In case you're having a fowl Xmas... (various bird deals from £4.38) @ Lidl, Aldi, etc

In case you're having a fowl Xmas... (various bird deals from £4.38) @ Lidl, Aldi, etc

Found 9th Dec 2010
Thought I'd try and summarise some of the fowl deals around at the moment for us carnivores seeking alternatives (or additions!) to turkey...

Perhaps someone else can find deals on "wah-fer thin mints?"

LIDL have 4kg Geese (frozen) at £12.99 - (down from £19.99, and even cheaper than £13.99 as I posted in error a couple of days ago)
ALDI have 4kg-4.8kg Geese (frozen) at £12.99 (though stores around here only have the 4.0kg birds left) - Thanks to Loopijuce who first posted this

LIDL & ALDI both have duck (frozen) at £6.99 at the moment

Whilst there are various deals on stuffed birds (frozen) at the moment (e.g. Aldi at £7.99), for anyone lucky enough to live in the right area, valiant posted a cracking deal on fresh pheasant at £3.39 plus 99p delivery per order (not per bird) at Abel & Cole - (probably only available in SE/London area?)

Hope that helps someone.

FWIW, people seem divided over where to get swan......


This is a poultry sum, i might go as far to say it really is chicken feed but i will not be buying as i don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. The deal could do with a bit more incubation.

Is goose tasty?…se-

Try this it's worth a gander. Sorry I couldn't duck out of the fowl jokes, too chicken I guess....lime only 15p in Lidls too


Is goose tasty?

a cross between pheasant and chicken tastewise. Not very 'gamey' quite fatty, so need correct cooking, save the fat to do roast potatoes with, (or to cover body with when going for the channel swim on Boxing day). Nothing like as much meat as a turkey, or large chicken, so wont be eating on New Years day!

People are clucking about this deal, they'll be flocking to the shops. Better buy now as they're flying off the shelves.

Looks to me like you are flogging a dead duck on this one.

What about the Aldi Three Bird Roast? - or 'Turducken' as they call it. Duck meat, inside chicken meat, inside turkey. You must be quackers not to try it, and the family will gobble it up.

Had a three bird roast the other year, was nice, never any there when i go though.
As an aside, i did a four bird earlier in the year, well worth the effort. started with pigeon, then quail, duck and finished with a goose. Lot of work boning etc but well worth the taste, want to try 5 in one next ;-)

I dont know why everybody is flapping to get this deal? Their are plenty of chickens going cheep on a farm near me.
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