Impulse: Demigod £9.20 ** PC **
Impulse: Demigod  £9.20  ** PC **

Impulse: Demigod £9.20 ** PC **

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For those not familiar with Impulse it's a digital distribution platform like Steam.


A god has fallen, leaving an opening in the Pantheon. Become a Demigod and wage war in spectacular arenas to ascend to godhood in this real-time action/strategy game from the creators of Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege.

Demigod isn't your typical strategy game. It combines the best elements of real-time strategy and role-playing games. Control one of eight unique Demigods and fight in eight spectacular arenas, earning experience and gold you can use to acquire new abilities, purchase new equipment, and to upgrade your team's war effort.

Battles can be epic or short and action-packed. You can fight individual skirmishes or compete in tournaments against computer-controlled Demigods who are also competing to win favor from the gods of the Pantheon, or you can go online and compete against fellow Demigod players in persistent online tournaments. You can also create custom games or use Demigod's intelligent matchmaking to find players of similar skill and rank.

Backed by Stardocks well known support policy, Stardock and Gas Powered Games will be providing free updates to Demigod that make use of player feedback to keep the game new and fresh. Additional Demigods and arenas are also planned for release after the game has launched.


Good saving on the boxed retail copy
Not heard of Impulse before, will have a poke around their site.

Impulse is pretty good, typical digital distribution model with weekly discounts etc, much like steam. Looks an interesting game as well.

I really like Impulse. Such a shame they don't get more worldwide distribution rights.

Just read this on their weekly email. Had a demo version for a while and like the game, but just bought the overlord set from steam...

Should I splash some more cash? (counting the overloard stuff as 1 game, that'd give me three games in the 'to be installed and played' queue...)
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