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AA Member get a FREE Car Wash with IMO Car Wash
LocalLocalFound 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
Just received This email, Not sure Its for every member. Lots location around Manchester. You can try use my code too i wont using it. How do I get my free car wash? Pull in to… Read more
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Soft clean being the most important words. Used them every week for 2 years on my mercedes lease and havent got a mark on the paint work not even a swirl


Rubbish, taken from Imo's own website 'The operator pre-washes the surface dirt off the vehicle and allows our soft clean brush technology to quietly and effectively work on the car' ...which I wouldn't believe for one second ;)


Scratch free wash guaranteed as they dont use brushes


I was thinking that.


I personally would never use this company, there's so many reports out there of damaged vehicles and staff who are rude and unhelpful, not really worth the risk

Treat your car with 50% off IMO 'Car Wash 3' with triple foam!
Found 30th Nov 2017Found 30th Nov 2017
Treat your car with 50% off IMO 'Car Wash 3' with triple foam!
Its that time of the year that the car gets dirty, really dirty. So maybe your car needs that clean look for about 4 hours, then the weather and road makes it dirty,,,,,, So maybe… Read more

I went to the Chorley one yesterday and it was £6 before discount. I noticed while I was there though that wash 1 is only £1.70. I didn't realise it was so cheap so I'll be going more frequently now.


The rain comes, the car gets clean :D


I think that with the discount, this is £3 at the Southampton IMO. I took a layer of paint off my car with a kitchen sponge a while ago (don't ask), so no longer care about my paint work, although I've never noticed it doing any damage. The car wash does, however, like to eat aerials, so make sure you remove it before you go through if you like the radio.


Different prices at each site. Average is probably around £7. Thanks j0nY90


Thank you.

6 times 50% off PRO SHIELD top wash at IMO carwash - usually over £11
Found 2nd Oct 2017Found 2nd Oct 2017
50% off IMO PROSHIELD using CODE . read description The PROSHIELD wash includes (to the best of my knowledge) Hand Pre-WashWheel Wash8 Brush Soft WashDryUnder Car WashTriple Col… Read more

All works fine! £5 in Plymouth rather than £10 (y) 🏻


Call works fine, just been through and got it 5 pounds in Plymouth!


Thanks. Just went there today anyway actually before I saw your reply. Friendly service. Wash was as expected - maybe 90-95% clean (missed some bits).No issues using the code. Automatically received a new code when I used it. For everyone’s info - the Merton branch prices:


£5 with the code mate, been using it myself at that location. Once they asked how I got code as its apparently for cab drivers, but still accepted it no problem


Thanks OP. Will give this a go - does anyone happen to know how much the Merton branch charges for the pro shield wash?

IMO ARC Car Wash  - 50% off
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
IMO ARC Car Wash - 50% off
Just passed my local ARC car wash where they have banners advertising 50% off ALL wash prices, including the most expensive. Not sure if this applies to the valets as well and not … Read more
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Truly awful attitude if any thing goes wrong, my car got badly damaged and it ended with legal action against the Parent company, IMO Andruff . They try and blame the franchise/operator and vice versa. AVOID I like the local Romanians in our Sainsbury car park, less danger of paint damage with dangerous acid!!


Won't be long before these automatic car washes disappear for good, going by the amount of Eastern Europeans washing cars by hand now. (_;)


Probably only local due to being a franchise


Barry, Vale of Glamorgan


Which is your local?

99p Car Wash @ ARC Car Wash Dundee
Found 12th Nov 2015Found 12th Nov 2015
99p Car Wash @ ARC Car Wash Dundee
Just drove past ARC car wash on Clepington Rd in Dundee and saw a 99p wash. Not sure if it's do-it-yourself but still at less than a quid you can't grumble.

This company has staff working up to 80 hours a week and they earn far less than the minimum wage and when cars are damaged its never the companies fault they always put the blame on the staff and try and get them to pay for the damages. Avoid!!!!!!!!


I just leave my car out in the rain


You'd be better off using a bucket and sponge then using one of these places, the water usually stinks as it's poorly recycled dirty water and the brushes are known to cause damage to your vehicle i.e mirrors and wipers broken and paintwork scratched. Be warned!


most of these offer this type of wash often for this price, you are just put through the car wash without the pre wash, car comes out the other end only slightly cleaner that when it goes in :(

Express Car Wash 99p @ ARC
Found 25th May 2015Found 25th May 2015
Express Car Wash 99p @ ARC
Lots of people won't agree on this bargin but this is a deal site. The wash is great for 0.99p and you get a dry as well Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Avoid avoid avoid!


Absolutely awful advice. If you don't mind paint with swirls and very little shine, go ahead. If you want your car to stay nice and shiny, hand wash with a quality mit and preferably a nice coat of wax.


Terrible advice


maybe you like swirls. I don't. And for the record the owners manual for my new polo says it's not recommended to put it through a car wash.


Not nationwide as most are franchises, and nothing wrong with using on a new car

Car wash 50% discount across all washes from £1.50 @ imo car wash
Found 18th Apr 2015Found 18th Apr 2015
Car wash 50% discount across all washes from £1.50 @ imo car wash
Half price across range from this automated attended car wash. Top programme normally £10 reduced to £5. Cheapest £2.99 reduced to £1.50. Imo car wash in Beverley East Yorkshi… Read more

Wow they charge a tenner for the top wash ours one the new ones charges £8


just a quickie after a long motorway journey . . . . . worth it :)


Heat added might 'pass through' X)

ASDA Leyton IMO Car Wash Express Only 99p!
LocalLocalFound 7th Dec 2013Found 7th Dec 2013
ASDA Leyton IMO Car Wash Express Only 99p!
Express Wash and Dry only 99p! Need I say more?

It's as pointless as rain falling on it.


You will get a lot more than 99p damage to your car's clearcoat. I would not bother. Ever.


off now to get mine done


It'd be a lot better in the summer, but still a great deal.


Thanks :)

Express Car wash £1.99 at  IMO Car Wash
LocalLocalFound 16th Feb 2013Found 16th Feb 2013
Express Car wash £1.99 at IMO Car Wash
Express car wash £1.99. IMO car wash Express wash is £1.99. This is the standard price not a temporary promotion. I used their Great Yarmouth branch today and it was the best two… Read more
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Voting cold because you might as well rub your car down with sandpaper if you use one of these. The Brushes are shockingly abrasive and are filthy from months worth of dirty cars using the car wash before you. No way will i use one of these ever again and if you value your paintwork neither should you!


I like to use supermarket car washes for my work van, never gets it clean so always get my money back.


where have all the imo's gone? is it cos of the competition or poor customer service?


Perfect if you have a battered car than buying a chamois would be too much investment for, or even a works vehicle that isn't worth a hand wash. Personally I like to do it by hand but hey horses for courses!


I am voting cold because these automatic car washes ruin your car's paintwork. I learnt the hard way when I owned a black car, after half a dozen washes you could see the brushmarks from the rotating brushes whenever the car was wet. Why cold? because a free poke in the eye doesn't make me vote hot even if I can't get one cheaper.