....


This one worked for me ;-)


Yes security warning. I'm using "Chrome" very odd eh. Not to worry ;-)


this only fools would pay for this service

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Immobilise - Free Property Inventory Website
Found 30th Oct 2014Found 30th Oct 2014
Free national property register This is a brilliant website I have publicised in the past It's a tool for recording all your electronics and valuables You would record the make,… Read more
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mr potter. you give this site a list of your property including serial numbers. it is a list of what you own. so I am not suggesting that the police do anything until it is stolen. I am suggesting that the staff of the website could. please try reading what I wrote and not making it up.


point 1. when I say staff I don't mean the police. point 2. you aren't giving the site a list of whats stolen. you are giving the site a list of what you have. why not try reading what I said and not making it up ?


And how would they know the serial number ... By checking it in a burglars house :-)


The Police cannot see your property list They can check a serial number and will tell them status of an item


thanks op, looks interesting

Immobilise - Register property and if stolen and checked it will ensure its safe return :-)
Found 18th Mar 2013Found 18th Mar 2013
Register your property on this website. Upload the item description, photo and serial number. If your phone, bike, computer or any other registered item is lost or stolen, use Imm… Read more
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The world cannot see it, just those authorised (like police etc).


I've had items registered for years, but hadn't seen ImmobiKey - Key Tags and Recovery Service before. Going to order these now. Thanks!


Can also check status of property looking to purchase via It links to many sites inc immobilise


Useful for most, few dubious Good for proving ownership for insurance reasons and good for relocating stolen property


Thanks OP!

ImmobiKey - 4 Key Tags and Recovery Service. One-off payment £21.94
Found 5th Sep 2011Found 5th Sep 2011
This is for the easily distracted like me. Forget about paying an annual fee to your home or car insurance for just one key tag, you can get 4 for a one off payment and keep them f… Read more

Please note that there are several free alternatives, Personally I have a tag with my work address and the employee number. This deal is intended for anyone who pays their home/car insurance every year to have the tags and also do not have a free alternative. I was once conned into one of these tags service and it costed me 12.99 for a year, that's why I thought it was a good deal.


They are recommended by the coppers


How would they have my address?


Another free option is to attach your tesco clubcard keyfob to your keys. If the finder has the brains to return your keys to tesco... Talking about safety, do you trust this company with the keys to your house?


and then make sure you don't get followed home with the copy they made...