In The Night Garden 10 Wooden Stacking Blocks £7.99 @ Home Bargains.

In The Night Garden 10 Wooden Stacking Blocks £7.99 @ Home Bargains.

Found 28th Oct 2010
almost paid close to £20 for these a few weeks ago,

glad i didnt as i found them in home bargains for £7.99
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(same as this)
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Got these over a year ago from tesco (14.99 I think) for my then 8 month old. Still loves them now and they look like new despite many many falls on the hard wood floor. Hot.
Great price - couldn't justify paying £20 for them either last year. Heat added
Hot. Will see if the store near me has any.
fab price I too paid £20 last xmas but they've been played with lots... a little birdy told me that In the Night Garden has been sold to Japan and isn't been made over here anymore and the toys will stop too! Don't know how true it is but could mean these toys become hard to find!
brought these the other week,my lo will love them,im keeping my eye out for the stacking tomliboos and stacking makka pakka thats shown on the box
There's a store by me. think i will pop up there
hot!! but can't buy,as the ceiling collapsed on a bunch of shwmpo's last week in my local home bargains in bridgend!!
my niece has these and my daughter loves them, will check out my local tomorrow, thanks
great spot heat added now lets see if i can get one:D
hot, will pop in and have a look tomorow as my son will love these.
still have quite a few in my local in Harbourne birmingham =)
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