In Case of Emergency - Mens Boxers and Socks 38p @ Tesco !

In Case of Emergency - Mens Boxers and Socks 38p @ Tesco !

Found 4th Apr 2009Made hot 4th Apr 2009
I've just been into the Tesco store in Bangor (Gwynedd) and by chance found some of these in a bin next to the ladieswear. The 'In Case of Emergency' pack is a sealed metallic bag containing a pair of 100% cotton F&F boxers and a pair of socks, both plain black. They had started out at £5 per pack but now down to just 38p. They're quite decent quality and definitely worth buying at that price.



I find nappies are good if I'm on a heavy night out I particularly like Pampers.

I'll keep some handy next time i Sh*te myself at the bus stop......any deals on wet wipes... oops!

have a bit of heat

Emergency shreddies? Whatever will they think of next?

Voted cold. I find underwear unnecessary and uncomfortable. It is much cheaper to drape a cotton towel around your waist and it also stops chafing of the genitals.

So wait, is the idea that if you're caught short whilst out shopping you can go to Tesco and by a change of underwear? Or have I missed the point...?

Voted Hot .Been to the store.Good Value for money!Thanks

Are these second hand and just in case you so happen to **** or p*** yourself, you can use them?! lol

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Just to clarify matters I am as I speak wearing a pair of the emergency undercrackers and they are just plain, old fashioned cotton pants. They aren't made of plastic, paper or any other such material although they are recycleable in the sense that you could put them in the washing machine and clean them.

I think they are just a gimmicky gift idea left over from last Christmas that they're desperate to clear. If you do see any then I would suggest you snap them up as they are certainly worth paying 38p for.

Very cheap way of stocking up your underwear draw, thanks! :-) He can have the pants and I'll have the socks lol.
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