In Dash DVD Players - Ripspeed DVD-722B DVD/CD Player £79.90 @ Halfords Instore & online Plus 4% Quidco
In Dash DVD Players - Ripspeed DVD-722B DVD/CD Player £79.90 @ Halfords Instore & online Plus 4% Quidco

In Dash DVD Players - Ripspeed DVD-722B DVD/CD Player £79.90 @ Halfords Instore & online Plus 4% Quidco

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Come with free fitting!

Plays pretty much anything! There is also refurbished stock at £59.99.

Was £149.99, £129.99, £99.99 Now £79.99

We have an extensive range of car audio CD players for sale. Ripspeed DVD-722B CD Player is a very popular car audio system.

Features and Benefits:
DVD/MP3/WMA/CD-R/CD-RW/JPEG compatible
RDS radio with 18FM and 12AM presets
Full detachable panel
4x50W max power output
3" LCD screen
AV output for addtional monitor
Video input for rear view camera
Full function remote control
ISO connector


i can never see a point to these as the kids cant watch them or the kids cant watch while you listen to the radio etc and the screen looks tiny you would never see it anyway you would be better off with one of these argos.co.uk/sta…htm

i dont think people buy this to watch dvds on it. people will more likely buy it because its different and its cheap for a head unit, especially for one that can play dvds. the head unit can also be linked to external lcd screen/s.
its aimed at the younger fast car/ max power generation who want the latest stuff for their car- i dont think its aimed at people with kids.

Agreed with top comment, what is the point of this?
I can imagine a bunch of chavs fitting this to a stolen citreon saxo and huddling around the 1" screen watching some pirate dvd of 'fast and chaving furious' whilst pumping out r'n'b in some McDonalds car park somewhere.

That said, it's probably a very good price for this type of technology.

Edit, sorry a three inch screen. Makes all the difference I'm sure.

I bought one of these units for my brother at christmas as they were £59.99 refurbished from halfords online as they are now.


It does look pretty good - it is a bit chunky.
Sounds decent and loud - better than the sony cd player it replaced (it was a cheaper sony cdx xplod system)
Pretty easy to use controls - for changing bass, mid, treble etc
Plays DVD full of music so no need to keep changing CD's (why it was bought) - and its generally easy to navigate through the music because of the big screen (possibly where the screen is actually useful).
It is a decent screen - good resolution - and does play movies pretty well for a cheap unit although he has never used this function.


CD's have to be very clean - its not good with slightly scratched cd's that would play fine in other players.
Picky over burned cd / dvd media - sometimes just does not read tracks.
Pretty useless for watching a movie (not what it was bought for)
Radio signal quality is not as good a Sony for some reason - more noise.

All in all its Ok - and decent for the price. Especially if you just want to have all your favourite music on 1 DVD. Just dont expect it to compete with the big brand versions.

i agree with post 5, if you can play mp3's from a dvd then that's a LOT of music on one disk, for that reason alone this is worth the price

chavs of today dont mess about with dvd disks with mp3s on they all have ipods or other mp3 players which dont connect with this head unit i still stick with my first comment whats the point any way a dvd with 4000 mins of music thats an awful long time looking for the track you want to play thats an awful long time not looking at the road.also it looks like a skin for nero media player not very cool for the chav market
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