In Stock Now Nintendo Mini NES Console £99.99 @ Maplin

In Stock Now Nintendo Mini NES Console £99.99 @ Maplin

Found 25th Nov 2016
In stock now for £99.00

Big disappointment when all the retailers are selling them for £50!

Guess it's better than the ridiculous Ebay prices

Here's the direct link…7wx?

Also possible 5.2% cash back with TCB

Maplin also giving voucher for next purchase
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5th December they will be back in stock most places don't pay over the odds guys
Terrible business practice. Not illegal.
Just called them. Absolutely nuts
Sleazy as f***. Hard times when even big retailers are copying the scalpers.
Edited by: "Vanderlust" 25th Nov 2016
Cheeky banana splits !
F@#*!#*' hate Maplin.
Some people were crazy enough to buy them (_;) silly really!
Saw one in CEX for £140 X)
Never did like this shop. Robbing bast**ds.
Going into Maplin is like walking into a casino where the house always wins
Genuinely disgraceful from them. Total abuse of power.
Simply games are still/were selling it at the same price yesterday... Jokers
Wow, £90 cash at CEX.... hmmmmmmmm
I preordered it months ago. Any one want mine sealed for £1000? Including postage
amazon were selling speak out last month ago for £50 lol and they were flying
Absolutely disgusting. Exploiting their position in the supply chain and taking advantage of customers. I will NEVER buy from this scumbag company again.
What even is a Maplin? Kill it with fire!
lol those shameless ****
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