In Bruges (DVD) - £3.04 @ Amazon

In Bruges (DVD) - £3.04 @ Amazon

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The considerable pleasures of In Bruges begin with its title, which suggests a glumly self-important art film but actually fits a rattling-good tale of two Irish gangsters "keepin' a low profile" after a murder gone messily wrong. Bruges, the best-preserved medieval town in Belgium, is where the bearlike veteran Ken (Brendan Gleeson) and newbie triggerman Ray (Colin Farrell) have been ordered by their London boss to hole up for two weeks. As the sly narrative unfolds like a paper flower in water, "in Bruges" also becomes a state of mind, a suspended moment amid centuries-old towers and bridges and canals when even thuggish lives might experience a change in direction. And throughout, the viewer has ample opportunity to consider whose pronunciation of "Bruges" is more endearing, Gleeson's or Farrell's. The movie marks the feature writing-directing debut of playwright Martin McDonagh, whose droll meditation on sudden mortality, Six Shooter, copped the 2005 Oscar for best live-action short. Although McDonagh clearly relishes the musicality of his boyos' brogue and has written them plenty of entertaining dialogue, In Bruges is no stageplay disguised as a film. The script is deceptively casual, allowing for digressions on the newly united and briskly thriving Europe, and annexing passers-by as characters who have a way of circling back into the story with unanticipatable consequences. That includes a film crew--shooting a movie featuring, to Ray's fascination, "a midget" (Jordan Prentice)--and a fetching blond production assistant (Clémence Poésy) whose job description keeps evolving. There's one other key figure: Harry, the Cockney gang boss whose omnipotence remains unquestioned as long as he remains offscreen, back in England, as if floating in an early Harold Pinter play. Harry has reasons inextricably tender and perverse for selecting Bruges as his hirelings' destination, and eventually he emerges from the aether to express them--first as a garrulous telephone voice and then in the volatile form of Ralph Fiennes. By that point the charmed moment of suspension, already shaken by several eruptions of violence, is pretty well doomed. But In Bruges continues to surprise and satisfy right up to the end. --Richard T. Jameson


5p cheaper at HMV (plus Quidco / Topcashback)
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a very good movie

I love it when they show it here in Belgium, and they dont understand that the film is taking the ****. Its damn accurate too.

Funnily enough, my 24 year old son and I watched this film last night. I had recorded it a couple of months ago and didn't really fancy it from the description. I have to say it was brilliant! I really didn't know where it was going, was it a comedy or a serious film, what ould the ending be? Watch it!

Can pick it up for £2 at CEX with free delivery (or in store), wont be brand new but hey it saves a quid and my copy works fine

CEX - In Bruges

Visited Bruges twice because of this film, GREAT film and because of it I've fallen in love with the city too!

Great film but sombody borrowed and failed to return my copy.

When I went it was like a fairytale, I had to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming...

"Theyre filming midgits"

some world class swearing on this movie but apart from that it is still very good. very funny

Hilarious film. Though I know some people who don't get the humour at all.

good film and a good price

what ^^^^^^ said..

Just watched this tonight, great, very very dark humour and a bit grim!

Excellent film, as stated the swearing is gratuitous but extremely funny.

Gone up to 3.37 for me.

As already said, great film and a lovely city. Looks even better on Blu-ray but for some weird reason it has not been released on this format in the UK. Bought it in Germany (Brugge Sehen...und Sterben?) fortunately it is region 1 and has DTS-HD 5.1 English audio.

"a bottle?!" ... gold


Gone up to 3.37 for me.

Still £2.99 at HMV
Someone's actually started a new thread with the HMV deal:
In Bruges DVD £2.99 delivered at HMV

Looks like the Blu-Ray version is due for release on 4 July 2011.

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Still £2.99 at HMV ;)Someone's actually started a new thread with the HMV … Still £2.99 at HMV ;)Someone's actually started a new thread with the HMV deal:In Bruges DVD £2.99 delivered at HMVLooks like the Blu-Ray version is due for release on 4 July 2011.

Are they FINALLY releasing it on blu-ray in the UK?! ABOUT BLOODY TIME!

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