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Cyclone FUSION 2 DOCKING HDD MKV Media Player £19.95 / Impact Computers
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Posted 20th Jul 2013Posted 20th Jul 2013
Cyclone FUSION 2 DOCKING HDD MKV Media Player £19.95 / Impact Computers£19.95
Best price i've seen for this. Product Description Multimedia docking station Plug and Play - Connect any USB and SD storage devices Support internal 2.5" or 3.5" SATA hard driv… Read more
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Is there a cheaper basic version e.g just for usb and sdcards


manufacturer's product pagelink to a demo video

PSYC RAZOR Bluetooth speaker £17.95 Free Shipping @ Impact Computers
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Posted 7th Jun 2013Posted 7th Jun 2013
PSYC RAZOR Bluetooth speaker £17.95 Free Shipping @ Impact Computers£17.95
I've got one of these from Impact but paid £19.95, now they're down to £17.95. The sound quality is really good EDIT: You can also get 10% off if you like them on Facebook - Sir_D… Read more
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Showing as £19.95 now


Voted hot for the design alone. Looks very stylish.

HP 364XL Compatible Multipack £9.95 Delivered @ Impact Computers
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Posted 5th May 2013Posted 5th May 2013
HP 364XL Compatible Multipack £9.95 Delivered @ Impact Computers£9.95
Cheaper than ebay or amazn
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Do compatible inks ruin your printer? I'm scared since I tried some off eBay and totally messed up my Kodak, now just brought a new hp and thinking would that happen again?


Alas, they ran out pretty quickly. Here's some proof.


Where are the 99p sets on ebay?


It was yes. Including delivery too.

buy it now ?

Epson Compatible 18XL Printer Ink/ Impact Computers/ £9.30 Free Ship
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Posted 23rd Apr 2013Posted 23rd Apr 2013
Epson Compatible 18XL Printer Ink/ Impact Computers/ £9.30 Free Ship£9.30
Copied from the website: Pack Includes: Compatible Epson C13T18114010 (18XL) Black Compatible Epson C13T18124010 (18XL) Cyan Compatible Epson C13T18134010 (18XL) Magenta Compat… Read more
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too expensive


Have used replcement ink cartridges for my Epson printer from them. Works perfectly, no complaints. Anyways, at £5 for a set of 4 cartridges, I'm not expecting any service at all... any service would be a bonus.


Mine arrived today but not used them yet


never used them but here goes for this price


Absolutely shocking company, terrible customer service. Don't think they know how to spell it let alone give any.

Ridisc CD/DVD Markers from Impact Computers 4pk plus eraser  - 99p - Free delivery
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Posted 13th Dec 2012Posted 13th Dec 2012
Ridisc CD/DVD Markers from Impact Computers 4pk plus eraser - 99p - Free delivery£0.99
I was looking for some new markers and came across these. Cheap enough with free delivery and includes an eraser pen!
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Ordered and received. Good for the price! Thanks OP!


Received mine today, They do the job!


I agree, the site has a few hiccups but they have to start somewhere!


I regularly order cables from them. Good service and prices. Few foibles with the website- the button for Paypal express checkout doesn't work. You have to go through the full order process then use paypal. Possibly a bit of a DIY install of Magento.


Not ordered from them before but for 99p I thought it'd be worth a punt, you don't know unless you try!

SanDisk 480GB Extreme Serial 2.5" Solid State Drive SDSSDX-480G-G25 (S-ATA/600) £174.95 @ Impact Computers
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Posted 29th Sep 2012Posted 29th Sep 2012
SanDisk 480GB Extreme Serial 2.5" Solid State Drive SDSSDX-480G-G25 (S-ATA/600) £174.95 @ Impact Computers£174.95
£174.95 for a 480gb SSD!! I never bought through this website. Hope you enjoy!

I still haven't received my refund (see# 90) Just e-mailed Mark Adam. Why this should be necessary to get your money back from a completed PayPal purchase that was wrongly listed by them is beyond me. Why wasn't everyone refunded Monday morning? Very poor customer service - especially if your monthly Card account is due today! EDIT: Well that worked - my Paypal account was credited at 13.28 Thanks ever so much Mark Adam for letting me have my money back at last oO It's so good and kind of you :)


Dear HotukDeals Users, Please accept my apology if you have placed an order for an SSD Drive via this Page. I’m sorry to advise that we never actually had this product in stock; it was listed on our website in error and should never have been viewable to the general public, I’m unsure how it ended up on this site but it should not have. We have worked as quickly as possible to refund all customers, However if you have not received your refunded please email me directly at with your order number and I will personally ensure the refund is issued immediately. Kind Regards Mark Adam Impact Computers Ltd


My money has gone out through Paypal but no refund as yet.. hmmm maybe ill get it lol


They have debitted my credit card :/ Might have to call them.


I'll bet there'll be plenty of people ordering from them on the next obvious missprice still, regardless of customer service. Happens every time.

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Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 !!!PLUS!!! Media Player - £28.95 delivered @ Impact Computers
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Posted 9th Jun 2011Posted 9th Jun 2011
Sumvision Cyclone Micro 2 !!!PLUS!!! Media Player - £28.95 delivered @ Impact Computers£28.95
This is the famous Sumvision media player that can play literally any movie files you want. Please note that this is the new updated version - Cyclone Micro 2+ which is even bett… Read more
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can someone please tel me what Digital Coaxial Cable i need for this little beauty and whats the best Brand to buy. ive been looking on the net for days now and theres load but the ends of the cables look way to big for the digital coaxial port. i hope anybody can help its doing my headin. Thank you in advance oddy62


to update my experience.....this company Impact Computers was not great to deal with. they 'tested' my unit first - took them over 2 weeks to acknowledge that my unit was faulty and this was after chasing them up with emails. they say on the site that'll they refund within 7 days of receiving it. had to chase them to find out if they had it first as they and the post office couldn't be bothered to carry out the recorded delivery service that i sent it by..... finally gave me a refund but did not pay me for the return postage -even tho they state that they will on their website. they ignore emails unless you push them and write to you without giving a name etc. glad if others had a good experience but i'll never use them again. sounds picky, but when a company doesn't do what it clealry says it will do, when you have a problem, it's just too much hassle.


the irony, for me, is though; i played the same files, on the same card/stick, on theTurn Me On 2 - said to be a cheap copy of the mark2 of this - and it played them perfectly!!


thx for this help but i did try every setting. not only did it not stop the juddering but there was no difference to the way it played in any of the settings at all. i've sent it back and have had an email that they are waiting for the returns dept to test it! i hope this doesn't go pear-shaped with this company. paid thru paypal so hope that helps me if it does.


I imagined that devices like these would be pretty poxy. Anyone know a proper decent one that has dvd features like last play memory proper x1.4-x1.6 playback etc etc

15m RJ45 CAT5 Network Cable (FREE DELIVERY) £2.15 @ Impact computers
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Posted 6th Jun 2011Posted 6th Jun 2011
15m RJ45 CAT5 Network Cable (FREE DELIVERY) £2.15 @ Impact computers£2.15
Just found this when looking for an XBOX network cable, have used them before and they were ok
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nice one mate.


Got some over-priced cat6 and a 25m cat5e cable from I found on here for a few quid and I tell you there is no big difference in transmission speed on a cheap gigabit switch, there is no difference whatsoever on a standard broadband router. However, it looks like this is cat5 and not cat5e, so go for the cat5e on amazon its cheap and does gigabit. You don't need shielded Ethernet cables. Once in a spot of bother I ran Base 10-T across some old telephone line for about 50-60 meters as my serial connection wouldn't work. The standard is very good, especially if you only plan using this on cheapy home routers/switches.


cat6 is better click i got much lower before 25% roughly for some strange reason cat5 didn't work for me or at all


I got some from these guys, it is much more expensive, but you can tell the difference in transmission speeds


Yeah I would pay a little extra and get shielded Cat6, I guess it doesn't matter that much for the XBOX, but you may as well get the best out anything with a gigabit port.

Titanium DVD -R 16x Branded - With Classic Branding 50 Handle Pack £5.95 @ Impact Computers
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Posted 28th Mar 2010Posted 28th Mar 2010
Titanium DVD -R 16x Branded - With Classic Branding 50 Handle Pack £5.95 @ Impact Computers£5.95
Titanium DVD -R 16x Branded - With Classic Branding 50 Handle Pack at at £5.95, Got this in my email this morning, looks like they have a few difference brands reduced
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£9.34 inc shipping unless you spend £49

CLI-8 Ink Cartridge Bundle (Full Set of 5) £8.75 @ Impact Computers
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Posted 21st Dec 2009Posted 21st Dec 2009
CLI-8 Ink Cartridge Bundle (Full Set of 5) £8.75 @ Impact Computers£8.95
CLI-8 Ink Cartridge Bundle (Full Set of 5) £8.95 This bundle includes the following 5 cartridges: 1 x PGI-5BK Large Black 1 x CLI-8BK Black 1 x CLI-8C Cyan 1 x CLI-8M Magenta 1 … Read more

I'm gonna try them. Price up to £11.95 now but still cheap.


Bought some Epson ink off them last Wednesday and it was delivered on Thursday. They are based in Sunderland.


Too good to be true? Anyone dealt with these people before?


Ordered - thanks! Paid over £8 at Tesco for a compatible 5BK :thumbsup:

iComp - S20 S21 SX100 SX200 SX400 SX515W BX300F D120 D92 D78 DX4000 DX4400 DX5000 DX6000 DX7000 Multipack £3.75 @ Impact Computers
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Posted 16th Dec 2009Posted 16th Dec 2009
iComp - S20 S21 SX100 SX200 SX400 SX515W BX300F D120 D92 D78 DX4000 DX4400 DX5000 DX6000 DX7000 Multipack £3.75 @ Impact Computers£3.75
Best price i've seen on these
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Ive had to claim with paypal to get my money back,no replies from icomp,customer services rubbish,DO NOT USE!!!!!!


Got mine in 2 days


Still no items received


ordered on 16th,how long does delivery take???


Yep they are often cheaper than this on ebay.. The quality of the ink in compatibles does vary a lot though. When you have a side by side comparison decent quality carts have prints that are much more vibrant and detailed. A friend at work prints flyers for her business. The flyers printed with ink from choice stationary were streets ahead of the ones she printed with ink from an ebay seller . Sadly my carts are from the same ebay seller.

33% OFF -  CISS Continuous Ink System for Epson R200 R300 R220 R320 R340 @
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Posted 31st Aug 2009Posted 31st Aug 2009
33% OFF - CISS Continuous Ink System for Epson R200 R300 R220 R320 R340 @£19.95
Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) A Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) for Epson Inkjet printers replace your OEM or compatible ink cartridges with an inexpensive but simple ine… Read more

Recently bought a system from Imapct via ebay. Instructions are terribly vague. Had to look up tutorials from other sellers on youtube to get it working. They don't mention that you have to remove the ink cover (or how to do it) on my particular model. They don't mention that the feeder tubes thrash about so much that they throw the print head out of alignment, giving 'ghosting' on your prints. You need to clip the tubing down, and probably can't use the printer with the top down. My own kit from Impact arrived pre-filled and set up. Only after installing it and printing hundreds of pages did I twig that they've arranged the inks in the wrong order. They are saying 'Did you install it wrong? They fit various models and you must have set them up incorrectly'. They pre-filled them and set them up, to rearrange these would involve emptying, cleaning and reassembling some cartridges/pots/tubes. Did I install it wrong...? No mate, my mistake was buying from you in the first place. And I also agree - smells like spam to me...


Site looks dodgy like burn media with whom I placed an order with and never received. Im staying well clear. Once bitten...


anyone got any tips for installing these as all the videos on youtube are a bit vague, I take it as: remove caps from tanks and screw in vented caps. install cart part into printer and secure ribbon so carriage can move freely I bought a set for last £10 deal and will install when normal carts are empty. I noticed the ribbon feed tubes have loads of air in them, does this go away when you install them or do yo need to draw out the air at some stage? Any advise appreciated


been using ciss from burn media for about 18 months been no problem infact had more trouble with using carts .Just fitted it and it worked 100% saved loads on buying carts only cost about £8 but this is still good buy though as cant get any for £8 now


Been using these systems for years - some teething problems but well worth it!!

4 AA Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries - Free Delivery - £2.99 @ Impact
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Posted 29th Apr 2008Posted 29th Apr 2008
4 AA Ni-Cd Rechargeable Batteries - Free Delivery - £2.99 @ Impact£2.99
AA - R6 800 mAh - 1.2 V Nickel - Cadmium Batteries * 1.2 V Uniross Batteries Replaces 1.5 V Non Rechargeable Batteries. * 1 Uniross rechargeable = 1000 Non Rechargeable Carb… Read more

If they're cheap they're probably 800mAh as well, or worse still those 600mAh which are worse than useless. Best avoided.


Are they a brand name?


They do a 4 pack aswell, same spec & yes a £1


3 for £1 at poundland. Rechargables


Not the most effective battery [800 mAh - 1.2 V] for todays power hungry devices.