In Tesco - Pixaar easter egg bucket - £15 down to £3.25!

In Tesco - Pixaar easter egg bucket - £15 down to £3.25!

Found 26th Apr 2011
Kinnerton pixaar easter egg bucket - £15 down to £3.25!
Different size eggs in a plastic bucket wrapped in various themed foil - cars, nemo, toy story etc.

- miles136


Cold from me. Kinnerton chocolate is one of the worst.

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Could be wrong but aren't you supposed to vote on the DEAL, not the quality of the product??
I.e. product WAS £15 but has been reduced TO £3.25 therefore surely making a hot UK deal?

Technically I can vote how I choose and £3.25 is overpriced for crappy chocolate, even if it was £15 previously.

I can see Kinnertons selling points, it's Toy Story, Simpsons etc, but my God, their chocolate is terrible. But hey, if the kids / big kids like it, then this is a great deal.

However, just because something changes in price doesn't make it worth it if the product isn't great i.e poor chocolate, N-Dubz albums, sh*t movies on blu-ray.

These were never £15 even last week, I think they were around £6. Good reduction but still poor value for money.

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This site does make me laugh.

Well i think £3.25 for a dozen good sized, children themed easter eggs is good value for money.
That works out at 27P for a good sized egg, (not to mention the free plastic bucket/container lol).
For young kids, they dont particularly care what it tastes like as long as its chocolate (and its not even that bad IMO).
Ok, not lindt level but what do you expect for 27P!
PERFECT for smaller kids and an easter egg hunt, which is what i'll be doing this comig weekend with the kids and at 27P each, im extremely happy!

To be do get the free plastic bucket which comes in handy to catch the tears of savvy children that were expecting decent chocolate.

I am kidding, Magough puts up a good arguement, have some heat
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