Imodium Instants Reduced to £2 in Tesco

Imodium Instants Reduced to £2 in Tesco

Found 21st Jun 2012
Just picked up a pack of Imodium Instants from my local Tesco in Newton Abbot. They were reduced from £3.60 down to just £2.
Really handy having a pack in your cupboard in case of emergencies.
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I nearly s**t myself when I saw this price (did you see what I did there? )
Those who need them will be RUNNING all the way to tesco
As funny as the comments have been thus far ( (_;) ) I find these indispensable when out and about as I suffer from IBS. Much easier to pop a couple of these in the wallet than a few Loperamide and a bottle of water.

Thanks OP.

Heard all these jokes before in the last Immodium deal thread... ZZZzzz Us IBS sufferers depend on these things to lead a half normal life. good deal for emergencies. I usually spend 70p on packets of supermarket brands though.
Immodium - keeping my s**t together since 1991!!
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