In the Loop - Free @ BBC iPlayer

In the Loop - Free @ BBC iPlayer

Found 9th Mar 2010
In The Loop is a sharp political satire that follows a US President and UK Prime Minister who fancy a war - sound familiar?

Directed by Armando Iannucci (The Day Today, I'm Alan Partridge) 'In The Loop' is a spin-off of the BBC TV series 'The Thick Of It'.

The story follows government officials and advisers in their efforts to either encourage an invasion of Iraq or prevent it. It explores how the war was sold to the public in both countries and the behind-the-scenes scheming involved.


I recorded this the other night, and am looking forward to watching it, but this is a great shout for anyone that missed it.

Normally the iPlayer doesn't seem to have films on it (copyright reasons?) so this was definately worth the post :thumbsup:

It doesn't appear to be on iplayer via cable (ie Virgin), however it is on iplayer via PSN (Playstation PS3) so you can watch it on the box rather than on the PC( if you have a PS3 connected to Internet).
Hope this info helps someone.

Thanks for the heads up! Will watch this on Saturday as you have until 11:44pm on Sunday 14th March


awful film - I just didnt get the humour and has no plot whatsoever


awful film - I just didnt get the humour and has no plot whatsoever

??!? I pity you...

For everyone else: if you are able to appreciate the dialogue in The Thick of It, you will also find this very funny.
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