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Imperial Leather Bar Soap Original Classic Cleansing Bar, Multipack of 2 x 9 bars, Total 18 bars - £9 (£8.55 or less with S&S ) @ Amazon

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Product Description
A Passion for Fragrance since the 1700s

We owe much to the skill and expertise of master perfumers. Our story began in the 1700s when Count Orlof, a member of the wealthy Russian aristocracy, asked a London perfume house to create a fragrance that captured the distinctive aroma and atmosphere of the Russian Court.

The perfume house crafted a distinctive fragrance, by blending a symphony of ingredients, including Turkish Rose, Lavender, Cumin and Precious Amber. The fragrance was called 'Eau de Cologne Imperiale Russe'.

After the scent came into the ownership of Cussons, it was chosen as the signature fragrance for the launch of a new soap brand called Imperial Leather.

That the fragrance continues to be used to this day, more than 240 years after it was created, is a testament to the skill of the perfumers who originally developed it.

The original classic ivory bar soap, trusted for generations. Famed for its classic, luxury fragrance, Imperial Leather Original bar soap wraps you in a rich, creamy lather, cleaning and caring for all the family. The Original bar soap that's long lasting, trusted by generation after generation.

Box Contains
Each box contains 9 x Imperial Leather Original Bar Soap 2 x 100g

Features & details
Imperial Leather original classic bar soap trusted for generations and famed for its classic, luxury fragrance
A timeless aromatic scent which opens with hedonistic notes of sensuous rose, fragrant cumin and comforting lavender infused with agrestic galbanum. The majestic heart is an alchemists delight of crushed clove buds and sacred frankincense touched by the sparkle of cool geranium and a charm of cedarwood. Sumptuous musks, the sweetest of resins, earthy patchouli and forest moss leave a lingering trail evocative of this classic signature fragrance
Imperial Leather Original Bar Soap 4 Pack with a Classic luxury fragrance
This bar soap produces a rich, creamy lather whilst clean and caring for your hands
Full of Wonderful: At Imperial Leather we believe that fragrance has the power to make a tiny moment in the shower, extraordinary. Each shower with our body wash is full of wonderful

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Decent price after S&S - nice find OP!

Price Comparison (Based on 4 pack):

Comments saying you can get this for £7.20 making it a 4 pack for £1.80!

About Us
New scent seekers since the 1700s, we’re innovators, moment creators and mood lifters. We transform everyday moments one fragrance explosion at a time, each one handcrafted by our expert perfumers. We have a rich history & we’ve come a long way since our story started all those years ago. We’ve grown from the classic Imperial Leather soap, launched as a cornerstone for the brand that still exists today to a suite of products that span the globe. Core ranges include: Fantasy Icons Shower Gel, Infusions Shower Gel, Foamburst, Foamburst Ultimate Moisture, Foamburst Funky Prints, Fantasy Foamburst, Bar Soap, Deodorants, Bath Infusions, Handwash.

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    £8.55 / 18 bars = .47p/bar

    4pks generally sell for £1.50 - £2.00 in supermarkets/boots/superdrug etc...


    eg. Superdrug £1.79 (4pk) = .44p/bar

    Sorry but dont see how this is a deal??? (edited)
    £7.20 on S&S
  2. Avatar
    £7.20 for me
  3. Avatar
    Imperial Leather

    Release the Lather
  4. Avatar
    I use to taste soap now and again when I was a kid. I loved the smell. This was a favourite 😳🙈
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  6. Avatar
    7.20 thanks
  7. Avatar
    Blast from my past... They do shower gels as well
  8. Avatar
    I wish they still did the deodorant of this, such a lovely smell.
  9. Avatar
    Good soap.
  10. Avatar
    It changed a while back, now gets soft very quickly.
    Like everything!
  11. Avatar
    I recently discovered they've stopped producing the Imperial Leather talcum poweder. Such a nice smell.
  12. Avatar
    Thanks sajidtg
  13. Avatar
    I love this stuff. Reminds me of my grandma. She always used it, her house always smelt of it and she had a cupboard full of it !👵