Immodium Plus Comfort tablets reduced to £1.09 in Coop

Immodium Plus Comfort tablets reduced to £1.09 in Coop

Found 26th May 2016
Immodium plus comfort tablets (6 pack) reduced in the Coop from £4.25 to £1.09.
Expiry Date: November 2016.

Found in Alva branch, not sure if nationwide.

Plus 10% off with NUS card.
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I got some Imodium suppositories last week. It said put them in your back passage, but I live in an apartment so I left them out on the balcony instead. Might as well have stuck them up my ar$e for all the good they did!
A deal to run for!
Store specific deal
Just buy the non branded Loperamide it's the same thing without the high price of Immodium
if you take these after the sell by date will you get the ****
great for when the footy goes to penalties this summer
**** deal but will go run out fast
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