Import Tuner Challenge (Xbox 360) - £8.99 delivered @ Powerplay !
Import Tuner Challenge (Xbox 360) - £8.99 delivered @ Powerplay !

Import Tuner Challenge (Xbox 360) - £8.99 delivered @ Powerplay !

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Import Tuner Challenge is an authentic and extremely customizable street-racing game that challenges racers to immerse themselves in Tokyo's underground to take on the fastest street-racing teams. Players can customize and race licensed import sports cars using real tuner parts and tuning techniques. More than five million combinations are possible in customizing a car's interior, exterior and engine.




Not particularly well received, but it is only £8.99...

Not a bad game and for a mere £8.99 you can't go wrong!


I liked this game a lot, gets very repetitive towards the end but at least its authentic. Only paid a fraction more 2 years ago though.

Wow this is a terrific deal..games prices seem to be getting hotter and hotter

The thing with this game is its a cult classic. I'm not entirely sure of the complete history but the game dates back to Tokyo Highway Challenge on the dreamcast and Tokyo Xtreme Racer on the PS2 - the sequals of which never made it to the UK.

Wagan Midnight is the latest one on the ps3 but only available in Japan so this is a good alternative.

The game basically has you driving around Tokyo's highway (wagan) flashing headlights at other racers to challenge them, then you enter the battle mode where getting ahead of the opposition drains their health meter and visa versa. Deplete their health meter and you have beaten them. Simple concept but works well over the massive highways and loads of opponents.

I might pick this up cause I loved the other ones but I am tempted with Wagan Midnight through eBay on import on PS3.

Ah i bought this second hand a few days ago for £8. Well worth it, reminds me of the endless hours i used to spend playing Tokyo Extreme Racer on the Dreamcast. Handling seems to have improved, the cars don't feel like barges anymore!

Cheers Edi :thumbsup:

I have ordered one on the basis that I loved Tokyo Highway when I had my dreamcast and I spent many hours playing it, it's a very simple game but yet very addictive.

Heat and rep added :thumbsup:


no-one is ever online , i think i've played 1 person in the 1 year i have owned it

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