"In The Night Garden": 2009 Annual Poundland

"In The Night Garden": 2009 Annual Poundland

Found 4th Dec 2008Made hot 4th Dec 2008
I've just been to Poundland and they have the In the Night Garden annual.


Great heads up:thumbsup:

thanks for that i may have to pop in and get one for my little boy

Bargain !! Hot

how much is it?:oops:


how much is it?:oops:

I'll sell you my copy for a fiver - fab deal!:thumbsup:

Note: Please be aware that all Poundland stores will be closed on Friday morning for till training...

will have to look out for that! cheers x

Thanks! Gonna pop in there I think! H and R.

Had about 3 left in Norwich store so grabbed one for ickle nephew, many thanks, heat added.

Can't go wrong for a quid the littleun will love it. Thanks.

none in Sheffield :x

Original Poster

There were quite a few in the Worcester branch this morning when i picked one up.


none in Sheffield :x

was that meadowhall or town?? i didn't get chance to go today


none in Southend unfortunately

I have just been to Meadowhall this morning and they had quite a few in.

Hope this helps.
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